University of Rhode Island - Weekly Pizza & Sf4 [Tuesdays start 2/17]

I’m going to be doing casusls every tuesday and ordering two-four pizzas from dominos…pizza will not be ordered till 7pm and will only be ordered to feed those present at that time.

System will be ps3… bring your own JOYSTICK. (house will have 2 controllers)

7 win streak limit. (due to only 1 setup)

6pm-12am every tuesday (unless i have an exam on a wednesday. i will post when events are canceled)

Room 314
50 Lower College Road
Kingston, RI 02881

These events start launch day (2/17)… so… come on by.


no one else wants to come? jesus christ

ima try to go

nice ralph

Are you guys still fighting?

Hey, I just wanted to know if this event was still taking place. If so I will try to show up either later tonight, or another time.

Thank you

i was un able to answer your question earlier.

no one showed to the first one and this kinda got thrown away… so i havn’t been running events.

if you wanna just chill and play hit me up or w/e