Unfly infinite safety options

I’ve been playing IM for about 2 and 1/2 weeks and got everything but the unfly infinite in a game strategy plan down. I can do it in practice mode, but don’t know the best way to secure it in game. Got any good ways to get unfly safely in game? I normally zone and look for regular infinite opportunities while trying to make sure their assist cannot be called by controlling blockstun with sentinel drones. Thats my main gameplan when playing; so when is a good time to secure unfly mode? The only thing I can think of is getting knocked down by a blocked hailstorm or sometimes getting knocked down by a sentinel when zoning.

Any tips on safe ways to get unfly so that the air can be easier to control?

just eat a beam or an assist, if its mags take an em disruptor or cables pscimitar and theres unfly. you can even take a rocket punch to the face but that one kinda hurts.

as for getting the infinite off in a fight, just look for when you connect a hp or lk in the air and work from there

stay in the air, its harder for most people to do anything damaging while you’re in the air. and anytime you’re hit in the air, its an automatic unfly.

bring them down, instead of up…u’ll getta inf and a PC

on the unfly infinite IM i seem to get everything in the air except after the unfly up+FP, what am i doing wrong or what is the timing for this, can someone help?

when your in fly mode after u hit them with lk up+FP. )“unfly” ( after u unfly just hold up with the stick, make sure u shit them with the FP then air dash up forward and recycle the command.

i got it, thanx man.

happen to know the unfly inf to pc? i dont have commys video anymore where he did it, but would like to know since i use IM for fun when im bored of the higher teams. never seen anyone even go for this inf but i think julius can do it, not sure.


no prob, im glad u got it down man… :tup:

i made a thread awhile back dedicated to this, just check my posts.

ummm I think I remember a friend doing the Iron man infinite after a launch then like a rush down after he got sent down after a few hits. Can’t remember exactly but has anyone done it after a launch. Was a while back.

Ok does anyone know how to do any fast fly shit? if so How?