Universal Mounting Plate for [ Sanwa JLF ] and [ Seimitsu LS-32-01 ]

I need help making a joystick mounting plate that will take JLF & LS-32-01

Does anyone have an AutoCAD file (or other) of an arcade panel universal joystick mounting plate ?

OR anyone know where I could puchase some from (via the web) ?

OR could someone please mesure one up for me ?

http://www.amxsystems.com.au/arcadesticks/Mounting Plate Seimitsu LS-32-01 & Sanwa JLF (edited).jpg

I have draw in AutoCAD the joystick mounting plates, so I know where the holes go.
But I dont know the Exact heights and distances the metal is folded at,
to start drawing the panel mounting plate that the joysticks screws to.

http://www.amxsystems.com.au/arcadesticks/Mounting Plate.png

This is a nice idea. Can’t help you man, but this thread will help me for sure.

KabaL If you PM me, once I have it done I would be happy to email it to you.

Just take it from the HRAP2.

Yea I have a picture of that sticks bracket but oviously don’t have a HRAP2.
Does anyone have one open that they are modding at the moment, to do the mesurements ??

*2009 bump
Any progress?

Can’t we just take it out of the TE stick ?


i think its spot-welded … so you wont get it out that easily

I have a hrap2 open in my office right now. I was doing the same thing you are. I was building a batch of all Steele, powdercoated, dual system sticks with changeable artwork. I kinds scraped the project when madcatz released the Te that had most of the features I was going to use & I figure they flooded the market for a while.

But back to the point. I have it open & ready to measure. PM me you instant message handle & I’ll go over the measurements with you tonight.

Any chance somebody could put this into Google Sketchup?

Are there places that sell this Universal mounting plate? Lizard lick doesn’t have it.

huge, AMX360,
if your measurements were successful, would you mind posting them perhaps, please? I am would like to be able to fit both Sanwa and Seimitsu sticks into the casing that I’m building.

huge balls, could you post up the measurements of the HRAP2 bracket ?

Noob question, but is there a mounting plate that accepts Sanwa, Seimitsu, and IL sticks?

Can anyone with a HRAP2 give the measurements of the bracket ? ;p

All i need is the hole sizes and slot sizes and ill be able to laser cut them easy if anyone has it please pm me