Underpants psychology and me


Normally I like to go commando because sometimes my thighs feel slightly constricted and achy when I wear underpants (I’m talking about boxers; nevermind briefs, ugggh). But I always throw on a pair of boxers before leaving the house to go somewhere because it makes me feel more secure in public.

Speaking of boxers, I almost always wear nothing to bed for the same reasons. But there’s a strange twist to it. See, if the environment is cool and pleasant, I can indulge in sex fantasies when going to bed. if it feels hot and humid, I get this very uncomfortable sensation. The kind of feeling you would get if you were sleeping next to a cell mate named Bubba, or your mother.

I’m wondering if that is normal.

How many days in a row can you wear the same jeans before it becomes unsanitary?

I nominate you, BeGuiled, to be the next member impersonated by switching a lowercase “L” with a capital “i”! I wonder how long it would take for us to notice.

On subject, going commando in jeans is more uncomfortable than being normal and wearing boxers. I really hope you don’t go commando in your work slacks.