Unhappy with Normal xbox360 Fight Stick, Please help! (want to replace joystick)



Let me start by saying that yes I am very new to the forums. I have tried my best to look through most threads regarding how to modify / build / replace joysticks but I thought I might ask a specific question concerning the newly released xbox360 madcatz Fight Stick.

First, I’m talking about the normal fight stick, as in not the tourney edition, not the 150$ larger version that everybody is having problems getting their hands on because they didn’t make enough. Just the normal, smaller 79-80$ one. (and yes mine just successfully shipped as of feb, 9th from gamestop, sorry to anybody reading that hasn’t got theirs yet or has problems with their orders etc).

Anyways, I am an older street fighter player. I’m from canada and I started going to arcades specifically to play SF2 when it was a brand new game. I played right up until Third Strike hit arcades (and only a little bit of SF Alpha). I have recently had my interest in the series renewed while playing SF alpha3 and Third Strike on emulators and ggpo. I have been using a normal gamepad and was very frustrated with it and was unable to perform / play as well as I knew I could and so I decided, with the release of SF4 looming, that I would purchase one of the new madcatz made sticks to see if that could help me out as it would take me back to that arcade feel I used to love.

Sadly, I am now quite upset with the stick itself. I had read up a bit and knew before purchasing that it came with an asian style square gate and the ball nob joystick, but I figured it would not make a huge difference for me, well IT DOES.
I always used the gate as a “guide” to pull of moves (may not be the best way to do things, but it’s how I do them) and I find myself having a great deal of problems with the square gate, combined with the way I have to grip the ball nob that basically make me want to go back to using my gamepad again!!!

So in closing, I am looking to buy a happ style (or baseball bat) joystick with a round circle gate (octagon would be… “ok” but I would prefer a circle) and the question I want to ask is, what exact joystick could you guys recommend? Please keep in mind, I’m not an expert when it comes to terminology and I’m hoping to avoid anything involving soldering (but as I just want to replace the stick, that shouldn’t be a problem).

Price is a bit of an issue, I was looking at some “Il euro” sticks that “look” like exactly what I am wanting, but they were only 10$ a piece and I’m not sure if thats either a decent deal, or it means they will be utter garbage. Also as I am not an expert, I just wanted to mention that “size” of parts might be an issue as they will have to be perfectly compatible with the madcatz made box etc. I’m also not looking for the “absolute best” quality, just somthing that is good and functional (I’m open to anything though).

Hoping for some suggestions, maybe some links if possible? (if this has been posted elsewhere, my bad, or maybe someone could refer me to somthing that answers this specific question?).

Sorry for long post, thanks for any help! :rolleyes:


the iL are what you would want…but the problem is, they will not fit in the stick you just purchased.

Your best bet is to buy a JLF, spring mod it with 2 LS-33 springs, and buy an adapter + bat top and an Octagonal gate.

Look at Lizard Lick dot com to buy them…although you will need to wait for restock.


if its just the square gate and ball top that are the issue, grab an octagonal gate (the circular gate could well fit with a bit of modification, not sure though) and bat top plus adapter. its 10.50$ plus shipping from lizard lick. A JLF would run you an extra 25$ but if youre fine with the stock stick on the SE (minus the gate and ball of course) then go for the 11$ option. thats my plan anyway =>


dude check out the Madcatzs stick thread also check out http://www.youtube.com/user/shinjnSRK <-- will tell you about the inards man TE and SE simulare except for brand name parts makes modding easy man!


You should try putting in an octagonal gate, been wanting to try one myself!


I thought I read somewhere that the stick on the SE is a JLF anyway. It’s the buttons that are stock Hori isn’t it?


Boy, are you misinformed.
The Standard FightStick has generic Madcatz parts.


I have now officially seen it all. :looney: