Unexplainable problem with dualmod


I just recently done a dual mod, 360>PS3 using a IMP. Everything on PC is fine, all buttons work on both PCBs. Strange thing is though, that when I try to play SSF4 on PS3, the buttons wont work while in training mode. Directions, Start, sel and PS buttons are fine. Strange thing is that I can still use the buttons to navigate the menu in game or even in PS Menu. So while navigating menus, the button OK (x) and cancel (o) work fine…
Can anyone shed any light or any suggestions?


When you press those buttons in training mode, do they registers as anything?

It is possible that your IMP is simply defective and it is not detecting as being a PS3 joystick when plug into a PS3. I believe IMP use different code for PC and PS3 so the detection caused a problem. Possibly due to the shorting. The reason navigation menus still work might be because they have been registered as start / select instead.

It does sound very weird, though. I’m more or less wild guessing.


1st, check if someone messed with your key mapping =P.

What PCB did you use for the PS3 side?


You messed up hacking the triggers. You have a quick work around of unmapping the trigger buttons.

??? No, the problem is not Imp related at all.


As Toodles said, the imp is fine.
So by unmapping the trigger buttons, you mean just going into button config and setting the 2 trigger buttons to no action?

EDIT: Thanks Toodles, yeah I done that everything works perfectly :slight_smile:


Pretty much. What’s happening is that your mod went kinda screwy somehow and is making the PS3 board think that some of the buttons are always pressed. Usually, these are triggers. I can’t be any more specific because you’ve mentioned nothing about the setup except the Imp. Figure out which buttons the PS3 board thinks are being held down, and unassign whatever action in the game they are currently assigned. That’ll get you up for the time being, but the proper thing to do is properly hack your pads so the PS3 board doesn’t think they’re pressed.


Yes you are right Toodles, originally the 2 buttons not working were the trigger buttons.
So i rearranged the trigger buttons to be on the end. Turned them off in button config and everything is peachy.
Sorry, but what’s the best way to hack it so all 8 buttons work for both consoles in dualmod? because at the moment, 360 is 100% and on ps3 it’s 6 button (because of the triggers)

Thanks Toodles :tup:


As toodles said, we don’t know much about your setup.

Please tell us the details of your setup, like what PCBs you’re using.


I am using the Qanba PCBs. I don’t think many people would have much experience with these particular PCBs. I dualmodded a Qanba X360 Q3 stick with a IMP and a Qanba PS3 pcb.


Hello there kay_nock and also toodles i’m asking for your help guys, i have been working on a dualmod qanba emp stick wich has a ps3 & x360 qanba boards plus a IMP board 1.1 connected… so messing around with the connections i was able to fully configure the x360 buttons properly (all the 8) but i cannot test the ps3 button mapping (i dont have a ps3 yet for testing this)… so can i do some modification on the connections to make the dual mod works on my pc recognized as a ps3 gamepad??

Thank you very much for your help!


That all depends if the Qanba PS3 PCB works fine on PC. Never touched one, so I can’t speak from experience on that. But, here’s what to do if it does work with PC (which is generally an okay assumption to make):

Because you are using an Imp, you should be able to tell it when to go into PS3 mode. I am guessing that you soldered your PS3 data wires to the 2D+ and 2D? columns. If they PS3 PCB’s green and white USB wires are soldered to 2D+ and 2D?, then whatever button you have connected to Guide (I’m guessing Guide), hold it down while you plug it into PC. If you’re using the Start + select = Guide, then hold those.

If PS3 is 1D+ and 1 D?, then it should default to PS3 when plugged in.

That is of course, assuming that you’ve got everything wired properly.


Thank you, actually Qanba Ps3 pcb is connected to 2D+ and 2D- on the IMP, so i follow your indication and before plug in the controller to my pc i hold down guide button and pc recognize an xbox 360 controller, then i press start+select buttons and plug the controller to my pc and a message says that windows cannot recognize the usb device :(…

The original wiring wasnt made by myself i just want to change the button mapping to work like this:

X360 - PS3
X -> []
Y -> /
RB -> R1
LB -> L1
A -> X
B -> O
RT -> R2
LT -> L2

But i cannot test the ps3 side without a ps3 :frowning:


Hmm. Try connecting the outgoing USB data wires (The ones in the square of the Imp), and connect the white one to 2D? and the green one to 2D+. Then you’ll have the PS3 PCB directly connected to the USB wires. If it doesn’t recognize it by then, then it just means the PS3 PCB can’t be used on PC, and you’ll have to ask a friend to let you test. After you do this, do remember to connect the outgoing USB wires back to the outgoing data wires of the Imp, so that you’ll still have xbox 360.


all right i will try that… anyway i will gonna buy a ps3 on march so… next time it would be more simple :slight_smile: