Understanding the Number Pad Notations for Inputs

I see a lot of confusion in combo threads and character discussion forums about the number pad notation for directional inputs, so I wanted to post up to clear this up for you guys. I’ve listed the different ways of writing out inputs so you can use this for a reference if there is ever any confusion.


**Street Fighter Notations **

**Numper Pad Notations **

So basically, you want to look at the number pad as a joystick. You are always assuming the player is facing to the right. Since the numbers are arranged in all 8 directions, with 5 being at neutral, if you ever need a reference just look down at your keyboard.

Hope that helps you guys!

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in fgd maybe, not game specific in the least

Yeah it’s not game specific but all the complaints about num pad notations are coming from the MVC3 forums, and I doubt a lot of those people venture out of MVC3 land to see the thread.

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Number pad notations is actually easy to figure out.

Do note it is always in the assumption that the combos listed are performed facing to the right. Obviously you’ll have to reverse the directions when facing to the left.

Now people would think that’s confusing, but what you should remember is the actual motion. The numbers are only there to explicitly display the actual inputs needed to be performed.