University Cal Berkeley (UCB) GGXX,CvS2,MvC2 Bi-Weekly 2/13/03

Here’s the results for UCB ( University Cal Berkeley) bi-weekly tournament for MvC2 and CvS2 2/13/03…as usual alot of good comp and some underdogs showed their true skills…The damage was being delt and the GGXX tourney was fun…I’ll edit in the results after I found out who won…
I gtg…good game everyone and see you in two weeks…


1)Eric Wang "Aznhadouken"
2)Chris Yun "Anvrin"
3)Steve Yoo “ise”


1)Brandon Chaney "Dr.B"
2)Pat Miller "Pat the Great"
3)Simon Luong "Naps"
4)Eric Choi “Zim”

Thanks holla back lata…P.S Someone post the 4th for marvel and full GGXX results…Madd props to Pat The Great for the come up , Xearo’s crazy Baiken,And Mouko’s nutty Venom…too good…I stuck around to see the end of ggxx but it was taking forever so I had to go.

Is anyone gonna post the ggxx results…??? Peeps do wanna know who took 1st…I know I do…that game is nutty…


Those I guess are the most accurate results as for now…

Doc B runnin this SNK ish

Yo, I just wanted to give prop’s to Dr.B you kilt it at the Berkleaf Tourney Thurs. I like to give props to people with real skills and not to most of the wanksta’s I been seeing around lately. I been watching you matches people posted on-line and the dvd from Evolution and I like your Shit!!! Keep the good work up and I hope to play you soon and hopefully pick up some pointer’s Holla!!! Doc B is The #! stunna he runs this SNK ish yall busta better ecognize:)

Dr.B IP:

The IP Address is: 66.124.226.(253). The host name is: adsl-66-124-226-(253) Please click here to return to the thread.

Eedie Crakk IP:

The IP Address is: 66.124.226.(216). The host name is: adsl-66-124-226-(216) Please click here to return to the thread.

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I listen to hip hop too. In fact I listen to all different types of music. Doesn’t mean I’m a thug. Also, just because I don’t act or type like a thug, it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate hip hop any less than someone that does act/speak like a thug.

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Daniel hasn’t been posting, it was me. I posted about the wanksta thing only because I think Ja Rule duets is funny. If you want him to post, I’ll tell him to.

And if you don’t know who I am, I’m his girlfriend. We have similar handles is all.

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that would be cool to be included in the DVD.

also, the IP thing was kind of funny. got to admit it.