Union Jack Platinum



Weird, his level one, yes, ONE, Union Jack Platinum (qcf qcf jab) has some invincibility frames. I even went through fireballs with lvl 1 UJP. Just fyi.

It’s pretty cool… it’s a decent wake up move :smiley: I think… :confused:


most supers have a tiny bit of invincibility, eagles seems to have a little bit more tho. The only thing is that i’m not sure it’s safe when it hits at lvl 1.


The only reason it seems like that is because it comes out:

A: Very fast

B: Very far.

This is one reason any good eagle player should really try eagle in S-Groove. Charging meter into qcf+p, dodge punching from far range, dodge kick into hcf+k b+b, etc, etc.