Universal fighting stick by Naki, is it good?

My B.day is comin up soon and I plan on getting this one if its good.

No, it looks like total trash.

I got one. It’s actually pretty solid and seems well built…however, one of the buttons is already crapping out. :sad: I’ve had it about a month, and was using it pretty much non-stop for about the first three weeks, until the button started crapping out (it works intermittently at this point). I don’t want this to be the end-all for your opinion of this controller, if you’re thinking of buying it, because I would like to believe it is just a fluke (and I will be exchanging it when time permits…which will hopefully result in never having another problem with it :pleased: ). It is a very nice controller, otherwise…and wireless, too.

Want to make it a happy birthday? Buy a custom stick or a HRAP instead. :tup:

for 40 bucks i cant see how bad it could be. sorta like the 40 buck univeral pelicans. as long as it works and its decent, i say go for it. if u dont like. change swap ths parts and its good as new

Do you think that stick can be modded with Happ parts?

The wireless PCB interests me, but the stick doesn’t look too good.

Please, if anyone has one of these, please post up a picture of what the PCB inside looks like, or at least mesurements.

Also, what kind and number of batteries does it take?

You know, the wireless PCB would be quite the delight to have. It sure would make an arcade stick very very nice. No cords to follow you around, but Batteries would certainly be a drag…


This stick will give you the fighting edge on both the PS2 and XBOX.

Won’t the wireless connection cause lag?

Only one way to find out, is to go purchase it. Try it out, and if it doesn’t work, return it.
Perhaps I’ll go out and buy one if I see it at the local gamestop here in the Mall.
If I do, I’ll try to get pictures of the inside, to see how easy the PCB can be hacked. And to see if there is any lag issues with it. (and to see if it is truly compatible with both xbox and Ps2s)


The stick takes 3 AAA batteries. No lag so far with the PS2 (don’t have an Xbox to test with) but the stick and buttons themselves are ass. I like the case tho, which is why I might keep it. I’ll take pics of the inside soon and hopefully it’s easy to mod.

There’s also 2 balls on each side of the buttons that act as Dual Shock controls.

Here are some pics of the stick. The quality isn’t the best but all have is a camera phone so this is it until someone else takes better pics:

The stick by itself:

What it looks like next to a Mas:

Height comparison:

Some gray crap glued to the bottom of the case (what is this for?):


Stick close-up:

Buttons close-up:

I haven’t actually tried anything yet but I’m willing to guess that Happ parts would be able to fit easily space-wise. What concerns me is that the pcb is mounted really close to the stick mounting and it’s cut slanted on the corner so it probably needs to be moved if the stick is replaced. Also, I don’t know how to go about mounting something like a competition stick in this case since it doesn’t look like there’s any mounting screws in place for the current stick. I could be wrong tho. Either way, I’m pretty new to modding sticks so any help would be appreciated.

what a horrible position for the Start\Select buttons…

and I am sure there is lag… 1 frame combos must suck on that stick :slight_smile:

The stick’s not bad…short travel, like Japan sticks, I assume. That one button I mentioned previously is definitely shot, tho (and after only a couple hours of play). I’m going to replace buttons w/ happ comp, but leave the stick. I haven’t noticed any lag w/ cvs2, sf:ae, cfe, or any emulated games.

I also bought one (but will be returning it). The buttons feel like garbage, but that is mostly because of the springs inside. They are shitty, but have the same type of parts as hori buttons, i took the springs out of the buttons, and they feel much better, but the switches on them still started to stick after about an hour of play, so the triangle/R1 buttons are already shit. the stick, while somewhat better than what would come with a pelican, has a horrible action to it, up/down/left/right is very consistent, but the diagonals only engage when you force it into the corners (this is a square gate-ish stick).

the button holes are a little shy of 1-1/4" wide, so you would need to do a little filing to fit happs in there, and even then i’m not sure how well they would fit. i would guess they could fit ok if you faced all switch tabs towards the top of the stick. i couldn’t really notice any delay… but if i had a real stick/buttons in there i would probably be able to notice it easier. the wireless signal itself is pretty reliable.

Real question here, is…

Is there any delay/lag when trying to do commands? How long does the battery life really last. 30 hours? 60 hours? Is there a method of changing channels for it?


For the power, the limitation is the battery used. The real usefull question is the power draw. If someone with a multimeter can guage the milliamps used, then you can can get a very good idea how long any battery you hook up to will last. All rechargeables have a mAh rating (milliamp/hour) so if you know the amperage it uses you can get as large or as small a rechargable battery as suits your needs.

Reason I ask, was because Naki isn’t really that…how to say…