Unfly Facts



I Just Wanna Know Something
Is It True That For The Combo Itself On The Air You Dont Need Unfly

I Mean
You Launch Jump And Make , Combo / Fly Combo

Someone Told Me You Dont Need Unfly Mode For This Stuff

But You Need It To Make Stuff Like
Launch , Jumo , Combo/Fly Combo/Combo

And Stuff In The Floor Too

Is This Right


if you’re talking about, laUnch, jab, jab, fly, short, fierce… that’s called a fast fly… can you be a bit more clear on what you’re talking about?


Someone Told That To Make The Combo You Mentioned
Unfly Mode Is Not Required
Is Wanted To To Know If Thats True Or Not


you dont’ need unfly to do that…

comboage with no unfly…
launch, sj, lk, lk, fly, lk + call commando, hp, rp

comboage with unfly…
launch, sj, lk, lk, fly, lk, lk, unfly, lk, fly, lk, lk, unfly, lk, fly, lk… get the idea?