University Family Fun Center(Philly) SSF4:AE, MvC3, AH3- 2/20/11 Results


THose that came out to support thank you as always. I know there are a lot more players out there that just decided not to come. With a new game we should be seeing tons of people!


  1. Josh Wong
  2. Rogue Yoshi
  3. Damian


  1. Demon Hyo
  2. Dr. Chaos
  3. JD


  1. Ken
  2. Hal
  3. Will update later.

Full results to be posted later.


Nice crowd but we can get way more people.


Fun times at UP. I think saturday’s might be better cause it’s the middle of the weekend and no1 normally has to work the next day. Idk guess we will have to see.

PS. Big E owns me FREE in proving point debates lol. DO NOT challenge that man.:pray:

Props to zack and Big E for running the tournament. :slight_smile:


team 3rd revelation…


Team 3rd Revelation


I thought chaos couldn’t lose with his character buffs! did the brandons really play or split it?

Props to JD making that money!


Sorry BigE i couldn’t make it with Church and Homework going on. But i will definitely be at Winter Brawl!