Underground Tournament league SFIV Tourney


Underground tournament league presents “The 3rd Strike” SFIV Tourney
When: Sept. 13,2009 Doors open at noon (12pm) on-site registration closes at 2:30pm
How Much to get in?: $10 for entrance $10 to sign in for tournament
Food/Drinks: yes, there is, Free booze for 21 and up only
What system/games?:
Street Fighter 4 ,Xbox 360 BEST of 3 Eliminination
Who is going to be there?
DJ Domino
DJ Bubba Ducc
[COLOR=“Red”]3201 Maple Ave.
Los Angeles,CA 90011

For Flyer and more info go to :

PLS. Bring your Fight Stick(XBOX 360 ONLY), there are some sticks provided but its not enough for everyone.

PLS Post Your Alias and Pm me your Email
Let me Know what’s up


make it double elimination and 3 or 4 of us will go…

20 bucks for single elimination??
thats…some bullshit…


sorry about that but were currently thinking about it. but 10 is gonna cover for the event (DJ’s food, not to say BOOZE, etc.). 10 is for the tournament itself. come check it out.


dj’s food??? k
well ppl r not gonna come again if its not double elimination cuz its gonna end quick…
i don’t mind 10 being for the tourney but…
ppl don’t wanna lose 20 bucks after playin best 2 out of 3 games…
…but i’ll c cuz thats too much 4 real though…