University of Rhode Island: URI con [2/24/08] [North East FRX Warmup]

Every year the gaming club at my school hosts a convention for gamers… mostly for shit like D&D and stuff but they also run video game things.

Unfortunately the guy in charge booked the ballroom out to madden and smash on the saturday…even though i talked to him about running something before either of those people talked to him.

Anyway… it’s a 1 day event and i will do my best to have atleast the finals on our huge ass projector in the ballroom… no promises due to me not having any real power this year.

This tournament is a BYOC (Bring your own controller and adapter)

Guaranteed 6tvs and 1 projector and about 20 chairs

4 tvs will be dedicated to tournament use
2 tvs will be for casuals (3s and X game)

3x playstation consoles (1x copy of ggxx ac, 1x copy of 3s… my ps2 might be modded by then so i might not need more software)

2x dreamcasts (1 house set of converters)

Need 1x ps3 with T5DR

Games and schedule
Street Fighter 3: 3rd strike
Capcom vs Snk 2
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Tekken 5 DR (if someone can bring console)
Guilty Gear XX: AC
Street Fighter 3: 3rd strike teams

All games are normal tournament rules… if you don’t know them ASK.

I dont wanna run any other tournaments due to well… there not being alot of time on single day tournaments and my lack of TV’s… but if you REALLY want another game… lmk and we’ll discuss it.

10am-1pm: Signups & casuals
1pm-3pm: GGxx: AC(1 tv), CVS2(1 tv) and 3s teams(1 tv)
3:30pm-6pm: Marvel(1 tv), 3s singles(2 tv) and t5dr(1 tv)
6:30pm-8pm: Top 3 of each game on projector (might be in ball room on ~150" screen)

** Entry Fee & Prizes**
5$ entry fee to URIcon
5$ entry fee per game you enter
Extra 20$ for 3s pot.

Raffle for xbox 360
The gaming club is raffling off an X-Box 360… so purchase them tickets and hope to win =P

Ronzio Pizza (in the tournament area)
Subway (delivers, 3 minuet walk)
International pizza (delivers, 3 minuet walk) - Pizza, subs, sandwiches
Albies Place (delivers, 3 minuet walk) - Sandwiches & other munchies like frys and chicken fingers
Also there are 2 mexican/latin resturaunts (3 minuet walk)
Dunkin Donuts (3 minuet walk)

URI Memorial Union
50 Lower College Rd.
Kingston, RI 02881

At the moment we will most likley be located in ATRIUM 1… if that changes i will let everyone know.

Ask where the atriums are at the help desk on floor 2.

i just might make it :wonder:

no ST booooo

lawl, come and i’ll do ST

im winning it anyway

ill be there :slight_smile:

lol maybe but i wont be able to attend i will be down in virgina the day before this already committed to that before this sry guys :frowning:

is MAD that weekend?

i dont think it is…

no another c3 tourny is though

if no one else is interested im just gona have casuals.

tekken 5 free entry tourny on friday night, 6pm in the MU ballroom on the 150" projector :slight_smile:

Damn if I didn’t have court in Newark on the 27th I’d DEFINATELY pop up :sad: 15 days in county is is Crazy :mad:

t5 or t5dr?

t5. no ps3 really on campus.

is turn out for these tournaments pretty good…im thinking bout going since im only like 40 mins away

I want to come to this… Will have to see if I can make it though.

it’s my first out of state tourny being run here

we had 26 entries for 3s in last single side tourny i ran… but it was free entry.

Dunno honestly.

But the more people who come the better… i wanna expose the campus to the fighting game scene as much as possible.

how long’s the drive from brooklyn to this place? I’m guessing 4 hours?..

i just found out about this this mourning from a text from dwayne. i’m working that sunday overnight from 8pm-330am. how long do you think the tourny will last up to collin? i see that ggxx is from 1-3, but i’m assuming that is a rough “ambitious” estimate right? if ggxx or any other game can finish before like 7ish, i will definately come down. ITS BEEN TOO LONG!!!

i doubt it will be alot of people… so just come… i mean i already got screwed on materials so some games might have to be cut (no ps3 for DR, no converters, and like 2 ps2 and 1 dreamcast)

yea, bout 4 hours.

Edit: event changed for friday night… no longer tekken 5… it’s not Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike & Marvel Vs. Capcom 2