Understand your enemy...Juri

I was wondering if any juri players can help me understand this monstrosity you call a character! I’m a Seth player, and juri has been the bane of my existence for the past few weeks!

Can anyone help me understand what she can and can’t do, as well as some frame data? Because she jumps over my sonic booms, and I can’t safely dive kick her, so should I play a heavy mix up game, or is zoning the way to go?

knock her down. her wake up is terrible. extremely slow.
her health is low, and she’s extremely easy to dizzy.
you have 3 options after knock down.
you can dp her, throw her, and spd her.
keep a juri guessing what you’ll do after knocking her down.
ie, pressure her after knock down. she’s easy to set up due to her slow as snails wake up.
mix up is the way to go.
dive kick her relentlessly too. just be careful of a raw ultra 2 tossed out when dive kicking. and never dive kick after wall hop when she has u2.

Agreed that Juri’s wakeup is bad, especially against Seth. If Seth gets two knockdowns, it’s pretty much his round. Juri can’t antiair Seth’s divekick with her normals very well either - trading is in her favor, but often she gets beat clean and then loses half her life.

I don’t agree that her health/stun are terrible. They’re both 950, just one step below average. Seth doesn’t care how much stun you have though, he can dizzy anyone.

Juri is a zoner. She can do good burst damage, but she’s not a rushdown character. Her counter comes out in 3 frames (normal versions) or 1 frame (EX). EX Pinwheel is 7 frame startup, full invul through frame 6, so it trades a lot if used as a reversal. It’s completely projectile invincible, throw invincible for most of its duration too. Its real use is to dish out the damage. A simple jf.MP, cl.HP, EX pinwheel combo is… 294 damage, I believe. That’s 36% of Seth’s life.

Juri has a couple 3 frame startup normals, most of her normals are cancellable, and fireball store is -1 on block. Pinwheels are all unsafe on block, you can just SPD her. Pretty much the same with her divekick, it can be -2 if you space the LK version perfectly, but in a match - not happening.

Anyway, ultra 2 is the one Juri tends to use against Seth, because a) kill that guy asap, b) antiair vs divekick and neutral jump, and c) trying to rush Seth down with ultra 1 is basically suicide. But keep this in mind: if Juri is storing a fireball, she can’t use raw U2. I tend to keep a high fireball stored because it’s safer for antiair. It’s hard to antiair his divekick with jf.MP consistently to go into U2.

As Seth against Juri, forget about zoning. If you throw a boom then follow it in and mix her up. Basically just go crazy. Divekick all you want. I just played a Seth online who looked like his stick was stuck in up-forward and it was a struggle. If she antiairs you with cr.HP it’s 100 damage, with a fireball it’s 50 damage. So it would take 9 or 10 cr.HPs to kill you, or 18-20 fireballs. I’m pretty good about the fireball antiair and using counter to gtfo, but eventually the Juri player is going to mess up. Knock her down and make her guess every time. The odds are in Seth’s favor here.

Seth would dominate this match especially against your average Juri. On her wakeup, you have ALL the options. If her EX Pinwheel was invincible to meaty normals, then there would be more for you to worry about, but since not, mix in dp with grabs and spds. U1 and u2 makes her not want to toss out reckless fireballs. USE TANDEN FOR GOD SAKES!! Your goal of the match is to keep her in front of you. If shes away then that could form a problem. Keep in mind that Juri’s generally want Seth to die as fast as possible so they will rush when they think they can even though they shouldn’t. Other than that, its not easy for her to beat Seth, making the matchup on paper 4-6 in your favor. Just beware of playing really good Juri’s, as they will make the matchup feel like 4-6 in Juri’s favor.

So the objective to fighting a Juri is keeping her close, and making sure I knock her down? Right?

So in the event that Im being rushed down, what can I do to get her out of my face? Should I just try teleporting or Dp ing out of there. Or is the wall bounce the way to go?

actually she can ultra 2 with a stored fireball but you have to negative edge the button as you hit the other 2 buttons.
so, lets say you have lk fireball stored,
you then go, qcfx2 hit mk+hk while releasing lk and you get ultra.
you can see the stored fireball negative edged into ultra at 3:11

no wall bounce. i told you if she has u2 she can punish it with a raw u2.
just block.
also, darkzero, the vid i just linked regarding the above quote pretty much captures what you have to do against juri.
which is get in and pressure her.
the vid is essentially the encapsulation of every juri losing match.
get in, pressure her, mix it up, knock her down, rinse and repeat, she dies.
the end.

I never really thought about it before, but I guess this makes sense. I’ll have to go try that out…

whaattt being rushed down by a juri, when playing seth? weird stuff. if you think shes going to stay really close, you can just spd. If you think shes going to go for a set up like a jump in, throw, or cross up, you can just dp or auto correct dp. Your dp is probably the most invincible dp in the game (7f invincibility for 5f startup what the ridiculous), I think only Dan beats it. If you think shes going to bait it and backdash, you can do the chunli kicks or tandem or standing hp. Could also go raw u1 or u2 if you notice that her jump is delayed and shes still in midair before your wakeup. If shes throwing a fireball you can just raw u1 or ex chunli kicks or ex tandem or ex dp. Or you can just teleport or block. Honestly seth has wayyyy too many options in everything.