Unexplainable Common Things

The title is self explanatory.

Post anything that would happen to an ordinary man on an ordinary day that is unexplainable.

I’ll go first:

When earphones go in my pocket untangled, they come out tangled.

When fat people buy 2 diet cokes.

My annoying habit of clicking on stupid threads.

I drop something on the floor. It vanishes forever.

This isn’t unexplainable, you just thought it’d be cool to be a dick to a relatively new member.

When shops are selling yogurt type things in “meal deals” yet there is no plastic spoon or anything to eat them with.

The republican party.

when anytime you look at the clock it’s 11:11

It’s always 4:04 or 9:11 when I look at a clock. lol

My refridgerator screaming at me.

At above:

Me =/= Common.

When I am losing in a fighting game, have meter and think “they are expecting me to do desperation super” and then immediately do desperation super and get killed for it.

Pigeons always flying at me like they are trying to decapitate me.

We switch our ISP from TalkTalk because they are stupid and shit. A few months later, the ISP we switch to gets bought by TalkTalk, now our service is stupid and shit again -_-

The movement of your leg against the pocket causes the earphones to get tangled over time.

/killing the fun of the thought

I don’t think you guys are understanding fully what I mean.

Again, I’m talking about things that would happen to an ordinary person on a regular day, possibly in his or her house. As in, something that almost everybody could relate to.

Personal things like who your ISP is or shit like your refrigerator screaming at you aren’t meant to be posted here.

C’mon guys.

Stuff like:

is what I’m looking for.

How does it happen in a tiny pocket in my bag then?

You are a wizard, kill him!!!

I believe the earphone thing could apply to all types of cable that are just laying around. Like I always have like 5 cables just sitting there for a couple of weeks then all of a sudden they are in a tangled ball from hell.


Lord knows how the cords of my computer look right now.

When I randomly catch flies without thinking about it, but when try to catch a fly, it’s virtually impossible.

i ALWAYS sneeze twice and only twice when i do

Another one. How come my internet becomes slow as hell and takes 20 minutes to load when I try to go to a page just to check one little sentence.