"Unicorns are badass! Right?" Lee Chaolan Thread

** First of all let’s get some Q and A out of the way:

Q: Is Lee gay?

A: No! The man’s got a mansion isn the Bahamas, constantly chillin with hotties, his stage, and women are all over him. Just cause he seems to like tight leather pants, frilly shirts, and dressed up Heihachi in a speedo doesn’t make the man gay. Well I guess he could be gay. Well 1P Lee could be gay, 2P Lee is the manliest man in Tekken.

Q: Where is Lee in the tier list?

A: When the game came out he was originally Top 5 but he’s consistantly dropped off since then. Now he’s generally considered by Japan and Korea to be somewhere in High-Mid to Mid tier. In a recent Korean tier list though he was dropped all the way to C+ tier, Low mid.

Q: How has Lee changed from DR/T5?

A: He plays almost nothing like DR/T5 lee outside of he still can carry you to wall from anywhere. However the parts to the meathod have changed drastically be prepared to play Lee very different. Essentailly a lot of his strengths from DR have become his weakness and his weakness strengths.

Q: WTF you’re crazy Lee hasn’t changed that much!

A: That’s not a question.

Q: Ok I’ll bite, what’s changed?


Lee in Tekken 5:DR has -
Bad Lows, Crap Oki, Crap Throws, Ok Wall Game, Crap Tracking, Tons of Safe Launchers, Great Wall carries, Great Standing Punishment, Crap While Standing Punishment, E-slide can not be punished that well, He can keep pressure well, he lacks a fast damaging, safe mid that either keeps momentum or KD.

Lee in Tekken 6: BR has -
Good lows, Great Oki, Decent Throws, Great Wall Game, Really Good CH moves, Ok Tracking, No Safe launchers on crouchers, Great Wall carries, Crap Punishment across the board, E-slide has become really punishable, He’s lost most of what allowed him to keep pressure, he has a safe, damaging mid that KD.

Q: I’m so confused.

A: Again that’s not a question. Just freakin learn how to set up a u/f+4 or bait a CH, take them to the wall and kill them. Lee can be a two mistake and out character.

Any more questions post em here. I wouldn’t recommend the TZ Lee forums.

is this Tekken board new? lol. I don’t know why it’s so hard hard playing Tekken after so many years of 2d street fighter. I’m still trying to learn BR slowly.

Anyway, is d/f+2 a safe launcher? Just doesn’t hit crouchers, right?

The usual CH I go for is d+2- is there a better one?

use u/f+4, launches mid and still only -12 on block. Fucking knee.

It’s i15 now. It ain’t no knee.

No, d/f+2 will not LAUNCH crouchers. It will hit them but they will just kind rear back and not launch. It is safe though.

d+2’s CH stun can be shaken out of. So nothing is guaranteed on CH. I’ve yet to spend enough time to see if the move has fantastic teching ability but when I asked Help Me about it he just said the move is ass don’t use it. So don’t.

His best CH moves are 223, d+3, and Magic 4/44

I look forward to maining Lee when T6 ccomes out!

I’ll be playin Lee, Steve and King = )

Damn, I just started to get good with DR Lee. I have played BR Lee but not enough to know all of that lol. You are right, I am going to have to change my entire style now. The knee being i15 is just horrible.

Not really. Outside of a very few situations it’s really not that much of a downgrade. You can’t launch -14 now but there were very few you could to begin with. Now only Bryan and Mishima’s can do -14 launches and it’s very hard.

Knee not being i14 should be the least of your worries cause it doesn’t alter his game that much. b+4 not launching crouchers, HMS+2 not being safe, HMS SS being nerfed, punishment being bad now, and such is the kinda of stuff you should be concerned about.

Lee, Julia, and Nina are my crew… i haven’t really gotten into a tekken game since tekken 4 so what is common between the T4 and T6 iteration of my man Lee… can i make him dress up as violet in this one?..

You can dress him up like Violet but he plays nothing like he did in T4. Not even a scrap of how he used to play in T4.

good news… cuz i couldn’t really put much together competitively in T4… but after spending weeks upon weeks worth of my paychecks playing the T6 cab up at gameworks, i’ve found that Lee fucking rules!.. his df knee launcher goes under some moves and has great advantage… and his hitman stance is so sweet… watching scrubby players walk right into it is fun to watch…

I was wondering about HMS+2. I was throwing that crap out earlier and kept getting punished when it’d hit easy in DR.

still, I love the changes to Lee overall. Silly B+2~MS wall carries are lulz. B+3 being the new 3 is nice but will take some getting use to. Plus most of his new moves are damn near good. f+2,1 and d/f+3,2,3 are nice B! enders, f+2,1 is hit confirm game and is fast. f+4,3 is nice too if just for the second hit and delay on it.

once I really get B+2 stuff down good, things will look like sex on my screen.

I’m starting to wonder if he really is better than he was in DR. I think maybe my style just needs to be altered more but, Damn it’s really hard to apply pressure now with Lee. Like basically impossible. 12 is -2 on block, jabs are i10, and d/f+1 is -1. I knew this going in but I didn’t expect it to affect me as much as it has. It really sucks.

so stuff i’ve figured out:

using Lee’s ff+3+4 while your opponent is near a wall is spectacular… it W! splats them from pretty far out, and all you gotta do is follow up

if you happen the juggle your opponent into a wall using 4,3,4 and they W! really high up you can start the charge for Lee’s D+3+4 unblockable kick, if you time it right you smash a roundhouse right upside their head and do about %60 of life

his 10 string sucks, but if angled right you can stuff your enemy’s advancing attacks and just finish up the combo

his 3~3,4 mist trick grab is incredibly strict on timing… i think it might be a 1 frame grab

stuff i’d like to know:

after a sucessful mist illusion dodge what is Lee’s best followup?.. i’ve found that uf+3,4 works well… but doesn’t combo by any means… are there any moves that do combo from the mist illusion?

what are some good B! moves aside from 4,3,3 and f+3+4?

yea this move got a buff this time round. Follow up with either 4,3,4 or f+4,3 for the B!.

I guess you could do that…I personally just like to follow with a bound or knockdown and reset the guessing game. Same crap in DR works here cept bound makes it even more dangerous to guess wrong for the opponent on wakeup.

10 strings suck in general. don’t use them period.

yes it’s a just frame grab. connects even if the opponent blocks the 2nd kick…granted you pulled it off.

I personally don’t know as it was pretty useless in all versions of 5. I think I read on TZ there’s some followups but it’s not much.

Lee’s B! moves are those along with:


Anyone know what the prorate difference is between u/f,N+4 and u/f+4? (the generic looking hop-kick as opposed to the flying knee). When I throw that out to start a juggle instead of just uf+4 or df+2, it does a LOT more damage.

Here’s a simple combo for an example, I’m sure there’s probably more damaging combos for Lee, but bear with me I’m new to him.

u/f,N+4, d/f+32, 12~f, f+34, B!, dash, ff+21 (77 damage)

Starting that combo with u/f+4 will only net you 62 damage. Does the prorate work this way for similar moves with other characters? Does the longer the startup on a move mean more damage? How does this work in Tekken in general?
Sorry if I’m asking super n00bish questions.

First of all that combo sucks. Second the generic hopkick you are talking about is called Delayed Hopkcik it is slow, i21 to hit I believe. Yes it does more damage, it’s one of the most damaging launchers in the game.

The move is mostly used after blocking lows with long recovery. It’s used in tech traps too. Using it it in any other situation is usually foolish.

Cool. Good to know. I was just looking at some of the crazier combos over on TZ and trying to get them down. How do you get the beginning of the very hard combos to connect? Looks something like this:
(launcher), 4, u+3, ff~b+2

I can’t get the ff~b+2 to connect at all no matter how quickly I do it. Is it just pure speed on the dash or is there a trick to it? They weren’t joking about being hard combos.

Don’t bother. The difficulty of the execution is not worth the damage and it doesn’t wall carry far which is one of Lee’s main strenghts.

If you really want to land a combo like that though I suggest just doing 4 u+3, ff 12fn, b+2fn, f+43 !B ext. Nearly the same damage, much easier. Your most damaging combo is the one you hit 100% of the time.