University of California, Irvine: Tuesday Night Casuals


Alright, I included a directory in the first post. You no longer have to scroll all the way down to read up on certain information. Instead, click on the links provided at the top of the first post.

Also, there was a suggestion made regarding our Swiss format that I’d like to incorporate for this week’s event: we’re going to do a cut-off. Instead of declaring the top 2 players from the Swiss rounds our winners, we’re going to pull the top 4 players and place them in a single-elimination, best 2 out of 3 bracket. The finalists will then receive prizes accordingly (70/30 spilt). This suggestion is contingent on the amount of time we have left during the event and is subject to change. Let us know what you think.

…Oh, and one last thing. Rumor has it that we might have a guest from out-of-state, who came for NCR, attend our event this week (6/22 - MvC3). So definitely come out this week, folks!


Do I need to pre register for Marvel on Wednesday?

Guess I just did. :smiley:


I will be there…oh yes…I will be there…





Temjin Alpha




Make sure you get there by 7:30/8 at the latest or you are SOL!!!


Sign me up:
Super Irvine

Lemme know if you need me to lug my setup over (32" TV/360).


ill be there too



I’ll be down tomorrow. Name’s Cameron, aka cams


My Cousin wants to play as well, I’ll be taking him down there for his first UCI session, so sign me up for a +1.


one more week!


AZ here. Looks like we’re getting close to our 32-man cap! I’m going to add you all (including the folks that R.S.V.P. on Facebook) to Challonge’s sign-up sheet.

It also looks like we’ll have plenty of set-ups to run the event smoothly. We have two extra ASUS monitors, though. So you don’t have to bring additional monitors, SuperIrvine, but we could use more consoles and games.

Everyone else, just do the good folks at UCI a favor and make sure you’ve read the rules and arrive on time. I’d hate to drop people, but I really have no choice as we have only 3 1/2 hours to run an event and I want people to leave early because most of us have school or work the next day. Also, please come equip with joysticks for both consoles or at least know people that are willing to lend you a stick for a console you don’t own a stick for. I will provide non-Sanwa HORI sticks for PS3 and 360.

Thank you all for taking interest in our event, and I hope you enjoy this slightly different format!


If there is still room, I’d like to join in on the festivities tonight for Marvel :slight_smile:


i will bring a 360 and mvc3


I got you, Lobster Johnson. Thanks Tenjin Alpha.

Folks, looks like we got a full list, though there might be some overlap due to people R.S.V.P. as their real name on Facebook and their screen name elsewhere.

  1. Robert Adofo

  2. Mezzo

  3. Dr.Spr0cter

  4. Marn

  5. NerdJosh

  6. Binkley

  7. Temjin Alpha

  8. Viscant

  9. Super Irvine

  10. Upa

  11. Cams

  12. Lobster Johnson

  13. Wentinel

  14. Choysauce

  15. HORI AndyOCR

  16. ytwojay

  17. DJ Divine

  18. Patrick Stanley

  19. ETR

  20. Andy Louie

  21. Nerses

  22. Henry Wong

  23. Daniel Cheng

  24. Jonathan Soon

  25. Kiet Truong

  26. Michael Hughes

  27. Kenneth Phuong

  28. Michael Jung-Ying Liu

  29. Richard Nguyen

  30. JoeKwonDoe

  31. Jint

  32. Christian’s Cousin

  33. Andre Wong

  34. P.Gorath

  35. Nero Fenix

  36. Robtradamus

  37. Juan Doe

  38. Duey

  39. Tony


If there is still room.
Nero Fenix


Just bringing my 360, see you guys there!


Okay, folks. Sorry for the last minute. Everyone that’s underneath number 32 on that list can enter our event this week, no problem. Besides that, we’re fully capped. Sorry. =[


Could I swing by for casuals?