Under The Artwork

I hope I put this in the right section; my apology if I didn’t. I was wondering if anyone had a picture of what the TE stick looks like without the original artwork on. The shininess is too hard to keep clean and smudging it annoys the crap out of me :stuck_out_tongue: I also want a more simpler look too.

That’s a TE-S, but you get the idea. Just the metal plate. Ironically, I was modding a TE Friday, and thought I should take a picture of the metal plate in case anyone asked about it. But I didn’t. the irony!

Thank you so much! A little bit more rustic than I would have liked to see, but I might go for it.

You could look into these: Welcome to Art’s Hobbies

They replace the metal panel, and you can get them in a lot of colors. So, you could get mirror or black for a panel. You can also swap button layouts with them, too.

Wish I could fully mod my TE right now, but money is tight at the moment. I’d just go for a simplistic look; black metal sheet with white buttons.

Well if plan on just playing on the metal panel be sure that you paint it and then put a nice clear coat over it so as to protect it from rust. similarly if you wanted a different layout entirely, you could always get one of my replacement panels and do the same thing.