Understanding Hitboxes


Hey folks! I just finished this video and hoped it might help some players out. If you were ever confused by what you see when you look at hitboxes, this should help clear the air.
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i enjoyed the first minute. would watch more but my internet is down for downloads. idk, hitboxes always seemed very simple to understand. i couldnt imagine needing 12 miuntes to explain them. but idk what content is there =p

anyway, cool


I’m glad you enjoyed what you saw, and I hope you like the rest if/when you get around to it.
Of course…it’s POSSIBLE I just fell asleep for 9 minutes and recorded it. I guess you’ll have to watch to find out. >:D
I mean, realistically, there’s worse stuff than that on Youtube, right?

I felt the same way (about understanding them), but I always receive a steady stream of questions about them, so I felt this video was a good idea. Everyone’s brain processes information differently, so some folks might not be able to wrap their heads around certain aspects of them and I wanted to help those folks out while also being as thorough as possible. If you watch in Youtube, the description area has a time stamp break-down for each “chapter” as well to make it easier to watch in chunks.


i’m glad i already understand hitboxes because i wouldn’t be able to stand spending 12 minutes watching a video about them.


I’m glad too! I wouldn’t want you to spend 12 minutes doing something you can’t stand.
According to my wife, spending more than 2 minutes with me is more than enough.
That’s why I have the “chapter” time stamps in the descriptions. Once the nightmares subside, you can brave the next chapter! :wink: