Unfair dhalsim?

If i want to be very defensive dhalsim and never use teleports…only with the normal attacks and the fire ball.
So that says im noob/unfair dhalsim?
(Im doing that only vs one player)

no. play to win.

there is no unfair way to play any character. whatever gets you to win is a good strategy.

You’ll find that at a very high level opponents will be banking on you teleporting so they can anti air with crouching normals or the like. You’re just setting yourself up for success all the way through with that mindset. Just make sure you have BnB super in your bag of tricks, because you will need it. Atleast learn to use crouching mid punch into super (it’s very easy to pull off).

Teleports are useful, though. Air teleport away is infinitely useful in some matchups. Lp yoga flame sets up for a safe-ish teleport cross-up, which can lead to big damage if you’re ever fortunate enough to create the situation. Many characters can only reset you after you tk teleport behind them, so to me it would be worth it to try once to gain a lead.

Dhalsim can win with fundamentals, but little tricks used sparingly can be very effective.

what character were u fighting against out of curiosity?

but yea thats how i take out dhalsims usually (i main abel) is pressure them in the corner and then throw them back when they inevitably teleport.

so yea id be v surprised to see a dhalsim that doesnt teleport.

most dhalsims wont teleport unless there is a fireball on the screen

or to get away

Vs Sakura…
She always hit me with the anti air attack when im using the teleport…that’s very fast move.

What’s that BnB super? like medium kick to super?

yea don’t teleport. You are smart since you know sakura’s gonna hit you if you do. Let sakura get smart and figure out how to get in on you.

BnB - instant air teleport - b.hp (in air), b. mk, lp yoga flame, super.

It’s not so much unfair as that they don’t know how to deal with playing against Dhalsim (and there are a huge number of people who don’t know how to play against a dhalsim who knows at least the fundamentals on how to use him). I’ve played some really good people, but they lose cause they have never played a good dhalsim. Sometimes, I feel bad that they don’t know either D:. But if you’re winning, then there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s their fault they don’t know how to play against Dhalsim.

If your playing a scrub or a newbie whose your friend, maybe you should go a little easy on him/her :p.

Also against Sakura, don’t be obvious with your teleports or throw out yoga fires very often if they have any ex meter to use that one move where she jumps in the air and hits you approaching from full screen (eh, what was it called again D:?).

you shouldent go easy on anyone you dont know it will get you back in the future

xx Sakura Otoshi. yea its a great move for getting near the opponent fast, and even if blocked, I don’t think there is enough time to punish it.

btw I have a question about Sim teleport - if I knock Sim down, if i predict him to use teleport for the wakeup, is there anything I can do b4? or is it invincible wakeup move?

I had an Akuma use the Shun Goku Satsu on me when i teleported away and he predicted it. It was pretty brutal :<. I’m sure there’re other options if you get creative D:.

ok , but correct me if I didn’t get u right, Akuma punished you after u teleported. I asked about a way to punish Sim b4 he manage to complete the teleport move. btw Akuma took a chance with that punish, because u could’ve tele behind him right?

akuma’s teleport is invincible on startup, so there’s nothing that can beat it on startup.

But yea you can catch akuma on the recovery end.

I was talking about Sim teleport, is it invincible on startup as well?

Oh right, I meant sim lol. yea it is =P

Seriously, i dont mind removing the teleport but give us back the old DRILL from ssf2turbo. :bluu:

Rufus stole it :xeye:

People that say stuff like that just dont want to learn the game. They always make excuses for losing instead of trying to get better. The truth is you are crippling yourself by not using all of dhalsims moves and the guy still cant beat you.