Underrated Characters


So in your opinion who are the most underrated or underused characters of AE?



I dont see a lot of Sakura players online nowadays. I think she is very underrated, her damage output is insane once u kno wat ur doing. Put this 2gether with her mix up game and the fact that her EX tatsu is +4 on block and she is a very gd character


Gen, Sakura, Oni, Guy (in my opinion, ofc)

And Yun for a brief moment before 2012 was released to the general public because everyone thought he was gonna be shit post-nerf (this was almost instantly blown out of the water)


Oni, Guy, Sakura, Cammy, Ibuki.


Evil Ryu…


Underrated, as in, characters that are regarded as lower than they should be.

Gen: Decent footsies, great walkspeed, and solid anti-air when it doesn’t trade.
Hakan: That oil gives him abilities no other character has, and being able to stack it can make it endless.
Oni: has default 1000 life, air mobility, and decent damage. While he may not be as good as Akuma, he’s certainly ain’t shafted like E.Ryu.
Gouken: Having that option to shoot projectiles toward the air is really good. Very useful against characters like jump in a lot. Sucks when the opponent can easily go through them.
Dudley: I feel like people aren’t using him to his potential. Yea, his DP sucks, but he can goes under projectiles and combo off of overhead.


Gen, Guy, Ibuki.

I always thought Ibuki sucked until I played a 6000 PP Ibuki… shes got too many tricks. Or maybe it was my lack of matchup knowledge…dunno.


Sadly, too many… Mainly:

Gen: if you don’t know his tricks he WILL play you like a drum (painful personal experience >.<)
Ibuki: same as above
Hakan: oil moves hit hard - an actual RANGED grappler - he have the MOTHER of all the antiairs as an ultra…
Juri: fast and with great range
Dhalsim: if you don’t have a somewhat safe way of getting up and close he is a nightmare


Guy, Ibuki,Dudley - all can just rpae you but we see so few people playing them.


Ibuki is very good.

I do agree that Evil Ryu is underrated by many (who think he’s absolute garbage) he has what it takes to be a solid character, I don’t think he’s on the level of the counterparts. Which I had a huge argument on earlier, lol. He definitely isn’t unplayable.