Unexpected gayness


So apparently you need a visa to go to vietnam…which i found out about an hour before my flight was supposed to leave. Now i can’t fly today, have to apply for the visa tomorrow and book a new flight which obviously isn’t as cheap as the one i already had. So between that, the hotel for the night, two cab rides, overstaying my thai visa fee etc i’m out a shitload of extra cash i didn’t need to spend.

So…anyone else have anything unexpectedly gay happen to them? You can post about being raped in an alley by a bunch of dudes if you want…cause that’s pretty gay as well…although that’s not exactly what i had in mind when making this thread.


A little research would have done you a lot of good. Don’t go getting all pissed off because you didn’t do your homework.


Yeah, if you’re traveling overseas, you really need prep time.


Chances are you were probably up to no good in Vietnam anyway.


I was expecting a story of someone being gay to you unexpectedly. Thread title is false advertising.


Speaking of Vietnam… boy is my country corrupt.

Expect baggage claim people to hold your luggage if you don’t slip them a few bucks.
Expect big modern nice looking city, and a extremely poor everything else.
Expect a lot of beggars to come up to you. Some will be real, some we be fakes.
Expect pick pockets.
Expect a shit load of honking.
Expect people to overprice everything for you (even if you’re Vietnamese), because you’re not a Vietnamese living in Vietnam.
Expect stupid communist government that regulate where you can and can’t go.
Expect limited websites if you do go online. (Ahhh internet regulation… just great…)
Expect prostitutes! (At least we not like Thailand with all them lady boys.)
Expect hot ass weather.(With random rain during the mid day.)
Expect mosquitoes.

Oh Vietnam how much I love you, and hate you at the same time. :shake:


You need a visa to go to like…ALL the asian countries, so it’s really not unexpected at all. Prep more imo.


You’re leaving the country how the fuck would you NOT need a visa?


ewww bietnam


Go to Singapore. It’s like Asian Disneyland only nice and clean without morbidly obese people on scooters. And they speak English.


I honestly thought this thread was going to be about unexpectedly turning gay. :lol:


Err…don’t you just need a passport to enter the country? I mean, you usually need a visa if you’re going to stay for more than 30 days, other than that…


I thought this was a story about 5 dicks being randomly in your ass when you woke up. Instead you got 5 dicks up the ass just when you were about to fly.


I expected more gay.



a lot of countries u can’t enter without a visa. most of the time the airline ticket agent wont even let u fly if you dont have a visa, because the airline have to pay a penalty fee if ur ass gets deported for not having a visa.


Example of expected gayness: Zulu posting in a thread called Unexpected Gayness.



I expected the OP to be more along the lines of “So I sat down at my computer today and a rogue spring in my chair went up my ass”


Expect AIDs.


a friend of mine came up behind me one time and grabbed my ass before saying “hey dude, whats up”

that was unexpected gayness.

this is bad luck or bad planning


I found love. Does that count? It was completely unexpected.