Unique EVO Awards (Comeback of the night, most perfects...)


I REALLY think EVO should spice things up a bit for next year…

Give an award out to the player who:

Finishes matches the quickest (Juggernaut Award)

Gets the most perfects (Absolute Perfection)

Player who uses the most different characters to win Games not rounds (World Warrior) Like what Marn can do.

Comeback of Tourney! (Let the crowd vote)

Match of the Tourney! (Let the Crowd vote)

Biggest Upset! (Okami Trophy)

Most Stuns in a tourney (Stunning Award)

Most taunts in a Tourney (Dan award)
-The other person must NOT be dizzy and the taunt user MUST win!!!
-Taunt must be complete!
-Higher Score if more taunts are done in the winning round!


Crowd Favorite - this year would definitely be Gamerbee

Best Hair - plenty of candidates for this LOL

Best Quote

Best Victory Celebration

Best Custom Stick



Coolest stick!? THAT is a GOOD ONE!!!

I really think the crowd would like that!

Do you think they should do VS. screen for the players like in the actual game? Daigo Vs. GamerBee With flames behind them…lol


Comeback of Tourney! Juicebox Abel vs Scumbag


That would also be a shoe-in this year for Salty Moment of the Tourney!


Biggest upset: Mike Ross vs Gamerbee. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mike Ross but holy crap I don’t think anybody saw that awesome win coming. :tup:

Best Victory Celebration: Mike Ross vs Dr.Chaos for top 8. Crowd exploded, Mike flew into the crowd and stumbled around while everyone chanted.

Match of the Tourny: Vangief vs Justin Wong. It was like an atomic bomb landing in Vegas. I’m incredibly grateful to be part of that amazing moment by chanting Vangief at the top of my lungs after he put Wong in losers.

Don’t know about the Taunt Award but all I know is that-that Korean Juri player (his name is slipping my mind right now!) who taunted Tatsu while he was stunned should definitely take that award.


I’m not sure who he was playing but Tokido, after having picked Honda and losing I think, obliterated some guy in like less than 20 sec each round for 2 matches straight. That’s the fastest I saw. Daigo was clapping in the corner of the stage when it happened with a grin from ear to ear.