Unicornfight.com a site for organizing offline and online tournaments around the world


I’ve created a site for people who want to organize offline and online tournaments. It’s still in its beta phase but it’s useable in its current form. Hopefully I’ll update the site in a month or so.

Feel free to post feedback on how I should improve the site.



You should get this song as your theme


What a coincidence, that’s the exact same song I play when I bang your mo… sigh nevermind.

If you guys have the time just test the site for me. You don’t have to register or even use your real email address.


Looks pretty much just like the Tournaments and Events section of this and many other forums. Kinda disappointed in that I was hoping for something similar to Challonge (with actual brackets).


Not to mention the ‘Tournaments and Events’ section is garbage here. So if that’s your standard, you gotta upgrade it a little.