University Family Fun Center (Philly) SSF4:AE, MvC3, 3S, AH3- 3/20/11

MvC3 Results

1 Josh Wong : $80.50
2 10Star : $23.00
3 Julian Robinson : $11.50
4 Dr. Chaos
5 Fecal Penance
5 Demon Hyo
7 Dai
7 Felax
9 HyperHal
9 Nas
9 Crazy Master Hand
9 Steve
13 OmegaNitro
13 Nick
13 Vince Carter
13 Joe Dulo
17 Dave Dulo
17 NinjaCW
17 Skye Thompson
17 Comeback
17 Gabe
17 Red Salt
17 Kenny
17 Ebbs
25 Alex Anderson

1 Julian Robinson
1 Demon Hyo
3 Shadow
4 JD
5 Kattermari
5 KL Justice
7 MJ
7 Steve
9 Vinco
9 Josh Wong
9 Charlie
9 OmegaNitro

3S and AH3 were canceled due to lack of participants.

Overall, I’m content with the turn out for MvC3 although I know we can do a lot better. Me and Eric would like to thank everyone who came out for this as usual. Your support is what keeps these going. Although a note for next time…please don’t be stupid and bring your own stick. Lots of matches were being held up because the majority of people just assumed they could borrow someones stick…

Yo this shit was a good time. Vids of Marvel will be going up on my YouTube channel. I should have everything up by tomorrow night. I got most of top 8 I believe. GGs Damian at Guitar Heroo yeaaaaah.

YouTube - ThirdStrikeParty’s Channel

ggs to everyone that came out. and thanks for running kat/eric

Thanks for the event E and Zack. Glad I could make it. Philly best in World at MvC3?

yea once again good stuff for running zack and Eric… although maybe one suggestion… i know asus montiors are evo standard… is there a way to like get some speakers for these… i can barely hear this thing even when everything is quiet… while i know it’s not gonna happen at major tournies and shit…i could bring some speakers to the next one… im just talking little speakers to be able to hear…

time to work on my mvc3 crutch

also for those who do have the money and would play marvel or any game for that matter… please support scene…don’t enter because of little silly tidbits… we all have to deal with it so you guys with the minor problems on sunday and not entering really is disappointing to a scene that should be growing

I had a ball with everyone that came, i hope to see everyone at CGJ this sat the 26th.

Saturday is national get ass day. I wish i could come but i cant.

Vids uploading now. Will label after they’re finished. Enjoyyyyyyy

YouTube - ThirdStrikeParty’s Channel

I will bring speakers for you Nas.

isn’t that every saturday!!!

Lol lol.

Hey guys if there’s a video labelled with “???” can you comment and tell me who the player is? I can’t remember who everyone was playing.