Unfinished Business: Weekly MvC3/SSFIV Crack Sessions San Diego (Mira Mesa), CA


Unfinished Business: Weekly Crack Sessions is a fighting game session event where players meet and play all night until the crack of dawn.

John Paul the Great Catholic University
10174 Old Grove Road, Suite 200, Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA 92131

The sessions will be held in the soundstage or in the big classroom of the university. Don’t worry, the venue is really small and the room is easy to find. It can fit 80 people easily.

Every Saturday starting March 5, 2011
8pm - 5am

$3 at the door to play casuals all night.

Tournament fees food costs are separate.

For now these events will mainly be focused on Marvel vs Capcom 3 and some Super Street Fighter IV due to lack of setups. But when things get established there will be other games to be played.

360 and PS3

Rules During Casuals:

  • MvC3 will be best 2/3 matches
  • SSFIV will be 1 match 2/3 rounds
  • Respect the line order, no cutting, typical arcade ruling quarter up style.

UBSessions Rules

  1. No drugs or alcoholic beverages.
    It?s a dry campus. I want to keep having these events without having any trouble with it.

  2. Smoke your cigarettes outside.
    There?s ash trays outside of the entrance of the school.

  3. Clean up after yourself.
    It?s already enough to clean up the whole set and putting tables and setups away after a really long night.

  4. Don?t touch any of the equipment in the room.
    If you see profesional cameras or even a drum set lying around, don’t touch it unless I tell you to.

  5. *Stay in the sound stage as much as possible. *
    I don?t want to worry about who?s where doing what too much. Again this is in my school and I?m just very cautious about it since I?m just starting out. There is a small break room next to the soundstage you can relax in.

  6. Bring Your Own Controller
    I cannot provide controllers for everyone especially for those who play on thumb pads. Also, if you have a pad, make sure it’s wired and turned off when you use it.

  7. Make sure you bring your Salt.
    Feelings will get hurt, and shit will be said but just make sure you don’t try to fight anyone. It’s not about the hate, it’s about the hype.

For More Info:

Contact Me:

Come play here and level up your game here in Mira Mesa. I’m trying to start a big community here and I hope to see you guys come every week.

Starting a new wave of hype.

San Diego, When and Where will you play? Vol.III

Setups are DEFINITELY needed and would be a big help to run this event smoothly
So please reply if you will be donating.

For March 26, 2011

System: J/P (360)
MvC3: J/P (360)

[*]TV: J/P
System: J/P (PS3)
MvC3: J/P (PS3)

[*]TV: J/P
MvC3: J/P (360)

[*]TV: J/P
MvC3: J/P (360)










Weekly Event Updates:
Second Week of April

April 7, 2011


I don’t think I’ve made this clear enough but earlier this week I got called in to the office from the dean of students claiming that she found out about how some people from Unfinished Business were outside somewhere around the building smoking marijuana during the opening night. Only reason why I am saying this now is because this is news to me as well. I was completely oblivious to who did it, and I’m not trying to call anyone out, but I clearly stated in my SRK thread, and on the website that I ask that you do not have or do any illegal drugs, or have any alcohol on the campus. So if I do catch you using any illegal drugs, or drinking any alcoholic beverages, I will have to place a temporary 3 Week ban on you.

I didn’t get in any serious disciplinary trouble or anything, but if this happens again, and if any student/faculty catches anyone violating these specific rules, the disciplinary board from my school will have to force me to shut down Unfinished Business.

Look I’m not trying to kill anyone’s fun or anything just because I don’t smoke or drink. I honestly don’t care if you do it afterwards away from the campus, but I really want these sessions to go far and I want to be able to provide a venue for the Northern and Southern Region of SD. But again you guys are going to have to help me out as well. I don’t care if you do it or not, but I am not the owner of the building and if this incident ever happens again, Unfinished Business will be completely closed.

I’m not like some weed hater or anything like that, I’m just trying to make sure I can do everything I can to keep these events up and running. Thank you for your participation and just make sure to bring a pack of Morton’s and not weed.


I’m definitely down going to this, but I thought it was 8pm to 5am


woops haha my bad for the typo


count me in for the week after opening and many other weeks after that


Is this still happening?


yes this is. tomorrow night come by and play.


can i get a number to call if i have trouble finding this place


I’ll PM You


Mapquest is having a hard time finding this place, this is off Carrol Canyon business park yeah? Can you pm me some contact info just in case? See you guys tonight.


GGs everyone. Good setup :tup: I’ll try and bring the Riverside crew after we get our finals done. Maybe a small SSFIV side tourney will entice them more :woot:

Too many phoenixes in SD! I think I had to play three lol. Too nerve racking.


I’m still saving up for a PS3 and copy of SSFIV, but if you and other people can bring a SSFIV setup then I can host another bracket for Super when ya’ll come back.


is it just a flat $3 fee to join and play?


good luck with this jp :o

(you should have ah3)


$3 for casuals just casuals only and tournament prices may vary as the event progresses


Thanks Mackey,
I can only go up from here bro. And I really wanna have a AH3 setup but there’s no real demand for it so yeah. I’m trying to get SSFIV and Tekken Tag 2 going on just so I can appeal to a bigger audience.

But yeah I’m mainly focusing on MvC3


rad, I’m new to playing offline with anything past MvC 2 or Cap v Snk 2, so it will be good to play in real life again. Anything changed etiquette wise, since arcades? (that is a serious question, I just don’t want to be the new guy that steps on toes, because I want to get better)


Other than the fact that the arcades are dead now, there’s really nothing much going on but only trying to help each other out in the community to try and be the best. What I’m trying to offer is basically a good experience for everyone wether you’re a scrub or a godlike player. All in all I just don’t want you to be completely free when you come frequently to my weekly events. I want everyone to get better and level up.


ima have to check it out on saturday.