Unique Arcade Controller With Eject-able Sanwa buttons

Hopefully we aren’t breaking any rules by posting this here but we thought some of you may be interested in this.

William “Semi” Johnson is a fighting game enthusiast (like all of you) and used to frequent fighting game tournaments. He was actually among the best Soul Calibur 2 players in the country and part of the famous (or infamous) “Lakewood Crew”.

William noticed that with current joystick designs there was a bit of a design issue that many of us have to deal with. When a Sanwa button goes out on a current Joystick it usually means having to pop open a top and removing the bad button by using some type of screw mechanism, disconnecting and reconnecting wires, and sometimes even using tools. During a tournament situation this could be entirely too time consuming. We’ve seen it happen before and its not pretty.

This inspired William to design something that would make changing buttons become much easier. The result of his work is the MARK1 arcade controller. The MARK1 features an eject mechanism for each Sanwa button. If a button goes out all the user has to do is eject it and then plug in a new button. It is that simple.

William would like to mass produce this joystick and has turned to kickstarter to help raise the funds.

Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1250693016/mark1-evolved-arcade-controller

We would appreciate your support by helping us spread the word on this or pledging if you are interested in the MARK1. If you have any questions or feedback please post it in this thread or you can reach out to us on twitter our handle is @PrimeMk1.

Thank you!

What pcb is it using? The video doesn’t show that part of the arcade stick at all.

you should have added some space to store extra buttons and or balltops/stick parts.

offering it just in the us is a bad idea in my oppinion. there a lot of europes who would for
sure like to bake too.

It’s a good prototype. What price range would it be in?

Will there ever be a version compatible with Seimitsu parts? I understand that’s not possible out of the box since the quick disconnects are arranged differently.

cool stuff, but would it be simpler to just have a case that opens similar to the Razer atrox? Just have additional button storage inside and just pop and replace like a normal swap

Since the unit in the video is a prototype we aren’t releasing any info on the PCB right now but we may make that information available later on.

An earlier version (MarkZERO) actually did have a flip up top but the inventor opted for the current design to reduce moving parts. However that is not to say we may not incorporate a storage area for the final version of the MARK1 or in a future MARK2 model.

As far as international shipping, that is something we couldn’t do currently because the cost was too prohibitive. However if we meet our goal and have the resources for mass production then we can offer international shipping for European players.

Thank you! The price will be $200 USD

If there is enough demand for Seimitsu compatible MARK1 then we will definitely consider it!

You make a good point and as I mentioned to appomo, we did have an early version that had did have a flip up top but the design was changed. However, we may bring that back!

Ya. Gonna need that PCB info. THIS… IS… TECH TALK! Ha.

Since the controller in the video is a prototype the PCB in it won’t be the same as the PCB in the final version which is why we haven’t released that info. When we get closer to production we will reveal more specs/info.

I’m all for getting creative in the arcade stick community and doing things that haven’t already been done. I just wish you guys would have come to us for suggestions first. We could have told you all of the logistic issues you’d see and help you solve the ones you were already aware of before you got started promoting to the general public.

If the primary goal is to switch out buttons quickly, the TE2, VLX, and Atrox already have that issue taken care of with easy flip top panels. Pulling off 2 quick disconnect terminals off buttons and swapping out with another button is neither difficult or time consuming and may take a combined 3 minutes to change a button.

I wish you guys luck, but your biggest issue will be PCBs. The likelyhood you’ll get official licensing is slim to none, and you’ll have to rely on a lot of individuals with some type of mass padhacking, or some Chinese crack for XB1 or PS4 support.

This is exactly what I was thinking. It’s not that we are the authority on arcade sticks and components but…yes, we actually are the authority on those things. The limitation to only Sanwa OBSF/OBSC (who knows if the case mech wouldn’t actually break the shit out of those brittle tabs on OBSCs) is the thing that turns me off the most. The next thing would be the Injustice stick like aesthetic it has. That thing was mediocre at best in appearance and the saving grace of it was probably the under-stick and button LED lighting. I like that you innovated and did something nobody else has technically done but idk, man. The PCB situation has me concerned and I think you guys went to KS too quickly. Please prove me wrong. I would love to see a new stick be successful and deserve it.

You gonna need some luck selling 700 units in a month tbh

Also, would it work for anyone using Seimitsu/Gamerfinger buttons?

Looks nice though.

Also Xbone is about to die as a premier FG console.

When was it a Premier FGC console?

About to die? LOL. I saw that train wreck coming for a while.
You do not need to see the actual wreck to see one is coming as seeing the bridge is out is a huge sign.

  1. Very limited Arcade stick options. And unless you are willing to hack a Xbox One game pad PCB you have very limited use with Xbox one games.
  2. Limited selection of fighting games available. All Xbox One really got going for it is Killer Instinct. The PS4 even have a few exclusives.
  3. Xbox One Arcade sticks lack full functionality on PC as the drivers never had sticks in mind (thanks Microsoft).
  4. Lack of support of the FGC by Microsoft them selves or any 3rd party partner.

Oh god @Darksakul saw another Microsoft post

If you don’t like the rant, stop bring up the topic. You said your self it’s inevitable.
Also did I say anything that was false?