Underrated? Maybe, but still the best. Maryland player interview thread

i have 4 audio interviews, and the rest are emails and instant message transcripts. enjoy

so for the past couple weeks i have been working on two little projects.

  1. interviewing players from my hometown, like steve h, rugal, shinsay, etc… to get the word out there about the maryland players, and our history and opinions on the scene and where its going.

2.interviewing tvc players to clear certain hypes, and see why they play tvc, and what they hope to come out of the tvc scene in the future.

if your wondering why i did this, you can view this thread here ( http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=172921) , which tells you some of my feelings why i wanted to do this.

i gained a lot of good info, and it was fun. i plan to add more to the maryland players interview asap, and the tvc one also, but i might not add to that until after sinsation, or a couple months down the road.

ill cut the jibber jabber for now, and get right to it. first up i have audio files of me jimmy1200, steve h, rugal b, and glen. each interview is a little over an hour, except me and steve h, but there all worth the listen.

jimmy1200- i interviewed myself since im from m.d, and i basically just went threw my questions i was asking everyone, but asked myself. i wanted to do this, because im sure people are like, who the fuck is jimmy1200, and i also had more to say on certain topics, that i didnt get to touch on in my interviews. i have some comedy relief in there too. its just my personality. :slight_smile:

jimmy1200.WAV - 137.46MB

steve h-me and steve chatted for two hours. the first 35 minutes we discuss tvc, since that is a game he will have as one of his mains, and then we go on to discuss a lot of general stuff, from new games, and his win against wong in cvs2, to what it was, and is like being a black gamer.

steve h.WAV - 213.68MB

rugal b-rugal drops the real in this interview, and gives us some of details about his days of tekken, and when he use to pummel people in tekken 4, and why he eventually garnered the name coach. he keeps it real about the history of east coast tekken back in the day, and gives us that real talk about how the scene is now, what it was, and where its going.

rugal b.WAV - 117.91MB

glen-interview with an ol school player. bow down to the tekken 3 god. the tekken 3 national champ who plays nothing but king, breaks down his days of playing tekken, and where his future in the series holds. you can hear me mention his name in like 60% of my interviews, because i use to observe him for hours. but now he is here

glen.WAV - 126.31MB

to be continued. transcripts next

MOROHA-me and moroha discuss maryland history, and the guilty gear scene in maryland. check out one of the best, if not the best gg player in maryland.

moroha interview

jimmy1200srk: yo

moroha: Hey

moroha: what’s up

jimmy1200srk: hey, just curious if you had the time for the m.d interview

moroha: Yep, got some time now

jimmy1200srk: okay, well to get started. what was your first fighting game

moroha: First fighting game I got into was Soul Calibur 2 around when it first showed up in arcades

moroha: I used to go to an arcade in White Marsh called Tilt, which had tons of fighters, every week to play Calibur. Steve H worked there at the time, which is how I first met the guy.

jimmy1200srk: nice. yeah, i should be talking to steve h soon. dude is nice. just got finished talking to my boy, and he was talking about him and steves recent tvc matches. do you still play sc2, or have you since dropped the game?

jimmy1200srk: excuse any delays. i have another interview going also

moroha: I stopped playing Calibur when 3 came out, and picked it back up recently with 4; it’s leaps and bounds a better game than 3. I played Calibur 2 when I didn’t even know what frames were. But it was my first real intro to the fighting game community, so the series has always resonated with me.

moroha: Yeah, Steve is great. lol

jimmy1200srk: understandable. so was sc4 your first game you started taking seriously, with learning all the advanced aspects of the game, or did something come before that

moroha: I picked up Guilty Gear Slash after being introduced to it by a bunch of MD players like 4r5 and Dizzy Dan. GG is my main game now; I’ve been traveling for it for about two years now.

moroha: When Slash was announced, they had previewed A.B.A as a playable character (she was initially introduced in Slash). When I saw her character design, I didn’t care what her playstyle or tier was, I was determined to be the best ABA out there, so I started playing for real the day Slash came out.

jimmy1200srk: nice. now thats a game i know little about. i first played guilty gear when it first dropped, and me and my boys thought it was the hotness, with kill offs and shit, but i never got into it. how would you say the guilty gear scene is in md right now?

moroha: The Guilty Gear scene was apparently mad strong back in the XX and Reload days with Team Serious (Faust Dan, Destin, etc) and then it died off. With the end of Slash into Accent Core, there was a tremendous resurgence in MD players. We’ve got a lot of life in our community, and it looks like it’s naturally going to progress into Blazblue with us getting a BB Cab this Thursday.

moroha: A lot of our players got into the game kind of late, but we’ve generally been playing weekly on and off over the past year.

moroha: I mean, it’s Guilty Gear, what’s not to love? lol. Every character in the game is playable, extremely fast paced game, killer designs, killer soundtrack. As Joeiloveu put it, man, that game is on drugs. lol

jimmy1200srk: word. i just got accent core. i have yet to play it yet, but i figured i would add it to my fighting game list. have you entered into gg tournaments?

jimmy1200srk: oh, and why was there such a come back from slash to accent core?

jimmy1200srk: im discussing with the guy that works at power gamer now. i will be asking him about bb, and a possible future arcade at glen burnie mall

moroha: Ah, Xiggurat?

jimmy1200srk: yeah

moroha: He likes to think he’s good at Guilty Gear

moroha: Don’t let him tell you otherwise, he’s a scrub

moroha: :stuck_out_tongue:

moroha: There were a few things that really revived the MD GG scene. I wasn’t around in the Team Serious days. But, when Slash came around, I got really hardcore into the game, and me and another student at my college (UMBC), 4r5, started holding weekly Guilty Gear tournaments at our school on Wednesday nights.

moroha: It first started out with like, just an excuse for about six of us to get together and play weekly. But then we started telling more people about it, and this past semester, our third semester running it? We were getting a serious crowd every wednesday night, not just for GG, but for Soul Calibur, Tekken, other random fighters too.

moroha: Steve H, Rugal B, Eric V, Xiggurat, Perfect Sin, Misato Dan, all sorts of people from both 2D and 3D would come out to play games. At the peak, we would get like, 14+ people consistently just for GG tournaments. That was really great to see the community grow.

moroha: The other thing I’d say was Kenji (KBNova), OG Anji and a real fucking monster player, moving to MD for work.

jimmy1200srk: good stuff. who would you say is the best ggac player in md right now

moroha: And him and Destin both started playing AC, so that’s been a real hit of skill to our area.

moroha: I would say I am the best, and nobody in MD would agree. The past few times we’ve played, I’ve had an edge on Kenji, Destin’s been edging me, Steve H and I generally split.

jimmy1200srk: good stuff. i like to hear someone not scared to say if theyre the best, if it is so. sometimes their is to much modesty. ha ha. just to jump off gg for a second. there is blaze blue coming to a store near you soon. do you plan to support this move, and correct me if im wrong, but isnt blaze blue suppose to follow after the ggac series

moroha: Guilty Gear is apparently no longer Arcsys property, and so Ishiwatari and co created Blazblue to sort of cater to the Guilty Gear fans and begin anew. I haven’t gotten much hands on time with BB yet, but if the game is fun, which it certainly looks to be, I’ll probably be hitting up that cab weekly.

moroha: Kenji and Destin are modest guys. Steve and I would have no problem saying we’re the best. lol

moroha: It’s one of us four, for sure. Kenji, Steve and Destin have all been playing since XX I think? But my character is probably the strongest of the four, and I think I have the most general AC specific knowledge of the bunch. But we’re all pretty close. Steve’s game is the least specific to Guilty Gear, but Steve is always a bitch to fight in any game. lol

jimmy1200srk: ha ha, aint nothing wrong with that. yes, i can imagine steve being a pain. i know if you check gessendou on youtube, gesendou has a bunch of blazeblue videos. well, lets get into it a bit here. do you consider md to be underrated when it comes to fight games?

moroha: sec

moroha: Yes and no. Recently, MD has done pretty well in CVS2 and SF3. Steve H, Rugal and Havoc are all real strong at CVS, and Steve of course took Seasons Beatings 3, which was fucking boss, over big names like Buktooth, Combofiend, and Justin. Rugal also got 5th (I think?). And Eric Kim and Deviljin are also two top players in third, Eric getting 2nd at SB3 and Deviljin top 8.

moroha: In Guilty we’ve generally done okay, not great. Steve Kenji and I have placed okay in the past few majors. Steve just won NEC teams with MarlinPie. Guilty we haven’t had like, crazy good comp until Kenji came around, which was a bit into AC still, so I’m really excited to see how we fare in Blazblue tournaments since we’ve got a cab coming which will be a huge edge.

moroha: I’m also looking forward to seeing how the MD Tekken community fares, since Turk, Grimey Grizzly, Muffin Man, Hudathan and all them should be mad strong.

jimmy1200srk: yes, i was asking x1ggurat about a possible tk6br. that would bring tons of people. i know all those people you listed, and some, would come to play that

moroha: But mostly, the only player from MD that gets the respect is Steve, he really made a name for himself with beating Justin at Final Round and then getting revenge on Buk at SB. It’s unfortunate he didn’t play well at Evo this year, but you have your bad days.

jimmy1200srk: you do. what did he beat justin at?

moroha: CVS2.

moroha: Steve won, ripped his shirt off, did his patented table jump, and started doing pushups while yelling at the top of his lungs.

moroha: It was mad hype, and it was obvious that Steve really wanted that win, haha.

moroha: But yeah. I can tell you that MD is going to be no joke at BB. Right now it looks like Texas Cali and Jersey already have their Blazblue games advancing. We’re about to get on that train. I’ve already got the best Rachel in America.

jimmy1200srk: nice. steve went hulk on justin. LOL. good to hear that. i saw he took kof98 recently too. maybe a couple months ago. i personally think md is a bit underrated, even though we have very top players here. like steve beating justin. people lose, it happens, but if you were to go anywhere on the forum, you would find justin wong dick riding, and no mention of other players. i just want to bring it to light, that there are some nice dudes from m.d, and we have shown that at casuals, and tournaments. you saw how grimey ran through cats with his fancy kuma in tekken. no one saw that coming. i remember first seeing him doing his thing when t5dr first dropped to console, and we had a gathering at paiks. i was like, what the fuck, who plays kuma like that. not even ling panda was doing all that weird shit i saw grimey doing

moroha: Yeah, for real. We’ve got good dedicated players across the board in MD. We are “underrated” because we characteristically haven’t like, had that big, consistent tourney player, you know? Steve is pretty much a national name in fighting games, but I’m sure we’re going to get more guys on the map. Rugal has always been good and will continue to be good, doesn’t matter what game he picks up. There are a lot of players in MD with the talent; just gotta bring the results, you know?

jimmy1200srk: yup. i think sometimes real life has put a hinder on things at times. before i continue a little more with how god like maryland is. what do you do to balance out real life and gaming? sometimes it can be hard to find the time

[14:13] KeyframeT: I’m constantly juggling time mostly between my artwork and my gaming / drinking / whatever. It’s often a tough and delicate balancing act. I honestly don’t practice too much in training mode. But as of late I’ve been trying to combine artwork and fighting games; since I enjoy both it makes sense. I’m doing a few joystick faceplate designs for some friends, and possibly doing some designs for Perfect Sin’s Team Kapital. When you’re working on something you enjoy, it makes work all that much better.

jimmy1200srk: true true true. do what i do. DRINK WHILE PLAYING GAMES. BAM, KNOCKED OUT 2 OUT OF 3 THERE. all i need to do is add some women into the mix, and make money at the same time im drinking and playing games, and bam, i got me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. top tier. that made little sense. lol. you know what i mean

jimmy1200srk: im a little more bold in creative with my gaming, when i have a beer in me. funny

moroha: Haha. When we’re playing casuals it’s whatever, but on gameday, I don’t drink anything. Hell, I don’t eat anything before tournament. Rugal got me into the belief that eating slows reaction time. It might be placebo effect but I believe it, lol. And the best part is, when tournaments end, you can eat all you want. Man, big ups to Cane’s chicken in Ohio. That chicken was, to use a marvelism, godlike.

jimmy1200srk: i could imagine. the mind gets lazy and relaxed after a good meal. i havent entered a tournament since whitemarsh mall had an arcade, so its buzzed up casuals for me, but i wouldnt drink on gameday, or maybe i would, and make a lot of noise about how you got raped by a drunk person. GET ON THE STICKS!!! WHERE IS MY BEER, CHARLES? ha ha. placebo effect is just as good as real effect. as long as it works.

jimmy1200srk: do you play mvc2

moroha: Marvel and CVS2 are games I’d play if people didn’t have an eight year head start! It’s hard to compete at those games, even at a casual level here since the people that do play them for the most part are leaps and bounds ahead of the game. Marvel is a game that is so broken but so hype, it’s got that funny appeal. But yeah, it’s for sure exciting that all these popular old games have newer installments on coming out now. TvC, SF4, Blazblue and T6BR all hit lots of bases.

moroha: And I tell you, SF4 is fucking brilliant. Simple, fun, and when you land Tiger Uppercut cancel into Ultra, mad satisfying.

jimmy1200srk: yeah. mago’s sagat came in second recently, didnt it. i saw the thread on srk. no ryus in top 8, and a viper in top 8. japaaaaan. yeah, marvel, cvs2, and sf3 all have so many veterans, that if you were to get in now, boy, it can be done, but thats a huge uphill ride

jimmy1200srk: with flat tires

jimmy1200srk: we wrappin up soon. just a few more

moroha: Sure man, I’m just chillin watchin the eagles game

moroha: fire away

jimmy1200srk: oh, okay, cool. got much more than. ha, gotcha. so with all these new games coming out now, where do you see the scene going? maybe a possible golden era again?

moroha: Maybe. Players will always be cycling in and out of the game and state, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing new players with BB and SF4 for sure. And I can tell you that MD is excited for the new games. I’m really excited to play BB; my character in that game, Rachel, has a wind button that moves her projectiles as well as both players on the screen. It’s fucking awesome.

jimmy1200srk: rachel. hmmmmm. here is a game that flew under everyones radar. hokuto no ken. i own it, and love it, but i love the series. as an observation of brokenness, it seems japan does not give a fuck about that, since hnk was at sbo, and was hot for a while, but do you have any opinion on why they never got into the vs series like us, and why do you think us players did not pick up this game. oh, and yeah, i hear rugal wants to make sf4 his main, and tvc steves mainand a few of my friends who dont even play games seriously, or sober, cant wait for street fighter 4

moroha: TvC is a bad game. Go Karas or go home.

moroha: As far as HnK, HnK is a property nobody in America knows or gives a fuck about. I don’t even think it got a US release.

moroha: HnK was like the Japanese Marvel, you know? Balanced in its own mad brokenness. But I don’t think Japan really cared for the Marvel characters to the extent that we did, and America was like, what the fuck is You Wa Shock? So it just didn’t work out. That being said, HnK basketball combos are still some of the hottest out there.

jimmy1200srk: i think karas is over hyped, but very good

moroha: Man, I watched Marn take on Perfect Sin and Eric V the other day

moroha: with his Karas

moroha: it was fucking stupid

jimmy1200srk: he has the lowest hp in the game, and two fuck ups, he is almost dead

moroha: but he’s always swinging

moroha: and he’s always got the bar for the burst

moroha: so it doesn’t matter

moroha: lol

jimmy1200srk: yeah, i would put him top, but people are putting him in a class of his own, and i dont believe that. i have a 4 hit batsu combo, into a level 3 super, that can be setup off a low light, that takes 70 percent of his life. geesh, but the game is pretty well balanced. with megacrash, baroque canceling, dealing more damage when low on health, and taking less damage when low on healthy. infinites, yes, thats a give in, but at least you have something to deal with it now. where as in mvc2, you slip, mags has got you for all your life

moroha: Yeah, I never got into the VS series. Karas was enough to make me not want to play.

moroha: You know, I try to evaluate the most threatening characters in a game, and then I decide whether or not I want to deal with their bullshit or not

moroha: In the case of like, Arakune, I think his stuff is really strong but you can definitely catch him and ruin his day

moroha: In TvC Karas looks like a fucking sword circus

moroha: And In SF4 I decided to just play Sagat. lol

to be continued…

text be to long :bluu:

jimmy1200srk: i put chun above karas. you should play tvc though. i think right now, since the game is still young, people are getting fucked by stuff that will not be so in the coming months, but i feel you. ive watched a lot of matches, and played tons of tvc. i own it, and i wouldnt worry to much about karas. sagat is too good. capcom has dick rode him for over a decade. they love making sagat a beast. has he ever sucked

moroha: He wasn’t amazing in Alpha! And apparently they’re nerfing his damage in SF4 home. He’s good for sure in 4, but he’s not unbeatable. He seems to be one of those characters who’s just good across the board. And he gets his Ultra off of everything; forward roundhouse, uppercut cancel, focus attack, whatever. Uppercut cancel into ultra is like the second strongest way to get into your Ultra outside of like Gouken’s normal throw into Ultra.

jimmy1200srk: nice. did you ever get a chance to play at the arcades back in the day when they existed?

moroha: Yeah, I frequented White Marsh Tilt all the time. Played lots of Calibur 2 and some CVS1.

moroha: I really wish arcades were still alive and kicking, but you’d really need to have a new model of business if you wanted to run a successful arcade in America today.

moroha: Like, Momo2 in Ohio, the SB3 venue, looks to be really successful. I don’t think they run that many fighting game events during the year? But like, they’ve got a very warm and fresh atmosphere, lots of quality TV’s, in addition to other nice things like couches, a food stand and a bowling alley.

jimmy1200srk: nice. i use to play at marley station mall all the time. thats waaaaay back. talking about before marvel superheroes dropped in the arcade. it was so hype. they use to have x men vs street fighter on the big screen, and sf3. i remember when tekken 3 first dropped. that shit was hype hype hype there. aaaaaaah, i miss those days. there was an arcade in severna park thats super throw back. i use to play killer instinct, and mortal kombat there. then i had annapolis mall also, which was where the heat was at. there and marley use to be the shit

moroha: If you tried to set up an old school arcade you’d just go under these days. Why play SF4 for 50 cents a play when you could just sit at home and play online? Which is real unfortunate. In a place like Japan it’s successful because you can go play the best in a really tightly packed area. America’s so spread out, it’s tough.

moroha: Ah, I went to Annapolis Mall a few times.

moroha: There and Eastpoint, Aladdin’s Castle.

moroha: But White Marsh was my stomping grounds.

moroha: lol

moroha: White Marsh was fucking great because they weren’t afraid to try shit. Like, they got SVC Chaos, which wasn’t a good game per se, but they got that shit new. They even got like, Matrimelee.

jimmy1200srk: nice, that sb3 venue sounds nice. i wish arcades were still alive. yeah, i think a lot of people forget how compact japan is in comparison to the usa. word, i remember seeing chaos there. i remember when i first saw steve, and he was playing svc at annapolis mall, while everyone else was playing dr, and i was like, that game sucks, but damn you make it look good

moroha: haha

moroha: do you travel for games atm? or are looking to get into it

jimmy1200srk: and he was doing that on shitty sticks. well, i live in vegas now, so not really. the only thing i really play now is tvc and hnk. i have a t6 machine here, but have chilled on it. furthest i have traveled is 2 minute walking distance to unlv to beat up on people in tvc. my roommate is getting good at the game though, so i dont have to travel far for comp. in md though, i would be over my boy james house most. i use to go to grimms to play tekken, and damons. traveled to nap town mall back in the day before they closed. thats about it. oh, and virginia when t5dr first came out. if i was in md now, i would probably be up in philly trying to play demon hyo a lot, and playing steve in tvc

jimmy1200srk: im in the town of evo. so when im not drunk, hitting on australian women, and riding in limos for free with a random bacholorette party, i play games. lol. yes, the limo thing happened thursday. long story, but good shit.

moroha: Haha, good shit man

moroha: Went to Philly this past week for some BB and SF4. UP is pretty tight.

jimmy1200srk: whats “up”?

moroha: University Pinball

moroha: Philly arcade with both SF4 and Blazblue

jimmy1200srk: oooh. i think theyre getting tvc too. nice. i told my boy james like a month after i moved out, that yo, im mad i never drove up north for anything, games, road trip, drink trip, etc… i got to downtown philly in like an hour when i went up for bar hopping. i was like, wtf, i could have been travelling for comp. got damnit! does anyone in md play king of fighters seriously?

jimmy1200srk: i should have been hitting philly and new york. oh well, another day. i like downtown philly though, its nice

moroha: Steve H and Eddie Lopez play KoF for real I think, that’s about it.

jimmy1200srk: i wonder why the u.s doesnt really have a kof scene

moroha: Eh, I mean, I think again it’s a case of visuals/design. KoF games for sure are fun, Adelheid is big fun in 11, but when set against familiar franchises like SF3 and the wild design and pace of Guilty Gear, it’s tough to compete.

jimmy1200srk: yeah, they just changed their character design for kofxii

jimmy1200srk: old sprites for the win

jimmy1200srk: they had them 92’ throwback, fish cake sprites for like a decade. ha ha

moroha: haha, yeah

moroha: I’m sure it will see some success amongst the hardcore crowd

moroha: But it will never be a mainstream hit, I don’t think

moroha: here, anyway

moroha: Relegated to those 25-35 man tournaments at evo, you know

moroha: I sure hope Guilty Gear returns at Evo. I imagine it’s a longshot but still a possibility.

moroha: You figure they’ll give a slot to Blazblue, but that won’t be out on console until Evo 2010.

moroha: I don’t know how much life Guilty Gear has left in it but its renewal again at SBO breathed new life into the arcade scene in Japan from what I heard. ABA is quite possibly the coolest character design in any fighting game, her style is just so out there and unique. Extremely high risk high reward, massive damage, insane RTSD.

jimmy1200srk: yeah, well i hope the newness will attract more players to play. yeah, they give slots to mario kart, but not guilty gear or kof

jimmy1200srk: what the fuck is a mario kart

moroha: So we’ll hope and pray there’s GG as a main game at Evo!

moroha: lol yeah man

moroha: fuck that shit

moroha: I’m sure you knew about the whole Guilty Gear and Evo debacle two years ago

jimmy1200srk: eh, not really

moroha: Long story short there weren’t many people watching the finals even when we had an American team beating a Japanese team

moroha: so it got dropped, and this past year, the Guilty Gear “side” tournament was bigger than some of the actual main tournaments

moroha: I think that really helped staff realize that Guilty Gear does have a dedicated fanbase

jimmy1200srk: gay. see, thats kinda why im doing this. get this info out, and get more support. beating the japanese has always been something we get wild over, and people were just not paying attention. wow. i hope to see it this year for real. how do you feel about online gaming, and online gamers.

moroha: The online community is definitely a blessing and a curse. It expands the player base and lets us play against people from coast to coast, but on the other hand one of the things that makes fighting games so unique as a genre and community is the personal, social aspect of it, and it kind of gets diluted much like FPS RTS MMO etc when you take that face to face competition away.

moroha: I don’t know how much more tournament players we will see that move on from online play, but I think SF4 will be a great barometer.

jimmy1200srk: word. most def. i feel the same way about online. the gift and the curse. do you play stick or pad

moroha: Stick forever.

moroha: Gotta hit those buttons

jimmy1200srk: good shit. did you find it hard executing moves on a stick at first. like qcfx2, iad cancels, etc… and if so, what did you do to make all that easier for you

moroha: I found reverse SRK (421) tough at first, which was important since ABA’s SRK, Danzai, is a very potent weapon to have instantly on command, as if you read a throw attempt correctly, it’s unthrowable and you get a painful combo off of it. Her Tiger Kneed Konzetsu (Orbs) FRC (41236S), a good pressure tool, was also very difficult, since you need to do it very low to the ground and then you have two frames cancel it, or else it gets punished hard.

moroha: The TK Orbs FRC is something I try to do whenever I can in casuals, so that when I want to drop it in tournament it will come more naturally.

moroha: Training mode obviously helps. But in the case of Guilty Gear, and specifically the FRCs, it’s one thing to know the cancel point in training mode, and a completely different thing to hit it in tournament. So going for FRCs in casuals, whether you need it or not, is the best way to learn FRC points, and I’ve pretty much extended that to my combos and difficult inputs in any game. Get the gist in training, then iron it out in casuals whenever you can.

moroha: (The input for the TK Konzetsu FRC is 412369S, cancel, 66. Got it wrong up there)

jimmy1200srk: word. hokuto no ken really asked more of me from my stick skills, and i have given it. i love that game, its pretty technical and demanding of excellent execution. didnt take me long to adapt though.

jimmy1200srk: practice practice practice. watch youtube videos from ko, and see how he does it, and copy is what i tell the stick noobs

moroha: Haha. I used to play a lot of HnK; Eddie Lopez, a MD regular, actually bought the Atomiswave and cart

jimmy1200srk: where did the usage of numbers instead of letters come from? like 236 instead of qcf

moroha: So I got a jump on it when it came out

moroha: The numbers are directly translated from the keyboard number pad

moroha: Calibur and Guilty Gear use them, I don’t know who started that trend.

jimmy1200srk: word. at first, it frustrated me, and then when i realized im not retarded or lazy, i figured out what they mean, and i can dig it.

jimmy1200srk: do you have any personal accomplishments you would like to speak on?

jimmy1200srk: something people might not know about

moroha: Yeah. I’m the reigning Seasons Beatings Hokuto No Ken champion.

jimmy1200srk: really. who did you play with

moroha: I used Juda and wrecked the field

jimmy1200srk: argh…i play ken now, just because i fucks with him. ishi’s ken is nice. fuck youtube for suspending tianyuans account. it had everything hnk on it. got damnit!!! ill probably learn toki, and rei also. i do like juda though. i hope they make a part 2. i really liked that game, and love it now that i have it. im late

moroha: Haha. The game was fun, but it will probably never see a big resurgence. I hope for a sequel, but it might be fated for the same future as Basara X.

jimmy1200srk: argh. wait all this time for it. it drops, its a hit in japan, and then never comes back. that would make me sad. well that about wraps it up for now. if there is anything i missed, ill contact you again, but i think we touched on a lot, and is an excellent contribution to the scene. do you have any parting words for everyone who will read this?

moroha: Don’t sleep on MD in SF4 and especially BB. We’ll be playing that shit every week. All fanmail to the best ABA in America, and any requests for my autographed 8x10 portrait should be directed to unlockd@gmail.com.

jimmy1200srk: ha ha ha. any request above 8x10 will be 40 a pop. maryland, we destroy you in games, and get money off our pics. biatch! thanks man. appreciate your time. until later. peace

moroha: Yep, peace.

moroha: Btw, what/who are these interviews being done for?

jimmy1200srk: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=172921 thats a link to my thread describing why i wanted to do this if your interested. theyre being done for the community as a whole, and also for my md players who i want people to know about how we shine in the state of md.

moroha: Cool. Was good talking to you, hit me up if you’re ever going to be around MD and want to play some games.

moroha: I’ll do the same if I’m ever in vegas. :wink:

jimmy1200srk: no doubt

X1ggurat-me and x1 discuss the maryland get down, and we discuss the NEW BLAZE BLUE MACHINE that they will be getting at his store, power gamer. good stuff here

jimmy1200srk: yo

X1ggurat: Hey man

X1ggurat: I actually havent seen your thread

X1ggurat: Where is it?

jimmy1200srk: whatsup. so i dont know if you have some free time, but i have put together a little script for my interview with m.d players, and i was seein if you wanted to be one of the first. the thread is in the atlantic north. no replies except me.

jimmy1200srk: i have not started an official interview thread yet though

X1ggurat: Ah, lemme see

jimmy1200srk: waiting to compile the interviews up, and then ill be dropping those interview threads

jimmy1200srk: still there

X1ggurat: Yeah

jimmy1200srk: okay cool. you have some free time

X1ggurat: Yeah, I got some time

jimmy1200srk: okay, lets get started. what was your first fighting game that you started playing

X1ggurat: That would be Street Fighter 2: World Warrior. I played it first at a bowling alley, I believe.

jimmy1200srk: nice. my first with that game was at a corner shop in severn. i was a part of that era of, dont keep spamming dhalsim’s kicks, or ill kick you in the face, stage of gaming. but it works son! i might have played art of fighting first though. not sure. was there a little scene there for that game?

X1ggurat: You know, there very well may have been, but I was about 7 or 8 at the time. Fighting games was really one of the first types of games I had played, and back then, I couldn’t have possibly had a notion of the scene. I just wanted to pick a giant wrestler and suplex a man.

jimmy1200srk: i understand. all i knew was a lot of people played it. thats about it. so what was the game that made you wanna play seriously, why, and when?

jimmy1200srk: funny you bring up the age thing too. i couldnt have been that old, and grown ass men were mad at me because i was spamming moves. ha

X1ggurat: Yeah, I would have dudes at the OC arcades switching games to avoid me, but I didnt want to fight the computer. So I would just follow them.

X1ggurat: I have no idea if what I was doing back then. i was good for a 8 year old, hah.

jimmy1200srk: word up, so what was your first game you took seriously?

X1ggurat: At any rate, I took a long break from fighting games for a while since I had no one to play. Online gaming wasn’t advanced enough, and arcades had since died. So around the 11th grade or so, I picked up CVS2 and GGX for the PS2. It was around this time I had discovered gamecombos.com.

X1ggurat: Im not sure how or why I discovered gamecombos before shoryuken.

X1ggurat: But around then, I heard word of GG tournaments up in Hagerstown, being held by Tomass and C-God.

X1ggurat: So it was basically decided then that I had to buy GGXX, and start practicing.

jimmy1200srk: nice. well i remember me and my friends always playing each other a lot, and we knew how things were suppose to combo, but nothing advanced. we were playing tekken 3 pretty serious, trying to follow in the footsteps of the guys that played a annapolis mall, and we played the alpha series a lot. i wouldnt say i really sat down and tried hard, and found websites for info until tekken 5, but i was not new to the competition surrounding fighting games, or how they worked

jimmy1200srk: sorry if i have any delays by the way. double timing with another interview. now do you still play cvs2 and gg competitively

X1ggurat: I still play GG competitively. CVS2 though, hell no.

X1ggurat: A guy I used to work with, (Skisonic on SRK) came over one day and showed me what CVS2 was all about, haha.

jimmy1200srk: ha ha. any reason you dropped cvs2? i know some people have just gotten bored of it

X1ggurat: CVS2 is definitly…an interesting game. I had no problems with A-ism combos or roll canceling or anything, but the strength of normals in that game were/are absolutely nuts.

X1ggurat: And back then, I didnt even know about roll-canceling

X1ggurat: It just felt off to me, coming from say, Super Turbo.

jimmy1200srk: were you doing roll canceling before it was a thing, or are you saying that, that was how you were rolling in the game, before people started doing roll canceling? yes, super turbo to cvs2 is quite the odd transition. i wanna touch on st and gg also, but back to the roll canceling

X1ggurat: No, I didnt know anything about roll canceling back then. I didnt even roll, I think I played K or P groove back then. What I mean is that in a game full of funny glitches/strats/combos, the thing that deterred me from playing the game was actually the normals, and crazy hit boxes.

X1ggurat: It affected the base gameplay in a way I just couldnt get into

jimmy1200srk: oooooh, i got ya. i can dig. ill take your word for it. i dont know cvs2 really. i owned it for dreamcast, and thats about it. the only thing i remember about cvs2 was me getting my ass kicked by rugal, and i was like, wtf is this shit. now do you still play gg seriously?

X1ggurat: Yeah, I still play GG seriously. The east coast GG scene is still particularly large.

jimmy1200srk: yeah, im talking to someone now about it, and we are discussing gg. he is also saying the same thing. i recently got accent core. is this the preferred title of the series, or are older titles still preffered over accent core?

X1ggurat: AC is largely the preferred title in the series, and is the tournament standard. I’m sure everyone has their likes and dislikes regarding each version of GG though.

jimmy1200srk: yes definitely. has guilty gear been at evo yet? i kinda only paid attention to tekken for a while. im not sure if i recall seeing guilty gear.

jimmy1200srk: have you entered gg tournaments?

X1ggurat: Yes to both questions. Though I dont know if GG will be showing up at EVO any time soon.

jimmy1200srk: before i go into the tournaments, why do you think gg has not been at evo, even though its popularity cannot be denied? oh wait, i think it was at evo 2k7, but regardless, well many were playing, and it was always at sbo, we didnt add it to our roster for one of our biggest yearly tournaments. your thoughts

X1ggurat: Well, GG ran into some issues at Evo last year. The long and short of it is that no one was actually watching the finals, among other things, and it basically looked like a failure.

X1ggurat: I don’t entirely disagree that GG shouldn’t be at EVO this year; I think it serves a good lesson to the community, as much as I like GG.

X1ggurat: But the fighting game community has never been known for exemplary behavior.

jimmy1200srk: oooooh, well maybe things might change this year if they add it. just to jump off for a second. i want to talk to you about blaze blue, and the move your store is taking. i currently live in las vegas, but i lived in md up until last september, and i would go to powergamer for all my gaming needs, especially imports, and actually worked at the verizon store right outside the mall. so anyways, what made your owner want to make this move to getting a blaze blue cabinet in his store

jimmy1200srk: yes, we will discuss behavior in the community soon. it is a topic i want to touch mos def

X1ggurat: Oh really, hah. I’m sure we’ve seen each other at some point, then.

X1ggurat: Basically, the owner’s son was looking to put an arcade cabinet inside the store.

jimmy1200srk: oh, okay. real basic. for financial purposes, or just because?

X1ggurat: The entire family has a great business sense, but I don’t think they really knew anything about the fighting game community. They originally figured it would not only draw in it’s own money, but naturally bring people to the store. Free advertising.

X1ggurat: They were interested in bringing SF4 to the store at first, but backed out after realizing that SF4 would hit console so soon.

X1ggurat: So I made the suggestion of Blazblue.

X1ggurat: After all, BB wont be out for a year at least

X1ggurat: And it’s essentially targetted towards the GG crowd

X1ggurat: With the closest BB otherwise being 2 hours away for the MD/VA crew, I think its a good move

jimmy1200srk: yeah, understandable. well i was talking to my friend about it, and i was like, even for people that dont play the game, go support the fact that this store is importing in this cab for us to play, and help try to make this go more places. because i thought i read something about if it does good, they might consider renting out a spot in the mall, and dropping some cabs in there

jimmy1200srk: learn to play it if you dont know how. support support support

X1ggurat: Oh yeah, certainly.

X1ggurat: As you know, the Glen Burnie mall isnt much of a mall, hah.

X1ggurat: But its pretty central, and close to UMBC

jimmy1200srk: oh okay. no, it should be called glen burnie, desert, only go there for powergamer and dicks, mall

jimmy1200srk: shits dead. it happens though.

X1ggurat: I think it would be a reasonable place for an arcade, but running an arcade has gotta be tricky. I’m pretty sure Power Gamer will make its money back or more with Blazblue, but an arcade is a different beast.

jimmy1200srk: yeah. really, if they dropped blaze blue, and tekken6br, they would get a nice chunk of players. md is deep in tekken, if people dont know. if i was there, i would def come support.

jimmy1200srk: any thoughts of tk6br possibly?

X1ggurat: Its definitely possible, pending on the arcade decision. And I know Tekken would draw a lot of casual players too.

jimmy1200srk: ooooh yeah. some of the og’s would come out for that, and all the tekken players i know, and some. people would come from out of state for that. tekken is a pretty huge game in usa in general, and worldwide. i do like the thought of blaze blue being there though. we gotta keep it rolling with the new. now, is this going to be a japanese cab with one player on one side, and another on the other, or will they be sitting right next to each other?

X1ggurat: It’ll be a side by side vewlix, which is the high-def widescreen cab, I believe. There isnt enough room in Power Gamer to hold the back to back cabs, and even now I’m still concerned about particularly large turnouts.

jimmy1200srk: yeah, i have been there, so i dont know why i thought about that. unless you just got rid of all the racks in the front, and smashed a hole in the wall. BAM, SPACE BITCHES

X1ggurat: I can tell you that some space is being cleared, but without any smashing necessary. Sorry, Jimmy.

jimmy1200srk: i want smashing. now, in your personal opinion, and be honest, how do you think the scene is doing now, where do you think it will be going, considering all these new games coming out, and what do you think is holding it back

X1ggurat: I am more than happy to be honest. I think at the moment, the scene is healthier than it has been in some time, and will continue to get healthier with the release of these new games.

X1ggurat: However, I feel that the fighting game scene has created and exists in a sort of vacuum.

X1ggurat: Many fighting gamers are either socially inept or extremely ego-centric, in my experience, and basically, are tools and assholes.

X1ggurat: It’s our duty as a community to expand the scene, but it doesn’t seem like we can even get along as is, let alone invite other people into the scene without belittling or ignoring them.

jimmy1200srk: PFFFFFFFFFT, HA HA HA. word up. i was very glad to find the players i did. they were all pretty open. only one that felt a little egotistical was this dude name ted, but he was still cool, and is respected and known. i was just a scrub back then, and he didnt have to think much of me. true, it does seem to be unwarranting at times, and thats why i have changed the way i post and stuff at times in 09’. it doesnt help when you yell at new players, and shit on them. they just have questions like we all did once. you tell them whatsup, direct them to their needs, and move on. the flaming is old

X1ggurat: Right, exactly

X1ggurat: Ill be honest, I don’t post much

X1ggurat: Especially on SRK

X1ggurat: In fact

X1ggurat: When I posted about the Blazblue news

X1ggurat: The very first response was something along the lines of

X1ggurat: “Don’t care, Street Fighter 4”

X1ggurat: That isn’t community, thats elitism, or maybe just ignorance.

X1ggurat: But whatever.

jimmy1200srk: people need to let it go. i dont either. i only post in the tvc forums now really. dropping videos, and stuff. helping out. not much else to say other places. never did. been there for five years, and have like 250 post. i saw that post, and i was like, wtf. i never knew about blaze blue until my friend mentioned that gessendou’s youtube account has a lot of other matches on their, and i was like, yeah, thats that guilty gear like game. so the next day i watched some of the videos, read the thread on srk, did a little research, and was like, mmm, this doesnt seem bad. when i heard the news about the cab at powergamer, i was excited someone would invest the time and money into getting this, and was not even thinking, oh, fuck this game, i dont even play guilty gear. i would play blaze on principal alone

jimmy1200srk: thats what we need more of. people respecting shit, and not being selfish, and doing shit out of respect, and on principal

X1ggurat: If you really don’t want to play, thats fine, I have no problem with it. You really don’t have to post about it though.

X1ggurat: No one cares that you don’t care.

X1ggurat: Maybe I should cancel this whole operation, Jimmy.

X1ggurat: A guy doesn’t care on the internet.

jimmy1200srk: for real. its weird people seem to have the need to post their negative thoughts on everything. even when unnecessary. LOl, oh no, that guy has ruined it all

jimmy1200srk: i think we could have another golden era, if people would stop the elite shit, and just be cool. thats all, just be cool. im glad i didnt run into that with my boy james. i hit him up on zaibatsu, he invited me over, taught me tekken, been friends ever since. met rugal, steve, turk, etc…, and they were cool too. off topic, are you hype for resident evil 5

X1ggurat: Hah, yeah, RE5 will be hot, especially if they nail co-op.

X1ggurat: Not enough co-op games anymore.

jimmy1200srk: word word. i had a problem with the view in re4. it annoyed the shit out of me, but i kinda got use to it after playing it for hours, in preparation for re5, since control wise, i believe their the same. chris is dumb swole, and he got the black girl as a partner, game over, done, too good. well, quick question, do you find it hard finding time for games, or are you pretty good at balancing out the two. sometimes real life can really interfere, and its hard to balance it all out. i just kinda wing it myself. anything special you do, or pretty much the same as everyone else

X1ggurat: I find lately that I don’t have much time for games that aren’t fighters. Trying to finish up college and juggle work when I have to, most other games have to take a back seat. If a grade A title comes through the pipe though, Ill try to set some time aside for it whenever I can find some. RPG’s in particular, I haven’t touched in many years. Fighters definitely have the advantage of being pick up and play.

jimmy1200srk: yes yes yes. its so hard to play anything other than a fighter. in one hour i can do so much more, and have so much more fun with a fighter, than cranking out some dmc

jimmy1200srk: i dont know when is the last time i got into an rpg. pffft, to long. i aint 18 anymore, with nothing to do

jimmy1200srk: i need cheats to play adventure games. does ps3 have gameshark. need that for re5

X1ggurat: Hah, I cant remember offhand. I’m sure we got something at PG.

jimmy1200srk: lemme get dat…when i come back to visit. i cant kill zombies unless all my shit is infinite. i dont need my games to be real at all. oops, let me ask you, in your personal opinion, do you consider md players underrated? dont worry, almost done here

X1ggurat: I don’t think MD players are underrated at all. I do think we’re a bit spread thin though. We have a lot of GG players who don’t play much of anything else, a handful of CVS2 players, including Steve Harrison, Rugal, etc, some Marvel here, some ST there. We may be a bit unrecognizable due to this spread, but we are at least diverse as a state. I play nearly everything myself, with only a few exceptions, and I think Maryland could do well to pick up a few more games per player.

X1ggurat: But I personally like to stress the player, not the state or coast.

X1ggurat: Are you also interviewing Moroha/KeyframeT?

jimmy1200srk: right on. now, we talked about new players not being as welcome by others, but, do you think some new players are coming in a bit to disrespectful, and not as humble as they should be. the online gaming has produced quite the personality for many. yes, keyframe right now, and moroha later if i have the time. trying to do two a day, with phone interviews with steve, rugal, and glen

jimmy1200srk: coming soon

X1ggurat: Keyframe IS Moroha, so yeah, just curious

X1ggurat: From what I’ve noticed, online gamers do 1 of 2 things

X1ggurat: They attempt to join up with some players in person, get shut down, or beaten, and really get nothing out of the experience since no one is helping them out

X1ggurat: Or they stay online, because they don’t want to deal with playing in person

jimmy1200srk: oh, i get my shit mixed

X1ggurat: I do think theres the case

X1ggurat: Of new gamers knowing this guy or that guy

X1ggurat: And thinking that by association, they are also hot shit

X1ggurat: Talking real big and all

X1ggurat: Or they get into the east coast/west coast thing

X1ggurat: And get real full of themselves real fast

X1ggurat: When its about rivalries or money rather than the fight itself, then I think its a problem.

X1ggurat: For the community, at least.

jimmy1200srk: right on. i guess since i mainly played tekken until recently, i dont know much about that. cause i was pretty welcomed. but i can imagine it being like that. there is this attitude nowadays, that if you even mention online play, or i wish this game had online, your a scrub and no one wants to listen to you. thats why i liked arcades so much. at an arcade its more personal and stuff, and you find yourself making friends with people as they sit back and observe with you, and or you also get the chance to showcase your talent, and show these guys you are putting in the hardwork to be better, if when you first sat down you got raped. now granted people should just relax and be cool about it anyways, but you know. yeah, i think people have a tendency to forget about the bigger picture. the community is the bigger picture. the rivalries are fun, and help add fuel to the flame, but the community is the flame, and whenever possible, we should do whatever to add to the flame. have you witnessed any of that online vs offline hate first hand?

X1ggurat: I can’t say that I have, but I do agree that online play tends to more often make dicks out of people thanks to the anonymous nature of the internet. You’re more likely to see poor sportsmanship or trash talking online, whereas you’re more likely to see guys start talking after the match and giving each other tips in person.

jimmy1200srk: true. i think you see that on srk a lot. “yo, fucks you, my chun is sick” “bitch, your garbage, come say that to my face.” lol, calm down lone gunners. mahvel is serious business by the way. so were you ever a part of any of the arcade scenes in md when they existed?

X1ggurat: I went to Tilt in White Marsh Mall for Tekken 5 when that came out

X1ggurat: Back when Steve Harrison was working there

X1ggurat: That was essentially the last mall in MD, and now its shut down

X1ggurat: So I hardly had a chance to

X1ggurat: Glen Burnie mall had some old arcades in it, a long time ago

X1ggurat: Games like Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (game was serious).

X1ggurat: But I’m pretty sure most of the malls were dead before I got my first car

X1ggurat: The arcades, rather

jimmy1200srk: nice. i use to play at marley station mall all the time. thats waaaaay back. talking about before marvel superheroes dropped in the arcade. it was so hype. they use to have x men vs street fighter on the big screen, and sf3. i remember when tekken 3 first dropped. that shit was hype hype hype there. aaaaaaah, i miss those days. there was an arcade in severna park thats super throw back. i use to play killer instinct, and mortal kombat there. then i had annapolis mall also, which was where the heat was at. there and marley use to be the shit

jimmy1200srk: michael jackson game! yeeeeaaah

jimmy1200srk: killer instinct was the shit. people dont bring it up anymore, as if they never use to drool over that game back in the day

X1ggurat: I’m sure Rare is just waiting to drop the news on KI3 for 360

X1ggurat: They need to bring back Chief Thunder

jimmy1200srk: yes! they even had a pretty manly sounding announcer. FOLGOOOOOOOOOORRRRR! im waiting for it too. have you travelled to other states to play games? casuals or tourney? did i ask that question? lol

X1ggurat: Traveling has always been tough for me for one reason or another, usually a lack
of funds. The furthest I’ve been for tournament is VA, and the furthest for casual would be Philly, though I guess the distances would not be all that different. University Pinball is basically the closest arcade around nowadays.

jimmy1200srk: i hear. i only went to philly once, and that was to bar hop, and walk around stumbling with my ex girl. i wish i would have travelled more for games.

jimmy1200srk: do you play stick or pad?

X1ggurat: I play stick. Started on stick a long time ago, I can’t go back to pad now.

jimmy1200srk: fuck pad. ooops, who said that. yeah, i played stick at arcade when i was young, obviously, and then to pad during the super nintendo, playstation days, back to stick for dreamcast, back to pad for tekken 5, then been stick for a few years now. i cant do pad. i always say, when you start playing on stick, and you get good at it, your going be like, pad what

jimmy1200srk: what turned me, was i couldnt do bryan furys taunt cancel stuff on pad, and i didnt use macros, because tournies werent allowing that, so i got a stick again, and boyah

X1ggurat: Yeah. Though I know quite a few people who do well on pad, I always figured it was a good idea to know stick in the event you actually go to an arcade.

jimmy1200srk: yeah, me too. thats how i thought. its weird to talk tough at an arcade, but you cant play because its stick. “yo, my man is nice at this. what, son”. “get on the sticks then.” …“is there a pad port?” lo!

X1ggurat: Hah, yeah

X1ggurat: Funny that Tekken 5 had one though

jimmy1200srk: it did, and started the, “does this have pad ports revolution”. im waiting for my gamecube adapter now, so i can play my ps2 on the wii. tvc plus stick, equals good shit. will you be playing sf4 seriously when it drops?

X1ggurat: Oh, most definitly

jimmy1200srk: who will be your main

X1ggurat: Gotta wait for the console version to be sure, but up to now, I’ve been playing Abel

X1ggurat: He’s too solid, with good tools.

jimmy1200srk: yeah. i wanna play like tetsu’'s fuerte. ive liked fuerte since day one. he was in top 8 in that recent japanese tournament. so he is still doing big things with fuerte

X1ggurat: I wanted to play Fuerte, but in the end, he wasn’t my style. Definitely like him though, his matches are hilarious

jimmy1200srk: will you be going to evo this year

X1ggurat: Probably not, money is tight this year, and will continue to be so throughout the rest of college. I gotta give it to the guys from MD who can make it happen. We’ll see about future EVOs after I graduate.

jimmy1200srk: cool beans. any personal highlights of your fighting game career you would like to mention?

X1ggurat: Hm, I try to be modest, so nothing in particular. Getting to know so many different people over the years through many different games is good enough for me. My one boast would be my diversity - its all about strong fundamentals and good yomi.

jimmy1200srk: yomi?

X1ggurat: Getting in the other guys head, and knowing what he will do

jimmy1200srk: aaah, good stuff. yes. well thats about it for now. thanks for being a part of my project. ill be in touch if anything comes to mind that i didnt ask, but i think i covered a lot. good look with college. ill be sure to stop by pg when i come in to visit, and get some hours in on blaze blue. for everyone in md, be sure to go to pg for all your needs, and not just turning in your old dvd movies that they will only give you a dollar store credit for. they have been supplying us with goodies for a while, and now are bringing you blaze blue. support it and respect the workers and the store while your there. do you have any last words for everyone out there who will read this?

jimmy1200srk: good luck with college. not good look. ha ha

X1ggurat: Just take it easy, help out the community, and keep yer head on straight. Gotta keep the fighting games alive.

jimmy1200srk: word up. take it easy man. peace

X1ggurat: Thanks for the interview

jimmy1200srk: no prob

SHINSAY-this is not a completed interview, but i liked what we talked about before our interruption. i will pick up on this in the near future. we discuss the maryland business.

shinsay interview partial

r: alright. im running another interview now too, so excuse any brief pauses. so just starting with the basics as usual. what was your first fighting game?

shinsay: My first fighting game was SF II World Warrior

r: as usual. i dont think im going to interview anyone who will say anything else. ha. so is that the first fighting game you took serious, or just your first fighting game?

shinsay: Definitely the first fighting game that I took serious.

r: oh, right on. who was your main in the game?

shinsay: Ryu was my main

r: good stuff. at what time in history were you taking sf2ww serious. was it back in the day, or was there a gap from when you stepped on the sf2 sticks, to when you actually started taking it serious?

shinsay: Lol, since I first stepped on the sticks I had a love for SF. It was one of a kind. Grand daddy of all fighting games. I took SF seriously since 91. Entered my first SF tournament in 92. I even have an award still on my wall from that tournament saying that I achieved greatness even though I got last place, LMAO.

r: right on. would you say the tournament scene has change a lot since you started kickin ass and takin names back in the day, or about the same?

shinsay: I would say that the tournament scene has definitely changed. When I was coming up on the scene, everything that I learned whether it was combos, style of play, or finding new competition was all done by word of mouth and traveling to local malls. All the big names who I beat when I came up aren’t even around and no one in the scene even heard of them probably.

shinsay: Now there are sites like SRK, Zaibatsu, etc…that brings everyone together. They show tutorials whether written or by video. I didn’t have that at all.

r: right on. i remember all the secrecy when mk was out, and it was like some weird underground shit when it came to getting word on how to do certain fatalities and stuff. you had your gampros back then, and that was it. they didnt always have what you needed either. what arcades did you use to go to. i would go to marley station mall, annapolis, and there was an arcade in severna park also. which ones did you frequent in maryland?

shinsay: The malls that I frequented were Forestville mall and Iverson Mall. Forestville Mall had a Timeout and Iverson was a privately owned called Outer Limits.

r: right on. the only old school players i know by name, are ted, and glen, they were tekken players in annapolis, but i know ted played a lot of other games to, and was nice at all of them. do you know either one? just curious

shinsay: lol

shinsay: I know Glen and Ted i’m not quite sure about. Back in the day they called Glen the peoples champ and was Ted the black guy that played King?

r: glen was the black guy that played king. i actually have his number, and im suppose to interview him soon. i just had some real life shit happen, with my car getting stolen, so i kinda been set back on a few different levels, with using my free time to do these interviews. ted is a white guy with a pony tail. at least thats what he looked like 2 years ago

r: glens a cool dude. i have played him a few times, and chatted with him at gatherings. my friend dalaw is in touch with him more than me. do you play with rugal, steve, and them?

r: i remember asking glen how to get out of the rolling death cradle he put on me one time when we were playing. he was like, “i dont know, i just know how to do it.” HA HA, in my head im thinking, oh let me ask, he is the king master, he knows, but instead it was more like, im so good, i just know how to beat ass, not how to get out of my ass beatings

shinsay: I used to play Rugal, Steve, Bmorechun, Carlos, Will Martin, Hanif all the time

shinsay: LMAO that’s pretty funny

r: i thought it was too. i believe he was a tekken 3 national champ too. so moving on, maybe come back to that in a little. what games are you currently playing? sf4 is dropping soon, and people are hype, and tvc is out now for wii peeps. im mainly a tvc head now, and will pick up sf4. other than that, tekken is back burning until br, and im enjoying playing hokuto no ken.

r: word. well, before you answer what games are you currently playing. i want to drop that and go to an interesting topic i have been wondering in my head. are you a black gamer? african america if black offends you. i dont know nowadays

shinsay: Yes i’m Black

shinsay: and asian.

r: cool. oh damn, you got the best gamer genes then. shit. i never payed attention before, but there are a lot of black gamers out there, and not just average joe players, but very good at their respective games, but for sake of discussion, fighting games. i think a lot of people might be shocked at how many brothas are pretty skilled at street fighter, tekken, marvel, etc… were there as many black gamers that you can remember, when you were playing at the arcades back in the day. i can only really recall glen, and a dude glen rolled with.

(internet connection interruption)

r: yo. its jimmy. sorry to bother

shinsay: no worries

r: cool. well we got about half way on our last talk. just seeing if you had a litle time to continue with some more jibber jabber

shinsay: sure thing

shinsay: lets go

r: word up. so last i ended asking you if there were as many black gamers back in the day when you were hittin the arcades and the tournaments, in comparison to now. it has come to my attention over the years, that besides the stereotypical white suburban gamer, or the asian beasts that flood the scene, there are a lot of black fight gamers who are very good at what they do. your experiences and opinions please

shinsay: Where i’m from, fighting gamers were 98% black with the rest being asian. Also they were good at multiple fighters and this has really encouraged me to do the same. A two black guys named Jermaine and Dave had more influence on me than anything. Dave was older and Jermaine was younger. I used to love going to watch them play one another in SFWW, Mortal Kombat, Primal Rage, World Heroes…etc.

shinsay: let me know if you get that

shinsay: i still have more to type

r: got it

r: still there. didnt get anything

(internet connection interruption part 2. lol)

r: yo

shinsay: hey sup man

shinsay: the other day

shinsay: I don’t know what happened

r: its all good. well this is where you left off, if you would like to continue. E Lee: Where i’m from, fighting gamers were 98% black with the rest being asian. Also they were good at multiple fighters and this has really encouraged me to do the same. A two black guys named Jermaine and Dave had more influence on me than anything. Dave was older and Jermaine was younger. I used to love going to watch them play one another in SFWW, Mortal Kombat, Primal Rage, World Heroes…etc

shinsay: wow did I really write A two black guys?

shinsay: Damn I know I was tired

shinsay: haha

r: yeah, but dont worry. lol

E Lee: lol cool l

shinsay: so here we go

r: ha ha. right on

shinsay: These days I see way more blacks and hispanics into the scene which is great. I’m just glad that i’ve had the priviledge of meeting many fellow gamers throughout the years.

r: true. im glad to see so many of us in the scene, and so good at it.

shinsay: yeah

shinsay: Especially at Marvel

r: like i was discussing with steve. you know, nowadays, you would be walking down the street, and the average brotha you see, you wouldnt assume him to be like a third strike champion, or marvel champion. i love it.

shinsay: yeah true

r: so you agree, that since you have started gaming, you have noticed an influx in black/hispanic gamers across the board?

shinsay: I would definitely say so

shinsay: especially up north

shinsay: Philly, Jersey, Ny…etc

r: yeah, i see that mostly with the north east. your average dude that is nice wit it, is def a brotha

r: but like i said to steve. me and my friends were always playing fighting games, and learning combos and stuff. i really think for a lot of us, fighting games was all we knew. we werent playing no final fantasy and shit. we saw street fighter, and since fighting games bring out our competitive nature as men, and as human beings, i can just culturally see why it would be the most appealing to blacks and hispanics

shinsay: Yeah I can see that. Honestly, with all the frustrations of going to school and trying to make good grades being stressed out from having an asian parent forced me to go and find a way to vent. Anyone with asian parents know how they are so anal about getting their children to get their education. Playing fighting games was a great way to release.

r: always is a great way to release. i tell ya

shinsay: The only problem was that I started putting my gaming first before real life which was getting pretty ridiculous. I’d sit in class and think of new setups, resets, and combos when I should’ve been focused on my work. I remember one time I went to Break tournament on a Wednesday and didn’t even call off work. I didn’t get home till 7AM, late for work, and was tired as shit.

r: oh damn. i think every gamer has that moment, where they are like, damn, i was suppose to do such and such today, but i didnt, but im so gonna rape at the next casuals. lol. ill get into real life vs games in a few. glad you brought it up, its one of my topics. tournaments is actually my next topic. when did you first start going to tournaments

r: still there?

(internet connection interrupted part 3. LOL)

to be continued…

ASIANDAISY-asiandaisy follows through with the whoop to whoop of the maryland scene and his experiences since he has started.

asiandaisy interview


what was your first fight game? where was the cab located? how often did you play? what was the competition like?

My very first fighting game that admitted me into the scene was Marvel vs. Capcom 1. I used to go to the Tilt arcade at White Marsh Mall every day when I was 11 years old and play. When I didn’t have a lot of money, I would just sit around and watch other people play. I made a lot of friends there, some of which I am still consistent friends with today. When I got good at MvC1, which didn’t take me long, a couple people would sit there and watch me tear up every one who stepped up to the cabinet, in which some matches didn’t even last 30 seconds. I was this little 11-year-old Asian kid just ripping through people, getting a crowd to watch the entire thing, and a long line of people, waiting to try their best against me. The competition in Marvel 1 was always poppin’ at that arcade, but it was like scrubville. Mad people would play it, but only a few were good. I got better with the help of a couple friends, Jason and Justin, who were brothers and I’m still friends/playing games with till this day.

Around here, we always had a little bit of a rivalry between two areas that had arcades: White Marsh and Towson. Towson people were better than White Marsh for the majority, but White Marsh still had me, their best player, and I held my own against Towson players. Anybody that came through the arcade, played me in Marvel 1, and said they were from Towson, I raped them up. I had to go to Towson myself to play the best people there.

The rivalry existed for a good while until about the middle of 2003, the 2nd year after Marvel vs. Capcom 2 came out. A newcomer, or at least a face I haven’t ever seen before, came to White Marsh to play Marvel 2. His name is Isaac Graham. He started playing MSP (Magneto/Storm/Psylocke), and I went up against him using Magneto/Cable/Ken, and he beat me worse than anyone had before. I looked at him and asked him where he was from. He replied, “Towson.” That day, I had a new respect for Towson players. Isaac pretty much took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew. We started playing Marvel 2 over people’s houses using MAS sticks and. Isaac’s custom-built stick, which I’m sure he still has till this day lol. With each day that progressed, I got better and better and learned more about the game than I ever knew before. I started going to Towson’s arcade more often than I had ever gone there before and playing all the players there. I traveled to tournaments and everything, pretty much did everything I could to get as good as I could. It all started from that year.


what tournaments have you entered? tell me about some of your best or worse tournament experiences, and any recommendations for new gamers who will be experiencing the tournament scene for their first time? especially considering we will get a lot of new people with sf4, tvc, and other games dropping and being tourney games this year

I’ve entered a million tournaments since 2003, all ranging between as far as California and Las Vegas to as close as local tournaments that have been held in Virginia, Philly, New Jersey, North Carolina, and even my home state, Maryland. My first tournament was Northeast Championships 2003 (NEC2k3), which took place in Philadelphia at an arcade called University Pinball. I personally went “2 and out,” but the experience was well worth it. The place was jam-packed with people and I remember everything that happened. I can’t exactly pinpoint my best and worst tournament experiences, because I’ve had my fair share of great tournaments and bad tournaments. I can’t exactly recall the bad, which is good, since I haven’t had many of them and they weren’t really memorable. All the great tournaments have been memorable. I’ve won many of the local tournaments, but that doesn’t mean that they were great just because I won. Back in the local tourney days, it would always come down to me and Isaac in the grand finals. We agreed the first time we went heads up in the grand finals that we would split the pot, but still play it out anyway. We did that every time since then and I’m sure we would still do that today, if Isaac still lived in Maryland and if there were still local tournaments going on.

There have been a couple times where Isaac and I have entered local tournaments and haven’t come down to me and him in the grand finals and these tournaments occurred in Southern Virginia at this dude Shamy’s house and the last memorable time at this arcade called PPGG, but we just called it “Putt Putt” for short. I can’t exactly remember who put me in losers (I think it was either Shamy or Derek Perez), but according to my friend Frody, who was there, I “ran through the Richmond Gauntlet,” which basically meant I raped everybody that I couldn’t beat before from Richmond (i.e. Shamy, Omar, and whoever else). The only person to stop me in my tracks at the time was Derek Perez, who ended up luckily beating me and putting me out of the tournament in 3rd place. Then he went up against Isaac, who put him in losers. Isaac ended up taking the cake that tournament and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, which we called BW3s, afterwards.

From my personal experience, my advice to anybody and everyone who is trying to get better at any game and wants to be competitive in it/them, do what I did: go to as many tournaments as you possibly can, even if that requires you to travel over to the different regions of the nation, get as much experience as you can. Don’t be shy. PLAY AGAINST EVERYONE! And let me emphasize that, because that’s the only way that you’ll be the best at your game(s), seriously. If you don’t play against everyone, you won’t know how everyone plays and you won’t be able to consider yourself the best in your game(s). You also won’t be as respected if you limit your playing to against only a certain amount of people.

Also, getting “butterflies in your stomach” is natural for your first time. Of course, you’re going to be nervous, but you’ll get used to that in due time. Don’t worry about fucking up combos and losing. Just relax and learn to improvise, if you make a mistake. Remember, just RELAX. Take things easy and at your own pace. Let your pace build up to the speed that it needs to be on its own. Be patient and capitalize upon open opportunities. Another important thing is to STAY FOCUSED!




I’ve played casuals with just about everyone I’ve met in the fighting game scene. I’ve even had money matches with many of the people I’ve met as well. In fact, another piece of advice, money matches and tournament matches are where all the real experience is. You can only get so far with playing casuals against everyone, but of course, it’s a good start.

Some of my personal greatest moments have been very memorable. I’ve accomplished a lot of things and because of those things, I am respected in the fighting game scene. One of my personal great moments from back when I was just starting to get good was when I beat Justin for money (a dollar, but still money lol) down in NC when he was using Cammy/Cyclops/Doom and I used MSP. I got a lucky double-snap and won. Personally, it doesn’t matter how much life you have or have much life the other guy has; winning is winning. Just like they say in The Fast And The Furious. So, no matter how much life you have, whether it be 1 pixel of life or all 143 pixels of life, you haven’t won until the screen says, “K.O.,” or “TIME OVER” and your character is the last man standing. So basically, even if you’re losing and there’s only a certain amount of time left, don’t ever give up. Keep on fighting, no matter what. Trust me, it will pay off for the better for you and your skills. My most recent personal greatest was that moment at NEC5 when I played against a top player from New York by the name of Josh Wigfall. I beat him 2-0 and performed a hypergravitation/taunt towards the end of the second match and made the crowd roar. Despite the riskiness of this action, I highly suggest not doing something like that in tournaments. If you play, play to win. Don’t fuck around 'cause you could fuck up and get fucked up. Always go for guaranteed damage and only do risky combos if and only if: a) you feel like you’ve gotten the combo down CONSISTENTLY and b) you feel it’s necessary.


Arcana Heart 2 Sugoi~ (console release), Virtua Fighter 5R, Fate Unlimited Codes (console release), King of Fighters 2002’s remake, Samurai Shodown Anthology (Western release, hopefully with better coding)

I haven’t heard much about the newer games, but from what I’ve heard about the ones I’ve heard about (SF4/TvC/Tekken 6BR), they’re gonna be good and each tourney should have a pretty decent turnout for all three of these games. I’m actually in the process of learning TvC right now. I’ve only played it once, but for only playing it for a couple hours, I think I’m doing okay, haha. I haven’t played SF4 or Tekken 6 yet, but I hope to in the near future. I’ll be looking forward to seeing them.



have you been to evo? if so, tell me about your experience, and if not, do you hope to make it in 09’. tell me your opinon on past evos, what could be better, what was the best, what they should add, etc…

I have been to Evo three times: my first time in '03, in '04 (which both took place at Cal Poly Pomona in Pomona, CA), and my last time in '05 (which was the first year that it was held in Las Vegas, NV). The overall experience was great. The vibe was a little intimidating, since I had not been to Vegas before, but despite that, I didn’t let it get to me and my playing skills. Marvel is always such a hype game; to play and to watch, so I personally think that was the best part about Evo, although my opinion may be a bit biased. It was also great because everyone from all over the world, including Japanese players, would attend this amazing event and I think just that in itself is very exciting. Being able to play against them and watch them play is definitely awarding. You can learn so much from them, which is great. In my personal opinion, I think they should keep Marvel/CvS2/3s as their core fighting games, but unfortunately it’s not up to me.

All Evos have been amazing and very memorable. The best part about Evo, aside from the fact of travelling out of town that makes it exciting, is the experience you get just being there and all the experience you gain from playing everyone. You can learn SO much just from one trip to Evo, it’s ridiculously amazing! I highly suggest new players to the community attend at least one Evo to see what it’s like and see how much better it will make them play and their skills.


COMPETITION IN MARYLAND. just give me details about the who, what, why, when,how.

Competition in Maryland is very limited. At least, in Marvel it is. We have less than 10 players in Maryland who can actually play Marvel: me, Button_masher (Eric), skisonic (Christian), “Rugal.B” (Jason), ironflip (Ryan), and a handful of other random people that aren’t that good, i.e. Joe Green, who is, needless to say, horrific at any and every game, but we make fun of him and he’s our DPB (Designated Punching Bag), so it’s okay, lol.

Competition in Maryland regarding other games, such as GG, CvS2, TvC, 3s, Tekken, there are a little more people in each of those games that can play consistently well. Actually, I think for CvS2, 3s, and Tekken, there are probably around the same amount of people that play those games consistently well as Marvel has. TvC is the new hotness nowadays, so everyone’s playing that.

Competition in Maryland as a whole is probably just like any other decent-sized state; we have our own specific parts of the state, where only so-and-so amount of players play and the other ones play over there, like Baltimore and Silver Spring have their own sets of players, but needless to say again, Baltimore has more players than Silver Spring, which is pretty obvious to me. There are even some players down in Southern Maryland that play as well, like the Waldorf and Suitland areas. The only ones I remember are Jody and Wayne though. It would be nicer if we didn’t have to drive like an hour to an hour and a half just to play other people in Maryland.

Just remember, I’ve been in this scene and in the community since I was 14 years old (and I’m 21 now), so I’ve met A LOT of people inside and outside of Maryland since then.



For the noobs, or the novice players, the best advice that I can give you is the same advice as I had advised above: keep playing your respective fighting game(s) and play against everyone you possibly can to gain the best knowledge of your respective fighting game(s) and the best knowledge of how to play against other people inside and outside of your state via casuals/tournaments/money matches, etc. You can even watch videos of top players playing your respective fighting game(s) to gain better knowledge. Just do whatever you can and do it as well as you possibly can. Always try your best, no matter how much time is left and/or how much life you have left. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!

Oh, and play the best people you can. That will definitely help you to get better. Playing with other scrubbier players isn’t going to help you build your skills/knowledge up to as good as you need it to be come tournament time. Trust me on that.



With my personality, I have a high level of determination and I’m a revolutionist with it. I’ll do whatever I can however I can to get better at something if I really want to get better. I’m one of those people that say, “You can do anything you want to as long as you put your mind to it,” or “When there’s a will, there’s a way.” As corny as that sounds, it’s true. At least, to me, it is. I pushed myself to get better as much as I could, learning as much as I could about my respective fighting game as possible whenever possible. I also spent a lot of time in training mode, figuring out new combos, flashy combos, technical combos, all the different possible ways to perform different, yet similar-looking, combos and how each one is beneficial for yourself in the game (with time/position/super levels/difficulty-of-performing-the-combos, etc. all playing a part), which combos did the most damage, etc. I devoted a lot of time and a lot of effort to get as good as I am today. They say knowledge is power and it’s very true. So learn everything you possibly can and just apply it to every time you play and every situation you’re playing in. Doing all this helped me learn to improvise whenever I play. Allow me to emphasize on how much improvisation helps you get better. IMPROVISATION IS KEY TO WINNING CONSISTENTLY AND CONSECUTIVELY AGAINST ANYONE AND EVERYONE. And that’s the truth. Ask any top player.



The only direction I see the scene going from here on out is up. With all these new games coming out, the fighting game community is going to expand, no doubt about it. There’s always going to be these older games that people still play and there’s always going to be newer games coming out. Everyone’s going to know how to play everything eventually and the only word to sum up the future of the fighting game community is “expansion.”



Balancing real life and games out is hard. It’s very hard, which is why I spend at least 95% of my time on trying to get my life situated out and make everything better for myself. I don’t know what everyone else is going through in their lives, but I’m sure their lives aren’t perfect or in the greatest condition it could be in either. Mine is pretty bad and I’m financially fucked right now. +I’m not in school anymore, so I gotta try to pay off my debts as much and as soon as I can, so I can go back to school. BILLS SUCK!

But aside from that real life shit, games are like drugs; they take you away from reality temporarily and make everything better, besides sex, unless you’re weird and I don’t want to hear your justification or even your attempt to justify how games make sex better. Thanks.

Oh, and beer is gdlk. :))



To be quite honest, I do feel as if we are underrated a bit. But I’m going to have to admit, there aren’t that many people that are that good in Maryland to have to use more than both your hands to count off and yes, I even mean cumulatively. If you can name more than 10 people in Maryland who are good cumulatively, kudos to you, and I would love for you to name them off to me. Not to be rude or offensive or anything, but even if your friends or people you know get top 5 or 10 in a local MD/VA tourney, that doesn’t mean much. There aren’t a lot of good players in Maryland, let alone Virginia. I think it would mean something if they actually won or got 2nd, maybe 3rd, in a tournament. Sorry, if you think I’m an asshole, but that’s just my opinion. I just think top 3 matters the most.

But back on topic, we are underrated and this makes me a little curious enough as to have a poll taken from players from other states to name some good players from Maryland.

And if anyone did say, “Maryland, stand up,” I would rep that shit hard-to-the-fucking-core.



Much love to all of my homies in the 410.

shameless bump for my hard work. i will not let you hit the second page yet. this thread is my baby

Maryland stand up! For sure.

It’s good to see more Marylanders out there. I think we are a rare breed of players on the east coast lol.

240 out.

encode them files plz
64kbps mono mp3 preferably

why should i do it,when you can? i dont understand. the file is there for you, if you want to convert it, and do whatever, thats on you. im sure everyone here has no problem downloading them and listening to them. they play just fine in media player classic for me. sorry, im just sick and tired of hearing complaints.

the shit recorded in .wav, and played fine in that format using my media player, so thats how i uploaded it. i figured in 2009, no one should have a problem listening to the file, and if they want to convert it, and do whatever, there are freeware programs that you can easily access, that can do that for you.

enjoy that shit and be quiet! :wink:

Good shit. Check your PMs, bro.

turkeasy audio interview coming soon. you know him.

starwinderbetta audio interview coming soon. our md raven player

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maryland is standing up! who want it!