UnderGround Atlanta Tournament August 16

Hello to everyone. I’m Pokchop of Atl. and i’m announcing an arcade tournament that is going to be held in Underground Atlanta arcade. The games that are going to have a tournament are: Tekken DR, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Soul Calibur 3, and SNK vs. Capcom Chaos. The entry fee for this tournament is $5. For Tekken, Marvel, and Soul Cal., the pot entry is $10. As for Chaos, the pot entry is $5. The rules for this tournament are as follows: For Tekken, Chaos, and Soul Cal. the winner keeps same character. For Marvel, no glitches that freezes the game, no dead body infinite to stall for time only for position is it permitted and the winner keeps the same team in the same exact order. Also for Marvel, i’ve suggested to the manager that competition buttons are added. So by the tournament there are going to be competition buttons on Marvel. This tournament will be held on August 16. Hope to see people there :rofl:

How are the SVC Chaos sticks?

didnt take you long to post that up but a entry fee into the arcade???

All of the sticks are going to be worked on the day before the tournament. They’re going to be pretty ok.

Unfortunately yes. There is going to be a entry fee to the arcade but, if you are only coming to watch, then you pay nothing. The entry fee goes to the manager’s arcade because of the free play. The arcade is going to lose money for throwing the tournament.

Sign up and practice will start up around 12. The actual tournament will start at 2 and 2:30. That gives people time to eat and take care of other things as well.

Been a few years since the Underground had a tourney. Good look announcing it 1 month in advance, maybe it’ll get more attention. In the past, Underground tourneys always have poor participancy, except for one I can think of. If the fix the sticks then maybe it may work out this time. I’m all game for more tourneys being at the underground arcade

well that i can understand. im so use to the tourneys where you still pay to play. thats cool then i dont mind that.

Im there homie. Looking forward to it.

I really appreciate you all support with this tournament. If you know any other people that may want to come play or even watch please let them know about this tournament. As I stated earlier, hopefully the competition buttons would be placed on the marvel pretty soon.

If the Arcade is looking for a place to get the buttons… if they order them from www.lizardlick.com they’ll have them in like 2-3 days. Place is too pringles. Thats where I buy all my buttons and crap now

thanks i’ll pass that website to her today.

This has picqued my interest. I think I’ll get some people from Aug and come to this.

I really appreciate you coming and if you can please find as many people you can to come to this tournament


Just cause its getting closer, get hype!

I’ll try to make it there, but I need for a few things to work out before I can come. I’ll know after the end of this week. And are you sure about running Chaos? That game is terrible, broken, and even with fixed controls, SNK development just made the control scheme too stiff. The game is too random and broke to be played in a tourney. If someone unlocks Zero or Geese, build up meter, it’s infinites till death. Not sure if that is a credible game to run, and I doubt it is even worth the time, money, and resources repairing the sticks for this game. I couldn’t imagine there would be a huge turnout for such a game either. People don’t travel to compete in games like Chaos.

Personally I believe all the time and resources should definitely go into repairing Marvel and Tekken 5 Dr, which are established tournament games with big communities. Promoting games like Chaos just makes Underground look less serious as a venue for competitive gaming.

well i think the same about chaos but you’ll be surprise who actually play that game. norman may be the only one playing that game. as for the rest i’m really trying to get those buttons changed into competition buttons.

yo pokchop50, my phone is in two pieces or i woulda met up with u n cpu that day after he came back from ny. anyways, i’ll come to this especially since it is the weekend before school starts for me. the marvel sticks are okay?

i might drop by for snk vs capcom for the hell of it despite the fact i dont like taht game lol i might come

I’d also suggest SC4 instead of SC3. You obviously have a PS3 so you should run it.

yeah i know i’ve been trying to get in contact but the answering machine picks up. but you know how underground is. oh yeah, she ordered those competition buttons so no hurt fingers.

sorry no sc4. i personally hate the game but i know its a couple of soul cal players that would come play sc3