UniSpektrum-An advanced guide to iron man crossups resets hitboxes and more

This took a long time to finish and upload! 8 Full days. I hope you all like it. Sorry for the wide border lines. They were supposed to be smaller lol. Yesterday I was very mad because sony vegas failed to save my video for the 4th time so I just edited and edited even more till I came out with something I hope you all will enjoy.

I think Iron man is a good character. People ride the “Iron Man’s bad bandwagon” because no one knows how to use him or barley anyone. I’ve given many signs of great potential in this video.

Music and Images in credits.
Thanks for watching song-Mega Man X command mission: Fight, X!

hope this makes it to the front page.

Nominate this shit for an article. Loads of great information and thanks a bunch for making it.

Bad ass video! I also agree that it should be on the front page. Keep up the good work bro!

Watched it on eventuhubs, it was really helpful.