Union New Jersey Rt 22 Super street fighter 4 tournament 4/26/2010

Here are the details to the super street fighter 4 tournament on april 26th@8pm

Registration is free and it will be a launch party to Air on youtube.com/alexlexus channel

1st place prize

limited edition super street fighter 4 arcade stick provided by rt 22 gamestop

2nd and 3rd place prizes are still pending as we have to go through Gamestop
corporate checks to determine.

rules: best out of 3 ( subject to change depending on how many people show)

all chars are legal ( but frowned uppon you seth users).

if you have an arcade stick bring it we will not provided if needed( only normal controllers will be in the store)

console xbox 360

We want to get post match interviews and feedback on the game.

special prize if someone comes dressed as a street fighter. ( NO MALE DRESSED AS FEMALE CHARACTERS PLEASE!!!) that shit is gay.

2317 Us Highway 22 Ctr
Union, NJ 07083-8558

Get Directions
(908) 686-6399

for more information please contact john at gamestop or me
alexlexus via e-mail


Im down, if ps2 controller to x-box 360 converters are allowed.

Why did you start two threads announcing the same tournament?

If we bring our own sticks, will we be allowed to use them in the tournament? Your other thread says we have to use the xbox pad.

sounds good, what setups will be played on? the gamepad setups or just BYOC

cool :slight_smile: