Universal sega gen/saturn/dc lightgun pcb?


Greetings, my first day at these forums, and i’m quite thrilled at how busy this one is! I usually lurk around benheck and other random places, am unsure how I completely skipped this site!

I’m a die-hard sega fanboy. Strait up fanboy, its sad really. I do play new stuff, but enjoy the groovy retro feel of my 1989 to 2001 life.

I’m also very much into minor mods. I’m good with physical aspects (paint, shells, adding stuff to stuff), and am very mechanically minded (i see things and how they work, but can hardly understand the physics behind electronics).

One of the projects I’ve had in the book to work on, but haven’t had time nor available information on, is making one universal lightgun for some of my favorite games. I have two major sections I’d like to request help on;

1.) general pcb arrangment

It would be very easy to simply stick the already tiny pcb’s from each individual lightgun from the 3 consoles in one of the larger gun shells, or making my own gun shell from some kiddie toy, but it would be much easier, and make a much prettier gun, to have one pcb with a box with other pcb boards (sort of like in this thread, but instead of going from saturn to xbox360, it would be going from X-light gun to genesis/saturn/dreamcast.

I understand, and can easily visualize, how to make a dreamcast controller work on a genesis. Or a saturn controller to work on a dreamcast. But the pcb’s in a lightgun look nothing like a controller pcb.

I’ll most likely use a saturn lightgun for the base pcb. Assuming i wire it to a saturn controller host pcb, and use that board to split off for a dreamcast and genesis controller pcb, will the button outputs even be the same? I mean, its understandable that the Start button will easily function on all of the consoles threw this method, but what about the actual identification of the image captured threw the lightgun?

2.) changing out of crt tv’s

This is a dream more or less, i highly doubt i’ll have any success here. Those who are not fans of lightgun games might not even care, but since all of my favorite lightgun games (house of the dead / 2, scud the disposable assassin), these are all games that when played on sega systems, require older tv’s. Flatscreens and hd tv’s and projectors…nope.

I have in my collection one of these beauties, and its quite a treat. I love resident evil dead aim on ps2 and house of the dead 3 on xbox. But I love Scud more…

I also know they make these, which convert ps2 controllers to dreamcast controllers. I’m quite interested in getting one, but am hesitant of wasting my money simply due to the fact that…that lcd lightgun I have has a usb cord connection that must be connected to the ps2 when being used.

Eventually I’m going to have to give up my beloved Scud when i finally get rid of my last crt tv. But I will always dream of finding some way of making an lcd / hd / projector viable lightgun for my sega consoles. Does anyone have any ideas, insite, anything that might be of interest?

Thanks in advance for any help guys!


as for part 1

I think your light gun connected to a project box is a cool idea except two things worry me tou would have to probably get a sega saturn light gun pcb as I wouldnt know how you would trick the system into thinking it was a light gun but maybe Im wrong and how would you work around the ir sensor. You maybe want to check out ultrimarcs light gun controller http://www.ultimarc.com/JShopServer/section.php?xSec=2 it works through pc maybe play those old school titles through emulation, you seem like a purist so you may laugh at me for even offering it.

As for part 2

The convertor I personally think it wont work because I remember trying with my old ps2 light gun on my dc but it may have just been my setup but keep at it.


Well the only idea I had in mind that would actually work was basically using a saturn light gun, but down to where the controller plugs in, add a saturn controller pcb (as if it were backwardly connected to the light gun cord), where the box would be made around.

I just haven’t the faintest of how a light gun pcb codes the pictures it takes from the crt scans. Lightgun pcb’s although are very tiny when compared to controller pcbs. If wouldn’t be too hard to stuff a genesis, saturn, and a dc pcb in one bulky light gun, and have 3 sets of pcb wires merge into one cable that would go down to a controller box.

But a bulky light gun isn’t as attractive as say the standard enforcer gun for saturn.

I’m just completely ignorant in this field, and am praying for ideas. I like the idea of a computer lightgun, i haven’t played with those before. But emulation is something I try to avoid, even if it makes life easier, the common lag / lack of sound / detail / lost artifacts in dummieing a game, uf.


It is my understanding that lightguns do not generally work with converters. My non-technical suspicion is that each system has its own unique way of interfacing with it. I have seen multi-system guns (nothing Genesis though).

I can definitely understand the appeal of the Enforcer. The Japanese black PS2 Guncon2 is also sexy.


I’ve actually had my eye’s locked on finding one of these, but every time one is posted, its out of my reach. I’m unaware of how to purchase that and have it sent to the states, for some reason one stateside cannot buy stuff off ebay from Germany with ease.