UNF Monthly [GGXX, MvC2]

Well this is the first tourny for the year at UNF, hopefully we can get apexed this year.

1st John Angerson “xBlackheartx” [Fuast]
2nd Peyton Bently [Baiken]
3rd Enrique “Akukame” [Bridget]
4th Matt Boutwell “Errrrrrr!” [Sol]
5th Richard Talyor “May-san”[May]
5th Jon Cast [Jam]
7th Shane Stanley “enigma” [Potemkin]
7th Ryan Chasin [Chipp]

This tourny went smoothly, hopefully next time Matt wont act like an asshole whenever he beats someone. GG peyton and enrique you guys came close to killing me. Hopefully in the future the people who signed up for the tourny will actually show up (expected 19 people to show up but 8 did)

1st John Angerson"xBlackheartx" [Scrub,Cable/Blackheart/Dr.Doom"]
2nd Shane Stanley “enigma” [Sentinel/Dr.Doom/Psylocke,MSP]
3rd Jon Cast [Megaman/Blackheart/CapCom]
4th Ryan Chasin [Ironman/WarMachine/Dr.Doom]
5th Peyton Bentley [Magneto/Hulk,Psylocke Scrub]
5th Enrique “Akukame” [Cable,Storm,Cyclops]
7th Matt Boutwell “Errrrrr!” [Sentinel,Cable,Ironman]
7th Richard Taylor “May-san” [Servbot,Megaman,Roll]:lol: :lol:

Basically whoever played GGXX, also played MvC2, and since me and shane are the only ones who really play this game alot we came out in the top two spots (But at least everyone knew what they were doing). GG to everyone, hope everyone gets into this game again.

So overall the tourny went well and in te future we might be having tournaments for SC2,TTT, and T4. GO OSPREYS!

jd, was this tournament for money. If so post up the next time you have one. We want to come and take your money.

LoL, this one wasnt but the next one will be. Ill post up when they are happening.

xBlackheartx whats ur tft name what realm do u play on and what level are u?

I have two names xxBlackheartxx Lv10(100-100) and TechnoGroove Lv8 (25-13). Both names are one Aseroth but ive mostly been playing with TEchnoGroove lately.

hmm im level 17 solo 350 icon 71% but if u wanna play me go to CLaN WoW on Azeroth my name is BuiieT

post when the ttt will happen and mvc2 also