Universal Joystick plan?


Hi, for a while now I’ve had an idea for a console-independent joystick. However, I havent heard of anyone doing it, so I wonder if there’s some sort of technical barrier I’m not aware of?

Basically, first you have your joystick. You wire the stick and buttons up to some longish wires. (via solder or quick connects or whatever)

You put those wires into some sort of multipin connector, male, like for an old fashioned parallel port or something.

For every console you want to use, you buy a control pad for that console and solder wires to the buttons. (you guys call it “padhacking”?)

Put those wires into the female version of the connector above. Make sure the pins are matching the layout you used for the joystick.

Thus you leave the pad plugged in, and whenever you change consoles you can simply disconnect the joystick from the pad and plug it in to a different pad.

Whenever you buy a new console you just need to padhack one of its pads.

Since you’re using a native pad, theres no lag due to adaptors.

This seems pretty straightforward to me, and I cant see why it wouldnt work. I’m wondering why more people dont do it?


Project boxes tend to be a hassle especially when it comes to going to tournaments that use different systems for different games, thus the cthulhu board piggybacked to an Xbox360 system since most games people are playing now use those two systems.


You’re saying that its a pain to carry 1 stick plus 1 pad in a project box per console you want to use, etc? I can see that, I guess. Still, I would have assumed that people who go to tournaments and bring their own gear are in the minority out of all the people in the world who make or mod their joysticks. I’m still surprised I’ve never heard of this. Most people who do padhacks directly wire their pad to the stick for some reason.


A lot of people on SRK used to do DB-15/DB-25 mods on their sticks but like I said before it just became a hassle to have to do all that work. Toodles UPCB used a DB-25 connector but it supported a lot of systems with the exception of Dreamcast and Xbox 360 that had to be piggybacked.

The nice thing about the UPCB was that you didn’t hack pads you hacked extension cables for the systems that you could buy online for real cheap.