Underused characters lists

can anyone tell me many unseen characters in online

C. Viper, Thor and Chris

C Viper, Hsien-Ko, Chris, Thor, Viewtiful Joe, MODOK, Felisha.

Everyone else comes up fairly regularly for me.

Why is Thor on there? As a Thor player myself, I’ve had several mirror matches with him. I also fought several Joes and armored up Hsien-Kos.

For me, It’s Viper, Spencer, Chris, Tron, Felicia, and Superskrull.

Felicia, Hsien Ko, Chris, Thor, Joe, Viper, Modok

The ones I see barely any of:
MODOK, Spider-Man, Super-Skrull, Thor, Arthur, C. Viper, Felicia, Ryu, Joe.

Thor, Viper, Storm (Yeah!), MODOK, Chris. A few others I’m forgetting.

M.O.D.O.K. is the only character I almost never see.

I think I’ve ran into two people in total using him out of the 800 odd games I’ve played and both encounters were during the first week of the games release.

I’ve seen every character except Felicia in a tournament.

X-23, She-Hulk, Joe, Chris. None of those characters.

Chris, V.Joe, MODOK, Spencer, Spider-Man, Super-Skrull, Felicia, Viper, Thor

Chris, Arthur, Felicia, C.Viper, Storm and Thor.

Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, Iron Man, C. Viper, Viewtiful Joe, Spencer, Super-Skrull, MODOK, Chris, Felicia.
Solely based on my experience.

you guys are right not that many ppl use storm. I do. So it doesnt seem to me like shes unused, but I think I may have only fought 1 or 2 other storms. she is a beast though

Yeah I’m actually shocked but I hardly ever see Storm. I’ve played more Joe’s than I have Storm. I also don’t see Morrigan too often.

I never see Arthur, Chris, Felicia, Viper, Spider-Man, and Thor.

Characters I rarely/sometimes see are Ryu (he’s real good too), Morrigan, Hsien-Ko, Haggar, Cap, Ironman, Hulk, She-Hulk.

Characters that I see but are used incorrectly way too often are Zero, Akuma, Tron, Chun (still works), Dante, Amaterasu, Phoenix, Sentinel, Deadpool, Skrull, Taskmaster, and Sir Dormington.

This is based on what I’ve seen online. I’ve played over 100 matches and I’ve only seen a few hundred from tournaments so I figure online I have a more broad idea. Had to add that because a lot of those character selections change in tournament play.

how do you use someone incorrectly?

Hardly see anyone play as Deadpool.

maybe you should make a poll of it.

id say super skrull. hes my favorite and have never fought another one. ive seen all other cahrs online, even modok.

The absolute least played have got to be MODOK and Viper. I might have seen them once each so far.

Everyone but Dante, Sentinel, Wolverine, Tron, Phoenix, Wolverine, Taskmaster, Ammy and Akuma :stuck_out_tongue: