Unites States Breaks Through The Great Firewall Of China


U.S. Government Slips Through China Internet Censors With New Technology - FoxNews.com

And this is how World War III starts

I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords


aren’t you in canada tho?


a billion and a half people. They can just friggin’ air drop em in. Even if 1% makes it in, thats insanity.

You’re our army


wow the online fucking going this far? im curious bout chinas response.


China owns a great chunk of the US, what is the US going to do?
They can cripple the US economy in a heartbeat lol.


Hmm I would have thought this would be one of those thing that you keep to yourself until wikileaks gets a hold of it.

What kind of information is released via the freedom of information act, is the information found old??


Forbes - Hu Jintao

lol Read like the last part of Hu Jintao’s profile…

"Creditor nation oversees world’s largest reserves at $2.65 trillion–$1.5 trillion of which is in U.S. dollar holdings. Refuses to kowtow to U.S. pressure to change its exchange-rate regime. Heads world’s largest army (in size). His handpicked successor, Xi Jinping, set to assume the presidency in 2012. "

Well let’s hope his successor isn’t batshit insane…

China Not Labeled Currency Manipulator - WSJ.com

Hu Jintao at least stayed at the White House for 4 days, so we’re not on such bad terms with him, I guess(?)


i do too.

oh, wait.

i forgot.
they shoot u in the back of the head for smokin a joint.

naw, no thx.
i renig my previous statement.


I haven’t heard that one in a minute.


It’s renege. Racist.

Anyways, China hacks into stuff from the United States all day, err’y day anyways. This is just quid pro quo. Also, China’s holdings are mostly United States reserves, so they are in a situation of mutually assured destruction. If China screws up the United States financially, all their holdings are worthless.

Hugh Mad.


it’s renege…just saying.

EDIT: ???


better dead than red.

USA! **USA! ****USA! :woot: :woot: :woot:


? they own 7% of the US debt, and they’re in absolutely no position to collect on that debt.

they can say ‘pay up’ we can say ‘go screw’ and there is fuck all they can do about it.


lol the States can do sooooo much to fuck China over with that. All they’d have to do is print up tons of money, devalue their own currency, and China loses a fuckton of money. China and America can fuck each other all they want…they sadly need each other right now.


china thwarted by winrar

this is the same shit 56k modems have been doing since 1998 so their speeds don’t suck so bad.



I hope that’s not all it is… maybe there is more behind it… but if not…

I could’ve been making MAD bank by “discovering” first…


I thought he died in Rush Hour 2…


That was Rush Hour 1.

And he was a whitey.

As I see it.


Goddamn Americans! Stop breaking through my shitty wall!


I thought there was two.