University Family Fun Center (Philly) SSF4:AE/MvC3/MK9 6/19/11 Results

Thanks all for coming out. Your support is everything!

SSF4:AE Results

1 Demon Hyo
2 Dr. Chaos
3 LuckyD
4 Steve H
5 Coderius
5 Kenny
7 David
7 IllWill
9 blueNINE
9 Kattermari
9 Comeback
9 Julian R
13 The Fragile
13 Aim
13 B Bunny
13 Sam
17 onReload
17 Hex
17 Omega Nitro
17 Ellipsis
17 Plural
17 Random Nut
17 Big E

Marvel and MK results coming shortly.

Thanks for coming out everyone, special thanks for MA, Md, and nj for coming.

Had fin chilling at the copa with my MA and RI homie after the tournament.

I will post mvc3 and MK results later.

Also I will post results from last tournament to.

Yo Big E step up that AE Bison son!

Lol I going to man yang, also GS with big E strip club.

Good shit to Steve H.

Thanks alot to Katamari for hosting us, Big E running shit and taking us drinking, and all the players and the casuals and crap. Was totally worth the trip, and I have to say UP is a nice ass arcade compared to alot of others. We’ll see you guys in NJ, NO MORE GAMES

Thanks to Big E and Katamari for another fun tournament at UP :slight_smile: Nice seeing out of state people come through and nice meeting Will and Lucky D, you guys are mad chill. Cya at ECT!

It was a pleasure to make the trip out there and press buttons with you all. Thanks to everyone for the games. Thanks to Big E, Cee, and kattermari for running the tournaments. And special thanks to kattermari (again) for hosting us!

See everyone at ECT!

Man I can’t wait to see you guys this weekend.

Kinda late but

BIG THANK YOU to kattermari for hosting us. You are cool as shit man
Thanks to Big E for drinkin and runnin the tourneys too godlike. and good shit to everybody who came over after and played games Chaos, Hyo, mike, kyle you guys are chill as hell. If I dont make it to ECT I’m def in there for summerjam!!