Underground Dojo 1st Event "THE OPENING" - Chinatown, NY - 9/18/10



Underground Dojo 1st Event “THE OPENING” - Chinatown, NY - 9/18/10
Underground Dojo is holding it’s first event this September in Chinatown NY. We hope to be holding events every month if there is a strong enough interest our there. Our goal is to help build the NY fighting game community though competitive tournaments in a nice location that is easy to get to. Please let us know what you would like to see and help us build this monthly series going forward.

RSVP at - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=134199966618287
Register in advance at - www.Undergrounddojo.com
Join the Facebook group at - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=129668037069918

When: 9/18/10
Where:87 Lafayette St. New York NY 10013
Contact: (917) 414-0117 - AIM: Mcpreaches
Website: http://www.undergrounddojo.com/
System: Xbox 360 please BYOC - Wired ONLY
Time: 6-7 Warm ups and sign in 7:10 Start
Tournament Fee: $10
Venue fee: $10

Main Tournament Rules and Scheduling
?Super Street Fighter IV
?2/3 Game - 2/3 Rounds
?3/5 Games - Grand Final
?Winner Character Lock (cannot switch characters)
?Double Elimination
?Rounds consist of 99 second time limit in all sets
?All stages and characters are legal
?All matches played at default health and handicap
?1st ? 65%
?2nd ? 20%
?3rd ? 10%
?3rd ? 5%
? Players in top 8 will win black belts and ranking patches

Dojo?s Sit ?n? Go Tournament Rules and Scheduling
?Dreamcast Classics & TvC & SSF HD Remix
?Tournament will start as soon as 8 players sign up
?Fee $5.00 ($.50 goes to the dojo)
?2/3 Matches
?3/5 Grand Final
?Winner Character Lock (cannot switch characters)
?Single Elimination
?Rounds consist of 99 second time limit in all sets
?All stages and characters are legal
?All matches played at default health and handicap
?1st ? $28
?2nd ? $8
? Top player will win Star Patch to add to their belt

Information on Sit ‘n’ Go the tournament.
What is a Sit ‘n’ Go?
I am a poker player and in AC when they have bigger tournaments going on they have side Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments happening at the same time. This offers tournament poker players to play tournament style for big pots. So I thought this would be a good idea to try during our tournament.

How does it work?
Once 8 people sign up we will start the tournament, and those 8 people will play for the pot. Once the tournament is over the prizes will be given out and when another 8 people sign up and new tournament will begin.

How does the entry fee work?
The fee for Sit ‘n’ Go was $4 + $1 venue fee. We have decided to change that, in order to make the pot size a little bit bigger. The total fee to enter a Sit ‘n’ Go will be $5. $4.50 goes to the pot and $.50 goes to the venue. That means 1st place is gets $28 and 2nd place gets $8 in every Sit ‘n’ Go tournament

What if I just want to come for the Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments do I still have to pay the $10 venue fee?
If you just want to come just for the Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments then you will only have to pay a $1 venue fee to get in. The reason that we do not ask for the $10 venue fee for the Sit ‘n’ Go is because if 8 people do not sign up during the night then there will be no tournament. If you decide you would like to play in the SSF before we begin you must pay the other whole $10 venue fee.

Please RSVP to this event space is limited to 70 People.


Sounds good…should be able to make this with acouple other upstaters


Thanks Polish, I tried my best, it took some begging but got it moved :smiley:


Online Registration will go live tomorrow night. Thanks everybody


Online registration is now open and you can look at pics of our space at Underground Dojo


Do we have to register online? Can’t I just register at the door and give you 20$ there?


Hey Liquid, You can pay at the door. online registration is just for people who would like to.


If you would like to drop us a line here is our Facebook event link

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Just some new updates to the event. Also please join our facebook page to give some feedback, talk trash and to know more about our next events


I think you guys should make sets 2 out of 3 matches. Its pretty much the standard amongst not only SSF4 tourneys, but all fighting games.


BK we only have the space from 6 -12, If we did do you think we could finish on time. That is the only thing I am worried about, I want to make it 2/3 with a 3/5 grand final, but I don’t want to get kicked out the space with no grand final. Any suggestions?


The last tourney I ran had 62 people and we started at 7pm and ended at 12 midnight with 5 tvs. As long as people don’t wander off and you utilize all the TVs, then I think you shouldn’t have a problem running too late.


what “Dreamcast Classics” you speak of???


^^^ This is our way to pay homage to the dreamcast. We will have Power Stone, MVC2, Third Strike and any other we can get our hands on.


Oh boy, I feel like a boy scout receiving patches on my belt. Maybe I can earn my “piano into the hundred hand slap” patch in this tourney.


^^^ If you can do it 50 times in a row i’ll get you one, and who says you are going to place top 8 to get one? lol. I know its kind of silly but it our way of working within our budget to get something to the top 8 and try to build some sort of status ranking.


So you’re calling me an easy pot monster that probably be won’t be ranked at all. :stuck_out_tongue:
Will you be implementing Tonamento for coordinating the brackets?
Who are you again, appearing into the fighting scene out of random?


My name is Rubin, I used to play a lot back around when Ehrgeiz was out, that was my game, and spent alot of time in chinatown fair way back, but stopped playing b/c I didn’t have time to devote to it anymore. About 8 months ago when I go laid off I started playing again, and me and my friend thought about throwing a tournament at this place in lower Manhattan that we had access to since we now had time on our hands and no videos to shoot or edit. Me personally I am not a great player, I just love the game and love to watch people play. So after months of talking about it we just decided to do it. I am trying to make it to Guard Crush this week though it might be the one after to test my luck, since I won’t have time to play in my own tournament lol.

I was going to use another bracket system but tonamento seems to be the standard so we are going with that.

We just want to put on a tournament for the players in a chill place (old firehouse) with a good stream so people can enjoy. I miss the old arcade days.


You can sign me up to this event. Can’t wait to try and win a belt O_o;