Unfly Combos

launch, lk, fly, lk, rocket punch, lk + assist, fp, rocket punch

i cant seem to get this one down… i can get the easier version one but not this one… help

it’s easier to do lp(over the opp) instead of lk after the launch , and make sure u use the lp rp as the first rp of the combo.

That’s not an unfly combo, that’s a fast fly one, there is a big difference. The easiest way to do that combo is, after you launch the guy, jump up forward, wait a split second untill your sentinel is above the other guy, then hit lk, fly and tap up-forward lk, rp, wait for a split second, lk+assist, hp, rp :slight_smile:

a lot of guys from up north around NY call fastflies unfly combos. Just look at Sanford’s av.

That’s because NY really do unfly combos, which means combos where they unfly at least once and fast fly at least twice, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch DJ-b13’s sentinel vid for a sneak peek :slight_smile:

Can someone explain Fast fly and unfly modes and combos.
I still dont understand the concept. Im trying to do fast fly stuff but i think im not doing it right.

A while back before the big change a lot of guys broke it down. When performing a unfly combos you must be well pretty fast. the come mention at the top launch /\ and lk, fly at the point of hitting your opponent with the lk or lp which every you prefer xx into fly and right when Sents blue come tap up or any direction so the second lk or what every your doing connects.

The timing isnt really hard just a lot of practice. If i made any mistakes on this someone break it down better then what i have.