Understanding Blanka's Ultra

Nobody can tear apart a game quite like Viscant. :lovin:

I read your post. :sad:

That’s how I finally started to block it correctly.

you = props

With who? Ryu? i was almost certain his Ultra was invincible . I was full screen distance away with Bison and did psycho crusher on the horizontal part of Blanka’s ultra and ate the full damage. Is it possible to simply walk or dash under the vertical part of Blanka’s Ultra?

So the verdict seems to be that Blanka’s ultra is definitely


or is it actually


after the low shave and while he is on the way up, you can tag him with anything.


I dunno. I distinctly remember getting my own Ultra (with Bison) tagged and killed when Blanka was coming down with the ball. :confused:

I tried it a handful of times today. No such luck, but a link master I am not.

I spoke with Nohoho and he said it was listed in an issue of Arcadia magazine. But a part of me feels like they might have just had access to the frame data and figured it would work. But since this “hitstun property that isn’t actually a hit” is something I’m completely unfamiliar with, what if it doesn’t activate on someone who is already in hitstun? Think about throws. You can’t throw someone out of hitstun, what if this is similar, since it’s not technically a hit?

On the way down the ball is active. As near as any of us can tell, on the way up, there’s actually nothing going on in there at all, which is why the Ultra fails so much as anti-air.

As far as Arcadia goes, as I said, it’s entirely likely the low forward link into Ultra worked in an earlier build of the game because as Kunai mentioned, it acted more like his super in that build. Perhaps the combo worked because stun acted differently then? Hard to say since I never get to play that version.

Anyways, I’ll get to play again today so I’ll do a little bit more testing, see if I can actually land it.

–Jay Snyder

Oh and try that throw, hop, ultra. See if you can get that one cross up, for some reason I always forget to try it, tommorow I’ll see what I can do.

I blocked the low hitting part of blanka’s ultra high today, so i don’t think it hits low

Cali, it’s probably because you weren’t in range to have your guard “dropped” by Blanka’s Ultra. Had you been closer (especially point blank) and he was charging up his Ultra, the Blanka player probably would have gotten you to eat the Ultra.

Past a specific distance, the Ultra’s ability to drop your guard is not there. Thus, blocking high is all you need to do.

As mentioned before, there’s no physical hit that needs to be blocked low, but you have to block low in closer distances to avoid having your guard dropped.

I believe that was correctly stated, right?

until i read this thread, i was 99% sure it was block high then low. i have never been hit if i block this way, but it seems like something is up if people are equally adamant that its low then high. i’m very confused

edit: nm i think i understand

I was in the corner and it was point blank when he did it. I stood up for the whole ultra.


I should also say that, previously i’ve always blocked it the same as everyone else: high then low. The only reason i blocked the whole thing high was to test the guard break thing viscant posted about earlier, i just wanted to see if it was true but to my surprise the low hitting part didn’t actually hit low. I was using zangief at the time btw, doubt that makes a difference

I trust caliagent, and Viscant on this one.

I wouldn’t doubt that the first part of the blanka ultra hits low (on the ground), but is not an actual low. It sort of fits with the theme of his Fear Down move…

I dont doubt that most people who are getting hit by the phantom low, are actually not blocking before the super flash when they think they are. The move is probably 0 frame so to speak…

Imagine blanka’s lvl 3 punch super in CvS2. Instead of just being unblockable after the flash immediately around blanka’s body, that area extends to the whole red x portion of viscant’s drawing. So you cant walk-up to bait the super in that situation, if you walk up, you are hit, because you weren’t already blocking.

This happened to me the other day… I thought “wtf I was blocking”, but I know that I was walking up to bait the ultra and then attempted to block.

So Im going with those guys… I think the only part that must be blocked odd is the hop part which is indeed an overhead, the rest hits mid. Used to think Low High Mid, now going with Mid - High - Mid

Regarding tagging the blanka ultra with anything on its way down, I think someone mightve taken magus a little too literally. It can be cleanly hit out on the hop down, but not just by anything. Lets not developer what I like to call smasher’s disease (because smashers annoy me), and just forget about the hit boxes.

It wouldn’t be trivial to hit the falling portion of the Blanka ultra with a Bison ultra the same way it is not trivial to hit with a Ken ultra. Both Bison and Ken’s ultra’s are not reliable anti air’s, as they have mostly forward attack boxes, while they are vulnerable high. In ken’s case, a strong DP is probably a better choice. For bison,I dont know… I would just teleport. I have seen Sagat strong (i think) dp beat it right out of the drop Im pretty sure. Ive seen ken’s ultra fail because the ball was right over his head, rather than in the ideal forward position.

It seems to me that the chars are sort of designed to stick with their answers to each situation and not really be as versatile, which is why as Viscant has pointed out this game will probably be match up determined. Theres not much in the way of anti-air supers, you have to DP if you are a shoto (and commit to it).

Blanka’s ultra, if usable as an anti air, seems like it would require you to land the first hit of the falling portion right on the jumper as he falls, somewhat like fuerte’s ultra in that respect, then you would charge it upon landing for maximum hits, IT SEEMS. Purely guessing on that one.

Otherwise, it seems like the game wants you to upball as an antiair, so scrubs can keep jumping with little worry.

Just how Im seeing the game right now.

p.s. blank’s ultra doesn’t break armor break… so perhaps this is all tied to that. Meaning they gave it more properties of a really wide grab in lieu of armor breaking status.

I have randomly done Blankas super vs decent opponents at least 100 times and Im 99% positive it strikes low on start up. But ya, you cant stick anything out on the ultra’s up arc, but I’ve been hit out of that part with dp’s and what not.

sagat fierce dp, i’m pretty sure it was already well on its way downwards as well. i wanna play again:sad:

ultra hits high first then low thats how it works his normal super his low first why is their a big thread on this ROFL!!!

It DEFINITELY doesnt hit low after any high part. Thats why there is a thread on this. Ya dead wrong. the last part is MID MID MID MID MID. Geez.

p.s. itd be awesome if you actually read the thread before attempting to contribute. Its only 2 pages… not a big thread =\

Just a thought

Is it possible that you are at like sweep range and you didn’t blow low before the flash, to use SA to cancel the guard lock and back dash. Back dash can put you into the air with some characters and could throw it off.

This is total theory fighter off of my ass. I’ll have to try it next time i play against blanka.

Overall informative and good thread :tup:

i noticed that it tracked me sweep range before i could do anything so i would say no but i never tried a shoto char against him so maybe u can dp outta it or some random shit… n ski i was going on exp… everytime i played if i didnt block low after the first two hits i got hit. didnt have to read from wat i experianced first hand.

I remember being there when you figured it out at CF.