Underrated Low-Tier Characters ( that can actually compete )


A lot of times in Fighting Games the first thing people try and do is figure out who the best characters are in the game, we all do this. often times we tend to either overlook or simply dismiss some of the other characters ( after figuring out who the best characters are ) as either lacking in some certain department or just plain can’t compete.

I guess my question is. What characters in Fighting Game History do you think people wrote off a little to early, *But In Your Opinion Can actually play very well? Maybe even in just a certain matchup or just in general, and aren’t nearly as bad as some people made that character out to be.

Just curious what ya guys think, also if you could please add some reasoning for the character/s you chose, thanks.


aka the “list every low tier character ever” thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Ruby Heart, from what I am told


I see that, had a local Ruby Heart player back in the MvC2 days.

I’d say Dudley in AE though. He’s very strong if you work at it imo.


He’s so Pringles if you know how to properly zone with him



What the fuck are you saying?


Blanka in ST probably.


Wow, are you fucking taking a post about Shaq Fu seriously?


Alsion III (Breakers Revenge)
Maherl (Breakers Revenge)
Anakaris (Doesn’t matter which game)
Matlok (FHD)
Titan (Ring of Destruction)


To get the ball rolling for fun…

Hsien-Ko In MVC3. People portray the character like she is MVC2 bottom tier. She isn’t actually that bad of a character, the issue is nobody wants to learn how to use Hsien-Ko correctly outside of her assist. She still has mixups, safe tag in setups, etc. She has mobility and damage issues but she has it better than Haggar does.


(Oh, gods. Let’s not start saying Hsien-ko’s better than Haggar; let’s just agree they’re both probably better than Chun-li.)

This thread was already kinda destroyed by pherai because, honestly, it would be a lot easier to post which few low-tier characters honestly can’t compete, i.e. MvC1 or MvC2 Roll, than the many that could. This is especially true between given that it’s both difficult for people to agree who is low(est) tier to begin with–see above–and the fact that “underrated low-tier” is kinda redundant.

Ruby Heart isn’t low tier. She’s like…mid-tier at worst, unless we’re just using saying she’s low tier compared to the top 4 and the like 8 characters right underneath them, of which I’d argue she’s right after.

I used her as main character in MvC2, so I would know. Her only real drawback was having shitty super outside of the godsend that was her :qcf:+:p::p: super and being a bit of a meter whore because it. I guess not having a useful (standard) projectile as well, but that’s what Doom rocks and (sigh) Sentinel drones were for.


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Whole cast of 3rd Strike


When I think of low tier characters still kicking ass in the right hands, ST is the game that comes immediately to mind.

I recently started playing Tekken 6 and I know a Yoshi player, possibly the best one in the U.S. and he makes that character seem top tier. But Im pretty bad at Tekken so Im sure that helps him a lot too haha.


I wish every game had sentinel drones to cover a low-tier character’s weaknesses.

Real talk, People still sleeping on Haggar in MVC3, and everyone said the Capcom side was pretty useless in SVC Chaos except for most of the boss characters. I thought Guile’s 1.5 sec sonic booms were pretty nice.

Everytime I get on MVC2, I look for new potential god tier teams. Everyone’s told me there’s so much untapped potential there, and I’m having fun trying to find it. I wish my FAB setups were more viable; I hate how characters still have a chance to jump away at the last second. Gotta experiment with distance and fly/unfly mode.


I gotta go with Sentinel from MvC2. You wouldn’t know it from GamePro’s tier list (see below), but he’s arguably as good as Servbot or Amingo, in the right hands.




Not a traditional fighting game, but in Jump Ultimate Stars for DS, pretty much as soon as the game came out, Robin was written off as useless. She has low health, poor damage, virtually no combos and only decent speed. However, she also has some of the highest priority normals (and supers) in the game. She can destroy most non-super projectiles with her B+forward or Y+up moves, and her X+up Super (5 Koma Version) will stop virtually everything. Even giant Kamehameha-type beams get walled by her spinning flower petals super. Additionally, her neutral Y move grabs the opponent and knocks them down for small damage. Normally this isn’t that big of a deal, but if you’re standing on a platform that you can drop down through, the move will actually knock the opponent straight through the ground, usually into a pit, leading to their death. Most tier lists still peg her as Low Tier though.


UMK3 Sheeva


Every low tier character in VSav.


Grapplers in pretty much every game.