Unfly Infinite/Combo Help!

i have a very big problem every time i attempt to do the unfly infinite. my combo goes somethin’ like this:

s.lk s.hk sj.lk sj.lp sj.Up+Hp a/du ad.lp ad.Up+Hp fly f.lk f.lp f.Up+Hp unfly

now this is where i have the problem. When i unfly do i put the stick back in neutral and quickly press up+hp? i can’t seem to connect the Up+Hp after i unfly. Does the timin’ have to be precise? i really need help on doing this. any help would be greatly appreciated.

You should have more than enough time to press up+hp after you unfly. The up+hp leaves your opponent in hit stun long enough to hit them again. Also you have to be in Unfly Mode in order for the up+hp to come out after you unfly.

also i would use lk instead of lp because the lk keeps the a tad bit higher in the air so you dont lose the combo

try taking out that lp right b4 the up+hpXXunfly

you don’t have to go back to neutral either

this is the way i used to do his unfly infinite and it never failed me. I say used to becuase i pretty much just go for Air to Ground now. I will start it just like you did.

s.lk, s.hk, sj.lk, sj.U+fp, dash up forward, sj.lk, sj.U+fp, fly, lk, u+fp, unfly, u+hp, dash up forward, lk, u+fp, then fly again and just repeat. I pretty much would hold up or up+forward for the entire combo unless i was doing fly/unfly. that should work for you. There isnt any real strict timing to it, so it can all be done at a moderate speed and everything should still connect.

thx alot for that dude, i been tryin to learn iron man lately so this thread overall helps. Whats a good team suggestion with Ironman? I normally use Dr.doom alot, is it possibly for the 2 to be great on the same team? and like who for a 3rd person?

Pick Strider, him and Dr. Doom are Chipping Monsters together, Plus you got Ironman, his Infinite builds meter quick, giving Strider alot of gauge, also if strider’s Orbs hit your opponent you could safe tag to Ironman and get a free setup for his Infinite.

sounds good , strider im edgy on though, i think im good doom player but ironman im still on learning stages so , i can deal with maybe cyke AA possibly. that work well with IM and doom? or psy?

im/doom/cyke or im/cyck/doom (i dont know which order) is good

strider would be okay but strider is hard to play and its not striders best team.

u can try ironman/sent/doom or ironman/cable/doom too

Strider is not hard to play…and “whats Strider’s best team” if you don’t mind me asking.


striders best team would of course be clockwork.

drones and rocks help him a lot, and then of course team-wise sent on the team strengthens it greatly

regardless, strider is harder to play with/win with comparatively speaking

Don’t get me wrong, I like Sent on the team, but i love that Ironman builds meter really fast. But whatever your comfortable with, my friend(whiff) likes to use Cable.

yes he does, I like it too.

but drones help strider much more and sent is overall a much better char. than IM unfortunately =[

storm would be great too, typhoon can work a bit like drones.

Atleast u guys on this thread answer lol ty everyone =), im not look to have a god like top teir, like all 3 ppl must be godlike for u to play, thats why i like doom he is just probally the most balanced in the game overall and still good , but yet not top teir, im gunna try IM/Doom/Cyke and see how that floats i use to use Doom/Cable/Cyke, but im interested in learning IMs fly/unfly combos

hey killa would u mind postin’ how to do air to ground? on sent and on normal characters? i’d appreciate it alot

teck already did in the iron man in depth thread. Check that out too since u want to learn IM stuff. here is the link he posted to the single post on his variation of
a2g http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=3780591&postcount=112
its pretty much the same way i do it, just slightly different.

What and the Repulser Blast doesn’t.

Sent doesn’t build meter like Ironman. Remember that Strider needs meter to Rape his victims.

drones is a better assist than repulsor blast yes.

sent build meter pretty easily actually, and is still a better character.

what don’t you understand?

The reason I prefer IronMan is because of his Free setup to his Inf when Strider catches them with his orbs and for the record Stider is not Hard to Play, I picked him up after watching some of Clockw0rk’s matches and facing Whiff. Easy shit. I think the reason why you say Sent is better is because you either never tried IronMan, you can’t use IronMan or because you’ve never seen anybody use Ironman with strider in Tournaments, as a matter a fact I’ve never seen that but theres always a first time for everything. I remember seeing Eddie Lee use Cable that didn’t steer him wrong. There is no right or wrong 3rd character for S/D. It all depends on what you like to do, Keep Away or In your Face.

IMHO, Ironman benefits S/D better then Sentinel would, mainly for fact that the team now has a 1-hit kill off of connecting Orbs. Ironman/Doom is better then Sentinel/Doom when you talk about team chemistry. Go watch videos of Ilan, Kelly or J.Jackson play Ironman and how he is able to control space and set ups for Infinites with Doom assist.

Sentinel/Strider/Doom is good. But I always feel that the overall chemistry of the team revolves too much around beefing Strider up and not improving around Sentinel when he is on point. What fast fly combos can he do with Doom that Sentinel could do even better and more relaible with CapCom or Cyke, if I may ask?

Not to show disrespect for Team clockwork. It’s good. However Ironman provides other assets such as 1-hit kills, better battery thanks to his infinite(he don’t need supers at all), S/D gets AA(not one of the best but certainly serviceable), and both Ironman and Strider can work with Doom assist effectively when on point. Now all we need is a player who is willing to try this team out at high levels.