United Nations Seeks Control Of Internet

This one is kinda scary. Basically, the United Nations (and more importantly, it’s charter members) are pushing for complete control of the internet. Yeah, we’ve seen this kind of shit building bit by bit with shit like ACTA and PIPA and other bills trying to put more control of the internet into OTHER people’s hands.

Here are some of the fucktarded proposals which will either destroy the internet, or force the citizens of the world to start a NEW internet (or bring about the revolution I so dearly want to see):

So yeah, this is fucking BAD. As denizens of the interweb (netizens, if you will), we need to fucking stand and once and for all make DAMN sure the governments of the world stop fucking touching the internet and making decisions to make it ‘better’ all because they don’t like how free information is on it.


Greedy mother fuckers.

This is to be expected from the UN. This is the same organization that has stated on Record that owner ship of private property is a danger and that “right” must be revoked and given to them, that private property shouldn’t even exist to begin with. The same organization that has stated on Record that private ownership of firearms is a danger to their goals and that they should be taken away. Its going to happen, if these two are a danger to their goals, what makes you think that free information is not one of the biggest threats. Especially when that information cannot be regulated or controlled by them.

World leaders, and head of government are smart. They know how to get shit done, and they know what the real threats are. I wonder if people will realize this before its to late.

“A new world order, is at hand.”

We are smartening up though. Groups like Anonymous are showing us the behind the scenes where we see Government and big business, hand in hand.

And I still find it funny we’re putting the internet in the hands of the same people who made fucking Ghidaffi the head of the Human Rights Commission. And we’re gonna have China, Russia, and America, run this shit? Yeah, because those three have GREAT civil rights track records. And America, the country bought by corporations.

If it wasn’t for the fact this shit affects my life, I’d laugh at how fucking hilariously stupid it all is.

The internet should take control of the United Nations.
All nations, united under Porn.
It will be glorious.

YES, YES, YES, A NEW WORLD ORDER!!! Now it doesn’t seem so bad.

People just want to work so they can get food, water, and live in peace.

The state of the US has got to such a ridiculous point. You can’t travel from one place to another without someone “legally” touching your private parts and being sexually harassed. You can’t do anything without anyone spying on you for the sake of “security.” Large corporations and government are stealing and controlling people to a point where it’s slavery/military state. The US was founded based on the right to be able to defend yourself and have a fair trial and now you can’t even own a gun and the government can basically do whatever it wants with you.

I can see why the people in charge are doing it. They’re old. They don’t care about future consequences because they’re so selfish they don’t even care about their children’s future. People are going to reach their limit eventually and these big corporations and government will lose everything. No matter how much these big dogs get, whenever a small person gets anything, the big dogs just have to steal it. It’s also funny how much political and economic control China currently has over the US and most Americans are not aware.

So who to vote against to end this stupidity?

While I do agree with you that more and more of my life seems to boil down to nothing more than working, just to afford food and somewhere to sleep, thats another discussion. Did you get this thread and the State of the World thread confused?

No, you basically made a duplicate thread.

This is an international issue. You would think that after losing billions of dollars trading with China and being constantly exploited the US would know better than to deal with them. If the US agrees to this, the US is just going to get exploited by China and Russia. The US thinks they’re gaining something, but China and Russia are far beyond the US and the US is just going to get played.

Elder is disappoint.

Middle Finger to the man.

No one. The political process is corrupt, elections are bought and not democratically settled. The republicans and the democrats are two faces of the same corporate sector. If we are serious about doing something, best course of action would be to do the kind of things that have worked in the past, namely, organize with others. So basically, support and/or join popular movements and mass peaceful protest (like the Occupy movement and such other grass root groups).

They do care about the future, the future of their oligarchical dynasties. It is the reason why you have the Rockerfellers, Kennedys and Bushs. The powers that be, are people whose only loyalties lie in their own well-to-do groups and their own swollen pockets. They are myopic men and women who can’t see the end result of their actions, or if they do, simply don’t care.

They are human beings simply existing on another food chain, largely ignorant of the concerns of the people financially beneath them. But let’s not fool ourselves, the majority of the middle class is no different. We see the homeless and the mentally ill pretty much in the same light. However, corporate and political fat cats are far more destructive with their means and influence, hurting everyone else as a result.

The definition of private property is a little squirrelly depending on who’s giving it. In some contexts, “property” doesn’t necessarily translate directly to “possessions”.

I saw a disturbing letter written to our city newspaper’s site in which the writer argued that there should be an ordinance against begging/panhandling. Essentially, the guy was tired of seeing homeless people with signs on his way to work and figured that the best way to solve this problem is to fine and/or jail these people under law.

True, even though Im supposedly buying the house its not mine (land). I need to think on that a bit more, still, I don’t like that they said that. /x2 layered tinfoil hat