Understanding Vegas advantages



At first glance, this discussion seems to be about 3s, but it’s not. it’s about vega, trust me.
I finally understood myself, what Vega is about. This is just what pedoviejo was trying to say all the time. Vega is meant to jump faster so he can meet people in the air. vega is meant to have almost no combos. Vega is meant to have only pokes and footsies at his disposal.

Vega is the character that as the only advantage has the essence, the core of the fucking game.


Yes. This is what vega is all about. His mobility allows him to play a very good footsie and poking game. Basics benefit vega the most out of every other character, learning how and when to backdash is a must.

I relate him to a ‘mosquito’ that always buzz around the opponent. swooping in for the kill then quickly move out before opponent reacts.


Ive touched on this once before and i know others have as well, but i think EVERY Vega player should take a day off from their usual Vega strat and try this: Play all day without once holding a charge. Sure, you might not win as much and wont do as much damage but i found it to be extremely helpful with my play. Vega can out-poke just about everybody. He can dance in and out of striking range with incredible effectiveness because of his high mobility. I usually play really aggressively but doing this semi-runaway strat has shown me a new way.


Sasaki you just made my day. :cool:

Dear god i now need to play you for real. Do you happen to be cyber(something, cant rember the rest). Great find and realization on Vega’s metagame. :china:

ANd for the rest of you here is my first post on this forum (well the last part of my post since my first one consisted of a matchup guide.)

Vega is more of thinking charecter in this game. his AA game is nuetral jump rh or a grab. his job is to out think the other character. and if you can make him play your game then you should win this game. vega’s options are there you just have to think about it. for example vega’s ST has different spacing and hit box. depending on where the other guy is you should be able to hit and not trade blows. his SHC has diffrent levels because its a AA move if a guy tries a cross over they tend to kick near the end of the jump so you can jump to the other wall and counter accordingly depending where the opposing character is next to a wall. its a thinking game game with vega. and for the tier list i’ve noticed that the lower tiers tend to be the hardest ones to play with requiring higher level of play style which should lead to a epic victory over a sagat. Higher tier characters tend to have more prioritized moves but leave them very open to being exploited by people who use the same tactics which creates predictable opponents as opposed into low tier which creates a variation of players and different techniques. also the reason i found myself losing to other players was based that i would jump in on ryu or fall for chun’s crossover spam or ken’s for that matter.** its not about playing perfectly with vega its about knowing when to attack and when to defend and counter. knowing which moves leave you open also helps since a whiffed cr.mp can kill you and with vega you shouldnt wiff at all.**

and if you still dont know the highest level of play is knowing the basics, zoning/footsies/pokes.

ive been working on this sort theory fighter guide for vega that just talks about vega and a how to guide that i wrote to try and help my game. i know most of you know the one i posted about a month ago, but this one is more in depth and explians things that you guys might still be stuck on. i will contuiniously up date it since it involes match up info and im bearly at the Akuma section, but the important stuff about Vega is there.


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This is a very interesting point, I never thought of Vega this way. I think I’ll try to do what mangojoe suggested tomorrow and play a few rounds without holding a charge. :smile:


i dont play vega, but i coulda told you guys this. good post anyway even tho chat logs are frowned upon here.

i saw somebody complaining in another thred about how vega couldnt mash jabs to hold an opponent in block stun, and how 1 frame combos were too hard. the whole time, i was thinking, why the hell would you want to be close enough to an opponent to mash 3 jabs with vega anyway.

low tier in this game just means you have to think more


How to win with Vega:

  1. Get the lead as soon as you can
  2. Turtle

You can be more aggressive against some characters, but this is the best way against Ryu, Zangief, Honda, Ken. I do believe it is the only viable strategy against a capable Ryu. We all love to wall dive the beginner players, but you know running down the clock while flipping over fireballs is the only way you can really win.


OK :coffee:

shows how much you know. Whats next running away from an Akuma. Please. If you arent going to contribute spare us the painfully obvious troll post…or
are you serious about this? If you are then WOW WTF.


Sorry man, but that is a terrible post. Just fucking horrible.


why is it a terrible post? he’s absolutely correct


I hate to seem like a know-it-all faggot, but you guys seriously didn’t know Vega was a poking character?


CuriousNoob from GameFAQs discusses strats with CuriousNoob from IGN, Episode 6 : Take Two! OP hits post topic


That was me lol
But yeah, sometimes, you are pretty close (when you fuck up, eg :'D) and it would still be nice to be able to throw out 2-3 jabs into a cr.mp without having to worry about a 1 frame link there :frowning: Oh well. Nevermind.


No, I’m Sasaki Ryo. I think I already added you :wink: Let’s play sometime.

And thanks to you guys for your posts!


Yeah, good post.

I’ve noticed over time that the less flashy I play, and the less I try to combo, the better I do. Spacing and pokes, spacing and pokes, spacing and pokes. Kinda boring after a while, but effecting.


of course we knew. it stems deper than that. the poking game is only the surface of Vega he is much deper than that. look at it this way. think of it this way.

in this game Vega has two advantages always.

fast jumping, and walking

those advantages compliment him in this way.

with fast walking he can come in and out of poking range safe and effectivly with out worrying much about the other guy. this also alows him to have excellent footsies that other char like dhalsim, and sagat cant do well. at the same time this walking speed and fast air jump, allows him to control the space around him. for example the fast air jump allows him to meet opponents in the air and drop them down since his air grab controls the space around him in a 180 degree area. his fast walking speed alows him to throw pokes at diffrent spaces, which if spaced right will control the area in front of him and lock the opponent down as long as the pokes are used correctly. now with having effective spacing and footsies he can have some of the best zoning since both of these skills are needed to have excellent zoning. but since vega doesnt have projectiles this is what gimps his mix up game since he doesnt have a haduken or a dive kick to mix it up a bit. which gimps vega in ways unkown. vega has he has a mediocre mix up game which keeps him from being to beast, and i think that he developers did this on purpose to keep vega from being to strong. What makes Vega good is that he has some of the best zoning/pokes/footsies/ability to control space abilities.

while this makes vega strong it also makes him weak because mastering the basics of SF isnt easy its hard, and that is ultimatly vega’s weakness that most people simply cannot see past his lack of specials, and that they should invest in these abiilities that vega has. but as time goes on im sure Vega players will see past the lack of specials and see the deepness and complexity of this charecter, and truly see the untaped potential the developer was talking about when he said Vega didnt need an upgrade. Vega doesnt need a buff we the players are what need the buff and step up are game. having the ability to analyze our charecter and learn him inside out is what makes top players, now the question is do you have what it takes to be a top player or are you a begginer?


Im not seeing why people are giving OP so much flak.
Sure Ryu fireballs, pretty obvious right? But Im damned sure that there is a thread dedicated to FBing.
Besides, Vega players need all the help we can get :xeye:


My post was serious.

Like the OP said, Vega’s advantage is with speed and pokes. So once you get the lead you have to start playing defensive and zone them with st.MK, st.HK, c.MP, c.HK. Against a Ryu, once you have the lead you have to be very careful and mostly flip over fireballs. Since you have the lead you’ll then force him to have to do something. Sometimes you can even hit them with a Scarlett Terror if they’re careless enough and don’t realize that you keep your charge after flips.

Or… what the heck to you guys do against a Ryu once you get the lead? I don’t mind playing walldive and df.HK shenanigans against a meterless Ryu, but once they get EX and especially Ultra you have to stay away and let him come to you (into your poking and SC range).


When you’re using your pokes and speed properly, it gets the opponent annoyed, especially when you have the lead. I find they get a little bit more aggressive, which in turn allows you to punish more when they take big risks in attempt to get the lead back. I think if you keep your cool throughout the match, space and punish properly, and throw in some normal links or combos here and there (esp. later in the round with EX build up), you’re playing SMART, not like a coward running away. Control the match the whole time.

Like Crisium said, against Ryu, once u get that lead flip over FBs. Usually, after they notice you flipping a lot, they jump in and try to punish on recovery frames. Time your flips with that in consideration; block instead of flip if they can jump in and catch you. But if u can flip and react to a late jump in, anticipate it and neutral jump RH or air grab. You HAVE to control the air since Ryu has those fireballs.

Nice post Sasaki, nice change up from those “Vegas sucks balls” type posts =)


As much as Vega’s game is about pokes, saying the he just does damage and runs away is flat out wrong. Pokes are fine, but no one seems to be talking about the ways Vega can create pressure. REAL pressure. Not just spacing and standing mid-kick from afar. Once you play against someone who is absolutely content to block your pokes, you are in some deep shit.

Against a good opponent, you need to create opportunities .Pokes and spacing are important, they don’t do that as effectively as you need to win the game against good opponents.