Understanding - LoU Discussion

So I’ve noticed some great cube combos have come out and they are obviously an important part of extending MODOK’s combo strings, but I’m not seeing much use of the LoU’s acquired (for those who don’t know LoU = Levels of Understanding gained from a successful analyse cube hit)

There are essentially 4 things to choose from: Large barrier, Jamming bomb, Fire! (Psionic Blaster) and a charged HPB.

Is it worth saving cubes up for the possibility of a charged HPB or try and be potentially less wasteful by using up charges right away with the standard moves.

What do you guys do with your LoU?

Large Barrier
Jamming bomb (combo only)

in that order, imo.

Large Barrier is probably one of the important moves. plus HPB. But i rarely use jamming bomb since H balloon bomb already does a great job so i save my cubes. and if modok is about to go, then spam jamming bombs and use one last shield

Storing cubes for a huge super seems really integral to his being able to punish opponents for doing stupid (or even relatively mundane) things. MODOK is great to flip out once he has cubes (since you can kill them without using any from most of his tag in combos) and then DHC into, or THC when you spot an assist, or use with X Factor for a free chip kill, or whatever. It it just such a powerful move though you really don’t need to save all 9 cubes since it scales pretty well and you can do some really evil things with only 7 or 8 cubes stored anyway.

as far as using it just for supers goes, i feel like approaching him that way makes him a two phase character:
a. collect cubes->b. combo into beam super.

the powered up specials, even the shield, don’t really seem worth it when another beam super can just blow you right out of it

Well, you don’t lose much from being down a cube or two for sure, so tossing out a shield isn’t exactly a huge problem. Having his beam fully loaded, especially if you’re abusing THCs (which you can do since MODOK teams don’t need to blow meter for DHCs) is amazing but being down a cube or two probably won’t matter too much.

I currently see him as a two-phase character regardless, in that he’s currently best-suited for being a swap-in option for instant kill combos. Obviously it will be nice if we can make him more usable as a point character but he adds so much by NOT being in play (and threatening a 100% combo that builds meter) that it’s hard to justify having him active at any given time instead of in the #2 slot.

Is the jamming bomb’s control reversal even practical?

At first I thought whats the point of a jamming bomb combo when you could probably just continue the combo in another way and score more damage.
But when you think about it, jamming bomb combos would be a great way to reset in a sense, after the combo most people won’t block properly and you can easily start a new combo again.

Anywhere you can combo a jamming bomb, you can instead keep comboing for more damage usually. However, I really like the idea f snapping out the character after the jamming bomb because they stay jammed until they come in again. :badboy:

OH! I didnt know about jamming bomb after snap, this changes everything. Gotta learn a combo into jam bomb.

Just to add to that, It also scrambles your opponents DHC’s as well. I’ve been using it alot on phoenix teams, and teams with strong anchors in general.

It really depends which character you’re facing. If you’re facing someone you can keep away, then go ahead and use your understanding on shields and such. If you’re facing Ryu or something then going for the beam is much better.

Has anybody ever found a good use for LOU/EX Psionic Blaster? So far Large Barriers can lead into tech traps/corner pressure, jamming bomb could be combo’d, and HPB can be an viable combo ender if you have two bars ready for Hyper battering ram.

EX Psionic Blaster will stagger, so it can let you extend a combo on the ground. The tricky part is finding a way to combo into it. The only thing I can think of are off f+H wallbounce or j.S groundbounce, but both those cause the opponent to go airborne.

I wish it came out at roughly the same speed as the L Psionic Blaster. Then it’d be godlike… I’d burn LOUs all day long just for that shit.

So if u hit character A with a jamming bomb into snapback and character B comes in, ur opponents controls will be fucked up until A comes back in? seriously?! that shit is cray

^ Not exactly… in your example, character A’s controls will be fucked up when they come back in again, I believe it also applies to DHCs into character A as well?

I have been curious about Modok myself. I am having difficulty understanding his concept of LoU. I know that it gives different effects to some of his specials. My question is say I wanted to use jamming bomb, does it scale with the LoU? For example, does it mess with my opponent for longer, the higher LoU is or is it set regardless of how high the LoU is? Thanks in advance ^____^

^ Nah… It’s nothing fancy like that… You can stock up to 9 LoUs, and a jamming bomb uses 1 of them and you’ll have 8 LoUs left (can do 8 more jamming bombs for example)

I’d say that my best use of cubes is, in order:
Jamming Bomb (It’s really good, but the other two are very important to his (my) gameplan)
Psionic Blaster sucks.

Thanks for clarifying it for me ^______^