University of Toronto Street Fighter is back!


What’s up Toronto FGC? UTSF just underwent a few bureaucratic (lol) changes, and so we’re going to start a new thread to keep you guys updated with meetups and events going on in the club.

UTSF’s goal is to become better players, teach new players about fighting games, to promote the genre, and to create a community within the University of Toronto where players can hone their craft.

We meet up @ Woodsworth College Residence at around 5 PM every Friday. If any U of T fighting game players haven’t come out to one of our general meetings, check us out.

We recently got our hands on a capture card and have been recording matches from a Topanga-style League we’re currently running. Check out the vids on:

Facebook Group:
Twitter: @UTorontoSF

aight peace

Toronto 2018 Edition

Hey guys, I’m Miguel, President of UTSF.

Just a few clarifications - you can take part in meetings and events run by the club even if you aren’t a U of T student.

The Facebook group is our main form of communication - we post our event pages and results from ranbats, team tourneys, and League matches from weekly general meetings there. If you don’t have an FB, we also have a Skype chat which I can include you all in. Feel free to post 'em here or inbox.

We’re also going to run the Second Annual UTSF Championships at the end of March / beginning of April, so stay tuned for that.


Whats up guys, I’m the master uploader of UTSF, check out my channel here:

I also upload high level play fighting game footage, muhahahahaha


Any idea if theres anything like this going on at the Mississauga campus


i don’t know of any clubs like this at UTM, we do have a couple regulars who attend our meetings who live around mississauga though


Oh I would love to attend a weekly meeting if I didn’t live so damn far from UTM. A wicked location would be that Sheridan right beside Square One since bus terminal’s a walk away so anyone can reach it pretty easily.


Is this still going on? I’d like to check it out.


Yep, we meet every Friday night around 6pm at the Waters Lounge in the Woodsworth College Residence. The address is 321 Bloor St. W, on the southeast corner of Bloor and St. George. We use this Facebook group as our main forum for communication:


Hey everyone,

Just want to remind everyone that we are running again this semester, every Friday. No venue fee. Woodsworth College Residence. 5pm to midnight.

We have some bigger events coming up, so come out! Our main game is AE2012, but we also play Marvel, TTT2, KoF13, Divekick, anime games and more. Our Facebook and Twitter is posted up top.


We are hosting our first pub night at The Brunswick House on Thursday, February 20th. Come out and join us for drinks and degens.


Hi guys! We’re holding another session as usual this Friday May 23rd, 2014, running AE/UMvC3/Divekick/Anime/+more at Woodsworth College Residence from 5pm-12am!

This is a reminder to check out our Facebook at, and our Twitter at