Unfly tricks, infinites, & combos

Just seen some trill stuff on youtube & wanted to know exactly how to do it all. For me the only unfly I can do is the lk, hp inf. Just lookin for new stuff & opinions on what’s good to do while in unfly mode.

Check tech masters iron man faq. There is pretty much everything you need to know to start your iron man in that thread. For the trill combos you speak of, there is a link in the first couple of posts in techs thread to unfly to ground stuff (w and w/o assist) as well as other useful stuff like all fierce inf variations, and mpxxsjc, mpxxfly setups. keep that unfly.

if u want visuals on the air to ground and stuff u can check this video out…


killakelly is best player using iron man with his unfly combos

KillaKelly is a beast >.> but saying he has the best iron guy, or even the best unfly combos might be a bit of an overstatement. One of the best currently playing the game is a fact for sure.

i think that phat toi is the best iron guy!! hes got excellent execution. and i think it takes excellent execution to have a good IM… one hit should = death!! and u can expect that from phat toi’s IM. :lol:

now with certain characters do you have to press u+fp immediately after you unfly or you can wait a bit cuz on characters like cable i can wait just a bit before i hit him with u+fp but with characters like sentinal i have to immediately press u+fp is there certain rhythms with certain characters?

that not necessarily true u can wait a little bit on each char before doing U+fierce after an unfly its just that each char is diff… just try it out and ull get the hang of it on each char!! and on sent u dont have to do it quick bcuz the hitstun time of the u+fierce before the unfly gives u a little time to delay the unfly u+fierce