Underground Dojo 1st Event "THE OPENING" - Chinatown, NY - 9/11/10

Underground Dojo is holding it’s first event this September in Chinatown NY. We hope to be holding events every month if there is a strong enough interest our there. Our goal is to help build the NY fighting game community though competitive tournaments in a nice location that is easy to get to. Please let us know what you would like to see and help us build this monthly series going forward.

When: 9/11/10
Where:87 Lafayette St. New York NY 10013
Contact: (917) 414-0117 - AIM: Mcpreaches
Website: www.undergrounddojo.com (Launches Monday w/ Online registration)
System: Xbox 360 please BYOC
Time: 6-7 Warm ups and sign in 7:10 Start
Tournament Fee: $10
Venue fee: $10

Tournament Rules and Scheduling
?Super Street Fighter IV
?2/3 Rounds
?1 Match, 2/3 Grand Final
?Winner Character Lock (cannot switch characters)
?Double Elimination
?Rounds consist of 99 second time limit in all sets
?All stages and characters are legal
?All matches played at default health and handicap
?1st ? 65%
?2nd ? 20%
?3rd ? 10%
?3rd ? 5%
? Players in top 8 will win black belts and ranking patches

Please RSVP

Going from 1 match to 3/5 GF is a little odd. If you’re going to do that, might I suggest doing 2/3 GF to lessen the gap? I’ll try to make this and help you guys out if needed.

Quick FYI…Upstate is running a tournament the same week…would be smart to maybe move sumthin around…don’t wana be steppin on toes.

Thanks PolishmMafia, Don’t mean to steppin on toes, that is the only Saturday my venue is open. I will be more careful in planning future events.
SweetJohnnyCage - Thanks that was a typo :smiley: