Unholy Night: A new fighting game from ex-SNK for... Super Nintendo?!



Unholy Night is a new FG from “ex-SNK staff who worked on Kizuna Encounter and KOF98, 2001 and 2002” on display at yesterday’s Hong Kong Retro Game Expo '16.

The really WTF thing about this news is that Unholy Night is for Super Nintendo, and will be available in february 2017 on a 32MB cartridge.

More info (in Chinese, is someone can help…) here.




this is…dope in theory but my guess is Super NES is pretty available in China in some form? Can’t see why else.


Reading “for Super Nintendo” and “2017” in the same sentence really boggles the mind.


lol no, it’s because retro gaming is the “in thing” now. It’s just like those dedicated fans/crazies who still release games on Dreamcast and other dead platforms.

SNES is just as dead in Asia as it is everywhere else.


Releasing for the SFC is strange, if they wanted to go for the retro collector market they should have made it for the AES or something, they pay fortunes for anything new.

But maybe they inherited business skills from OG SNK too.


Google translate aint helping. So…is this just going to be a ROM or like, a physical cartridge? Wtf


For a moment i thought that it was some kind of ROM made to use on emulators, then i saw the goddamn console :rofl:


Very interesting and strange. An SNES fighting game with only 6 characters, I’m guessing it’s just a hobby project?

Went around looking for info + tied to see what I could take from google translate, here’s what little I’ve managed to put together:

It’s very likely on a physical cartridge, because it’s shown being played on the Super Famicom Naizou TV SF1 (if you couldn’t tell by the name, it’s a TV with an SNES built in).

Facebook post says something about February 2017, from the way the rest of the post looks I think it says they’re going to have a playable demo at a store (or some other location).

→: Forward
←: Backward
→→: ??? (assuming dash)
←←: ??? (assuming dash)
↑: Jump
↓↑: Big Jump
↓: Crouch
START: Pause/Unpause
SELECT: Unused
A: 中攻擊/決定 - Google Translate: “Injury / decision” - ???
B 輕攻擊/返回 - Google Translate: “Hunting / returning” - ???
X 強攻擊 - Google Translate: “Strike with a force” - Most likely Heavy Attack
Y (L and R do something here): 同步計儲氣 - Google Translate: “Same walk meter” - Very likely Special Attack, with L/R probably changing which special attack will be used.

Google Translate on ‘Same Walker’:
What is called “same walker”
“Super decease technique” for use “and” cancellation of defense "demand demand same.
After use “super decease technique” and “defense cancellation”, the congregation consumption Ichijyo same walking costume.
This method is cumulative less than passing method.
★ Defense Aggressive Attack ★ Receiving Injury Injury ★ Supply Hand Injury Injury ★ Defensive Force Attack ★ Manual Same Pedagographer Profit ※ Not Same Square Angle Colors, Increasing Same Pedagogical Increase Trend Side Place Inevitable.
• Less than 1 year after the decrease in physical strength, increase in rewards • Prior to the war, brief periods of increase in rewards for social welfare etc.



Lightning (BLAZE) - Hunter
Half vampire, something about Black Family Clan, being an orphan, and a name (Ichika Hakuaku, guessing that’s his name?).

Hero (REINHARDT) - Hunter
The description seems to just state that he’s a holy knight, as if that wasn’t obvious from his appearance already.

Silver Bell(???) (EMILY) - Hunter
Something about investigating worshiper congregations?

God King (CRONOS) - Darkness
Sounds like he’s a resurrected vampire, some sort of involvement with a corporation named Hadase Odyssey Company.

Warrior (WURZEL) - Darkness
Didn’t gather much beyond ‘Wolf Clan soldier’.

Nightmare (NIGHTMARE) - Darkness
Google translate gave me word salad here.[/details]


























This looks tight as a motherlicker. I hope they sell NTSC repro carts so I can grab a copy.


Some gameplay footage here



It’d be nice to see a proper port to PC. I’d buy it on Steam, but I’m definitely not buying an SNES cartridge.


Judging by the graphics and animation, that is a 32Mbit cartridge (around 3MB) not 32MB


Nightmare looks nice


Jumps are too floaty; knees are too pointy.


Game is set to release in late March


The game has a Amazon listing and has June 29th as the release date


Got this today - anyone else have trouble with the special move inputs? They seem really strict.


So is it true that the game suffers from input lag and framerate issues?


Yeah. It moves like an old java game or any Kemco 2d rpg for mobiles.